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Compatible with Android 5.0+
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Developer NEKKI
Google Play Link com.nekki.shadowfight.shades

Shadow Fight Shades APK is a sequel to the infamous Shadow Fight 2 story. Enter the World of Shadows again, with the classic 2D backgrounds and enhanced visuals.

Introduction To Shadow Fight Shades APK

One of the most popular mobile games, the classic Shadow Fight 2 has finally had a sequel released. The Shadow Fight series has had sequels but the fan base did not enjoy them as much. Shadow Fight Shades APK however, is a straight-up improvement to Shadow Fight 2. It has a similar set of graphics but offers overall enhanced visuals.

Shadow Fight Shades APK continues the story of Shadow Fight 2. The Shadow Fight universe has been expanded with new locations, new enemies to fight, and new abilities to unlock and hone. After the Shadow saves the world at the end of Shadow Fight 2, the world supposedly is at peace. But in Shadow Fight Shades APK, the Shadow knows that all good things must come to an end.

He suspects the world may face a threat far worse than what he saved the world from earlier. His sixth sense seems to have been correct as soon, as mysterious rifts start to form in random places in the world. These Shadow Rifts (as they are known in the game) lead to unknown places. The Shadow now has a mission to close these rifts for good and figure out why or how they came into being in the first place.

Shadow Fight Shades APK offers new game modes with new and improved combat mechanics. The iconic 2D backgrounds and combat visuals are back with more improvements and enhanced to new levels.

How To Play Shadow Fight Shades APK

  • Shadow Fight Shades APK may not be available for everyone on the Google Play Store. Fortunately, you can still play Shadow Fight Shades APK for free.
  • Use the Shadow Fight Shades APK download link on our safe and secure website APKCima to download the game’s installation file immediately.
  • Once you have the Shadow Fight Shades APK Android installation file, open your File manager and go into your recent downloads. Locate the file and run it to express installation.
  • You will be warned about the file you are trying to install as potentially harmful as it came from a non-official source. You will get the option to cancel, or open your settings.
  • Click settings and then click allow installation from this source.
  • Now you can express installation.
  • Complete the procedure and launch Shadow Fight Shades APK.
  • After a small cut scene and dialogue by the narrator, you will take control of the Shadow. You will be put straight into the action and the Shadow will be confused, as to how he ended up here.
  • The controls, mechanics, and combat are all identical to Shadow Fight 2 with a few improvements.
  • Follow through with the tutorial and start unlocking new weapons to get stronger.
  • Unveil the mystery as to how these Shadow Rifts came.

Exciting Features Of Shadow Fight Shades APK

It has not been too long since Shadow Fight Shades APK has been released, yet it has already been acknowledged as the best Shadow Fight game by the fans. This is because of its perfect features. Let's take a look at some of them.

Perfected Interface

Every Shadow Fight game had one thing it was known for. Among all the Shadow Fight games, Shadow Fight Arena had the best User Interface. NEKKI, the creators of the franchise made the right decision and created an interface for Shadow Fight Shades APK based on the Shadow Fight Arena model. They added improvements and now it is a perfected version of the model. Super easy to navigate without any complications like other games.

Improved Combat

Shadow Fight 3 was never able to reach the potential of Shadow Fight 2. This was due to the completely different combat mechanics and the introduction of 3D. This was not really a bad thing, but the Shadow Fight 2 fan base was in love with the game mostly because of the 2D combat mechanics and feel. Shadow Fight Shades APK has an improved version of Shadow Fight 2 combat with the same mechanics. So in short, it has the Interface of Shadow Fight Arena and the combat of Shadow Fight 2.

Intriguing Storyline

The storyline of Shadow Fight 2 has continued from where the Shadow left off. Mysterious rifts have appeared in the world from different worlds. Each has a different set of enemies to fight. This has also given Shadow Fight Shades APK the opportunity to add Rogue-like into its genre which is easily the most popular genre in the gaming world right now. You can choose different abilities after defeating enemies in every rift known as “Shades”. Overall, a very engaging experience has been created.

Tips To Play Shadow Fight Shades APK

Here are some tips you can adapt to best each rift and become the best version of the Shadow.

Practice Combat

As mentioned earlier, the combat is identical to Shadow Fight 2, but the AI or enemies’ difficulty scales way too quickly. In Shadow Fight 2, the enemies’ HP and damage were increased, but here, they get smarter on top of normal buffs. So to stand a chance, you will have to practice.

Create Powerful Builds

There are various weapons you can choose from. Each weapon has a unique move set and abilities. Choose shade abilities that will go hand in hand with your weapon and armor to get stronger optimally.


NEKKI decided to pick every good thing from every Shadow Fight game, compile it with an amazing story and create Shadow Fight Shades APK. All these good things about each game were previously chosen by the fans, which is why Shadow Fight Shades APK has quickly become the fan-favorite Shadow Fight game. If you are interested in the Shadow Fight franchise, just play Shadow Fight Shades APK, it is the best option available, has full support from NEKKI, and will continue to do so for quite some time!

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