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Spotify Premium Mod APK (No Ads, Unlocked)



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Size 68.31 Mb
Category Music & Audio
Developer Spotify AB
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MOD Features
  • All paid features unlocked
  • AMOLED Dark Theme On
  • All ads removed

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Download Spotify Premium MOD APK to access exclusive songs without disturbing ads. Spotify Premium APK 2022 allows you to enjoy all music features.

Description of Spotify Premium MOD APK

Spotify Premium MOD APK is a great music streaming app with no disturbing ads while allowing you to enjoy features like shuffling, playing next, changing music, etc. This app is one of the top music streaming platforms worldwide. Listening to your favorite music is fun with Spotify, but when you use Spotify Premium MOD APK, you will enjoy great music.

There are various settings in this app that will help you explore different genres of music, providing you with a smooth experience. Spotify Premium is the paid version of free Spotify. You can enjoy lots of music on Spotify for free; however, the Spotify Premium APK provides more music with great features

On Spotify Premium MOD APK 2022, there are no disturbing ads in between your music compared to what you will experience on Spotify free. If you are a music lover looking for the best music APK, this is the one for you. Download Spotify MOD APK Premium unlocked power. You can't go wrong with the awesome features it offers.

You can easily find any song on Spotify Premium by checking the search box above the screen. The search box is programmed to bring out every song from different genres or past related to your search; hence you can choose the exact song you want. This great feature provides you with a smooth music listening experience.


Spotify AB developed and published this application, and it has gotten over 1 billion users and downloads worldwide. Spotify was launched in 2008, and it has become famous. This app is a suitable music app for all mobile users. Each song on it is well organized, fitting your mobile interface. Download Spotify MOD APK and join billions of users to enjoy Premium features.

Features of Spotify Premium

Here are the exciting features of Spotify Premium MODDED APK

Enjoy Your Favorite Music

When you download Spotify Premium MOD APK free, you will enjoy your favorite music with friends and family. You can opt for the family package available on Premium Spotify, where you can add up to six people simultaneously. This is an awesome feature as each person's account in the family package is independent and uninterrupted.

Recommendation Features

This is an interesting feature Spotify APK Premium Unlocked offers its users. When you create an account on Spotify for the first time, when you start playing/listening to music, Spotify records your musical preferences. Sometimes they can ask you for your favorite genre, artiste, and music styles. Once done, Spotify will conveniently recommend artists and music for you.


As you enjoy the app, once your music preference changes, Spotify re-suggests more interesting songs based on your content.

Access to Exclusive Songs

Spotify Premium is known for the unlimited access to premium songs it provides users. When you subscribe to the premium version, you will comfortably enjoy your loved song, the latest trend of your favorite artist, and many more.

No Ads

Unlike Spotify app free where you will listen to ads in between songs. Spotify APK no ads has removed disturbing ads hence giving you a smooth music experience.

We all know that ads are disturbing when you enjoy your favorite music. There is nothing like ads in Spotify MOD APK 2022.

Cross Platform

Spotify Premium is available for all mobile devices, and you can sync your account on more than one device.

Great User Interface

Spotify Premium is easy to use and navigate. There are no complex features while operating the app. It has a user-friendly interface.


Music is life, and if you are a music lover, it is easy with the Spotify Premium MOD APK. Download Spotify Premium MOD APK and enjoy Spotify with no ads and great shuffling features.


How to get free Spotify Premium 2022?

Getting a free Spotify Premium 2022 is easy and straightforward. When you download Spotify MOD APK for Android on our website, you will get access to Spotify to exclusive songs and Spotify Premium features.

When does my Spotify Premium Expire?

The expiry date of your Spotify subscription depends on the Premium plan you have selected. Some subscriptions last a month, and some expire at six months. To know when your Premium plan expires, check the Premium plan you subscribe to.

Why is My Premium Spotify Not Working?

Your Premium Spotify not working depends on several reasons. However, they can all be resolved. One reason is that you might be playing songs offline without setting the offline MODe, or your subscription to the premium plan has expired. You can fix these problems quickly by removing your subscription or setting the offline MODe.

Where can I get Spotify Premium for free?

You can get Spotify Premium free by downloading the Spotify Premium MOD APK 2022 on our website. It is easy to use, and there is no complex configuration.

Spotify Premium MOD with offline download?

Spotify Premium MOD APK's latest version has an offline download feature whereby you can download numerous songs and schedule offline listening. It is more helpful when you are traveling, and there's no Internet connection.

Download Spotify Premium [68.31 Mb]


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