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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 220 MB
Category Action
Developer PIProductions

Super SuS APK is the best kind of party game for players who love a good whodunnit mystery. You’ll constantly be on edge around others or make them feel similarly.

Super Sus APK: Guessing The Imposter Has Never This Thrilling

If you’re thinking about a multiplayer game where you don’t know if the other person is there to support you or stab your character in the back, then Super Sus APK 2024 will sate your curiosity. In Super APK download, you will experience an exciting time full of laughter, fun, and hilarious moments of betrayal.

Super Sus APK game has loads of side activities and collaborative tasks to complete that will keep players busy. While working on numerous tasks, the imposter has plenty of opportunities to sneak behind others and eliminate them.

Super Sus APK free is a fantastic and engaging game where players have a high degree of freedom and customization option. Several tasks are well-thought-out mini-games that players must play attentively and with complete focus. The imposter has a total of seven minutes to get to everyone. Since the game's setting is on a spaceship, the imposter must be on the move constantly to reach everyone within the time limit.

Super Sus APK brings a lot of variety to switch things up; sometimes, the imposter can be 2 people rather than 1, which adds a whole new dynamic. The character animation and fluid movement make the action on the screen a pleasure to watch. There isn’t a better satisfying feeling when the imposter’s caught or if you, as the imposter, score a kill.

How To Play Super Sus APK?

  1. Super Sus APK is a fun and exciting game, and before you can jump into the thick of things, first, you must ensure that the game is downloaded and installed on your device.
  1. Super Sus APK requires a constant internet connection to play with friends online, so make sure the internet is stable and fast. Another thing to note is that the game requires multiple players, at least 4, but up to a maximum of 10 players can join, which is what we recommend to gain maximum enjoyment.
  2. Super Sus APK brings rapid-paced gameplay as the total time between sessions is 7 minutes, and players must take on multiple tasks and work with other crew members to get the spaceship running smoothly. The imposter, on the other hand, has to kill the crew members and avoid detection. There is a voting session after each 7-minute session to weed out the imposter.
  3. The goal of the imposter in Super Sus APK is to maintain a facade. The imposter act as if they’re one of the crewmen assigned a task, then strikes when the others become busy with their tasks. The voice-chat functionality is critical and can be the deciding factor in catching the imposter, so the imposter must engage in casual conversation with others to deflect suspicion.
  4. Super Sus APK allows players to take on multiple tasks; each character’s uniform reflects their job type. For example, a detective has an orange astronaut jumpsuit, while an engineer has a yellow one. The multiple colors make each character stand out, and if easy to keep track of the survivors. If any crewmen discover a corpse of an eliminated character, they can immediately call for a vote to flush out the imposter.

Exciting Features Of Super Sus APK To Lookout For

Super Sus APK is filled with remarkable and fun features for players to discover. We will highlight some of the most impressive ones to showcase the game's excitement. Let’s begin.

Gorgeous & Breathtaking Visuals

Super Sus APK is a beautiful and artistic game with vibrant and colorful graphics; the immersive art style portrays the spaceship and the vastness of space magnificently. With each action the characters take, the movement feels fluid, and the animations are dynamic, not all static or rigid. The kill motions are also unique and give the game an extra layer of visual flare that speaks volumes about the developer’s creative vision.

Imposters & Neutrals

Adding a great new way for players to shake up the traditional format, the game introduces neutrals who can work alongside an imposter to hide the imposter from others. Neutrals can betray the imposter at any time, so in a sense, the unpredictability factor rises significantly in Super Sus APK.

Helpful Tips For Playing Super Sus APK

If you’re still on the fence about trying Super Sus APK for yourself, and the game feels more complex to grasp, don’t worry. We have a few tips to help you get your feet wet with the game.

Use The Workshop To Customize The Game

Perhaps the standard game mode of Super Sus APK is proving challenging for you; in that case, you should tinker around with the workshop. Super Sus APK has a workshop that lets one change the settings and requirements for winning the game. Players can create more obstacles for imposters or have neutrals removed entirely.

Communication Is Key

The most prominent hurdle players might face when playing Super Sus APK is that the imposter singles out everyone to kill them. There can’t be any witnesses, but if the players use the voice chat functionality regularly to keep others prised of their locations, it could make it easier to sing out the imposter. So always remain in contact with your friends when you play Super Sus APK to have witty banter and help each other out against imposters.

Final Thoughts

Super Sus APK is a fantastic and exciting game everyone should watch. We had a blast with the game from start to finish, and it's great for when you want to have a good time with friends without exerting yourself.

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