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The people who enjoyed the first game are in for a treat in Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK. With previous shortcomings gone, Vegas Simulator 2 APK Android is a hit.

Introduction to Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK

The players who were around the first time will be pleasantly surprised to know that Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK free lives up to the hype. Expectations will have to be tempered as it’s not groundbreaking or adds anything that changes things completely, but it’s a solid game.

We return to the role of the protagonist from the previous game, only this time around, we’re not the hired muscle of a criminal organization. In Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK, we are already at the top of the food chain at the beginning of the game and have to defend our turf from new enemies.

How to Play Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK

  1. Similar to the first game, Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK has to be installed first using the link we’ve mentioned below!
  2.  Once the game is installed, you can start it at once. The gameplay features will be highlighted in the improved interface, which runs much more smoothly with added tutorials that teach you the basics.
  3.  The gameplay is similar to the previous entry but with more polish and fluid movement. You will notice this immediately as soon as you start moving your character around the map.
  4. The mechanics that do make a return from the previous game are improved significantly, like driving around in vehicles after commandeering them from civilians. Shooting and driving also feel much faster than the clunky animations of the first entry.
  5.  Story missions are given more depth, and it really feels like a worthy successor to the first title. A sense of continuity is felt as we explore the surroundings with our character.

Exciting Features to Lookout For In Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK is jam-packed with so many changes and features that it’s difficult to pick and choose between them all. Some of the more extravagant ones are highlighted, which really shined through.


If you want to really show off your skills as a gamer, then the achievements on your profile will be the way to do it. Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK adds in the much-needed achievement feature, and it will motivate players to go after it.

There are quite a few achievements that you can obtain, and they will be the ultimate proof of your commitment as a gamer. You’ll have to perform diverse tasks on specific days and a set number of times to get them all.

A Greater Leveling System

There was nothing inherently wrong with the leveling system of the first game, but Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK took things up a notch by introducing new stats. Dexterity is one of the new skills introduced to players, and it is a welcome addition; it increases the speed of the character.

Similarly, the weapon possessions can be improved upon too. Allocating points to the various weapons will increase the magazine size, damage output, and accuracy as well.

Random Daily Loot Drop

The developers went out of their way to motivate players to return to Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK by introducing daily loot drops at random places on the map. Bonus crystals are also awarded to loyal players.

Some of the random loot may contain useful supplies that can really help you early on in the game. The A. I of the enemies isn’t as clunky as the previous game so make sure to take advantage of these bonuses.

Super Powers

A popular feature that also returns from the first game in Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK is the superpowers. The superpowers pack a wallop on your enemies, which you can upgrade further to really lay the hurt on them.

Laser visions, superkick, and explosion all are ridiculously overpowered abilities that, when upgraded, can truly make your character a force to be reckoned with.

Vehicle and Clothing Range

The aesthetic aspect of the previous entry of the game has also gone through an overhaul which is noticeable in Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK. Clothing options are numerous, like suits, costumes, and wacky character makeup; some often provide attribute bonuses or buffs for your character.

In the same vein, the vehicles are also much more varied than in the last game, such as the battle tanks,  sports cars, and monster trucks are much better designed. The addition of Sci-Fi motorbikes is an awesome feature that players should definitely get a feel for.

Useful Tips For Winning At Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK

The new additions can be daunting for some players, and they might need some tips to get their feet wet with the game. We’ve compiled some helpful advice for new players.

Take Combat Seriously

The AI of the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK is much more tactical than the previous game. This means you have to strategize your moves before going into a fight against the enemy.

The addition of new powers might help you out, but if you play recklessly, you’ll die quickly. The enemy’s hit range is also increased to even things out somewhat.

Make Use of Supplies Efficiently

When you’re starting out in the early stages of the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK, make good use of the supplies you come across while exploring the map.

There’s always a threat around every corner because of the multiple factions gunning for our territory, so take advantage of those freebies that drop for you.

Find Collectibles

The story missions are easy to follow thanks to the map indicators, but it’s also worth the time to pursue different collectibles. The complete set of figurines, for example, will bestow helpful bonuses or even powers to help you fight your enemies.

Final Thoughts on Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK

After having gone through both games, it is quite clear that the developers wanted to bring a better experience and address the issues people had with the first game. In this sense, Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK is a true successor.

I highly recommend checking out this iteration, even if you haven’t played the first one. You’re guaranteed to have a good time.

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