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Developer Candywriter, LLC
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Download BitLife APK and get started with this text-based roleplaying game and expand into an intricately woven world of happiness and heartbreak.

BitLife: Make a Life of Your Choice

Roleplaying games can be found all over Android, but Bitlife APK full is one of the more exceptional ones we’ve managed to find. It’s a text-based RPG that walks you through the life of your custom character. Become a model citizen that actively contributes to society and helps people around them, or diverge to live the life of a rebel and stir up trouble wherever you see fit.

Note: If you’d like your game to be in Spanish, download BitLife APK Español instead.

How Does BitLife Start?

Congratulations, you have been born! That’s right; you’re starting from zero. Select your name, your gender, your country, and your city. Once done, you’re ready to start the rest of your life. BitLife APK allows you to experience different phases of human life at your discretion. You’ll be given random characteristics concerning your personality that you’ll have to work with.

As you grow up, the people around you will change and based on your behavior; you’ll either make more friends and grow to be a successful person or spiral down into a dark descent.

Tips That You Should Know Before Your First Time With BitLife!

While it may look simple at first, the relationships you’ll build in BitLife APK Android are extremely important. To make sure you don’t mess up, here are a few tips:

  1. Find the right job for you! Just like in real life, make sure your career satisfies both your wealth appetite and socializing needs. Having a boring job may result in a poor gameplay experience, so don’t be afraid to shuffle between jobs.
  2. You can find a new job for yourself by using the BitLife job board. One trick is to just age yourself and hope for the best, but if you don’t get the desired outcome, it can actually set you back a considerable amount of time. Alternatively, you can just keep restarting the game to refresh the job board with newer options.
  3. Worry about your happiness; it’s important! If you aren’t happy, it will ultimately lead to a few problems. To stay jolly, try partaking in multiple activities, such as creating a bond with someone else, dancing, adopting a child, or routinely visiting the doctor.
  4. Wanna be rich? Trust us, there’s a BitLife tip, and that’s to land yourself a Lead Actor role by building a film career. Sounds cliche, we know. But, it’s the only way to earn yourself a lot of money without having to put in too much of an effort.
  5. Get a strong start by focusing on your weak points. At the start of your life, you’re assigned random attributes, and you’ll have to improve on each of them accordingly. If your Smarts are at a low percentage, make sure to focus on school. Fell short on Looks? Work on self-improvement and so on.
  6. If you’d like to open up opportunities for your character, then you need to focus on your education in school. You could also flunk out to try out another life if you wish, but you could still get good grades all the same.
  7. No harm in trying out the lottery. One activity you might not have noticed is the lottery. You can buy tickets for yourself at a cheap price, and eventually, you might get lucky. Just remember to get one for yourself each and every day.
  8. Do NOT forget the doctor. In your first playthrough, you might get too focused on building your stats up, which is good, but you also need to visit the doctor every now and then to live a long life.
  9. Make sure to collect heirlooms every day. Chances are that you’ll obtain a really valuable item that you can donate or sell later, or even hand it down to your children as a gift. You could get a huge boost in your net worth thanks to this.

The Process of Building a Successful Life in BitLife

You’ll have a very basic menu that continuously expands into different options as you grow up in BitLife APK latest version. First, you have the most important + button in the middle that will fast forward time by one year based on the decisions you’ve made up until pressing that button.

Make New Relationships and Build Old Ones

There’s the ‘Relationships’ button that will show you the bond that you have with different acquaintances in your life. During infancy, this will be your parents. In your teens, it will be your classmates, and once you’re an adult, it will be your colleagues, and so on.

Be Active With Activities

By pressing the “Activities” button, you can find everything that you can do based on your age. Certain criminal activities will not be doable until you’ve reached a certain age like, you have to be 18 to become a Hitman. You can also visit the doctor, bet on horse races, and sue people that may have messed up your life!

Rewards and Punishment

Each and every decision you make has consequences. You can go about different paths and see how your character turns out accordingly. The more attention you pay to each phase of your character’s life, the better you can control the outcome. Remember, don’t press that big green + button unless you’re sure you’re ready to move on to the next age!


BitLife has really mastered the text-based roleplaying genre with a ton of activities and details for the players to work with. There’s certainly a lot of freedom for you and your character when you first enter the game. You can even try out multiple lives should you feel that you messed up somewhere, or if you just feel like trying out an alternative path, so what are you waiting for?

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