TikTok Lite APK 34.7.3 Download Latest Version for Android 2024
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TikTok Lite APK 34.7.3



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Size 36.72 Mb
Category Social
Developer TikTok Pte. Ltd.
Google Play Link com.zhiliaoapp.musically.go

Download TikTok lite APK and make videos, upload pictures, sync audio, and edit your photos and videos. You can even go as far as creating content for your viewers.

Short Notes on TikTok Lite APK download

TikTok Lite APK download is very much available on Android or IOS download. TikTok Lite APK can be used for many things, especially in creating content.

Videos, pictures, audio, editing, and so many other things can be done on it; TikTok Lite APK is an excellent social media app.

As much as you can get your absolute entertainment from it, there is so much importance that it can serve but also an added advantage.

TikTok Lite APK is accessible to everyone, and there is no limitation on the number of videos you can post on your TikTok Lite account.

You can privatize your account so that people don't see your videos, or you can also post and watch other people's videos. You can either post daily or not.

Detailed Description of TikTok Lite APK

TikTok Lite APK 2024 is the other version of the famous and original TikTok Lite APK that everyone has an idea of; many videos have been uploaded on TikTok Lite APK over the years.

As many as you can upload videos on your app and millions of people can see them, some so many people do the same thing. You can make different videos in a day and follow trend videos to make your videos and be recognized.

Apart from following trends, people on the TikTok Lite APK can always create their movements; your trend can be related to dances, songs, humming, pictures, and duets. Apart from doing all these, you can send your friends or family messages on the app.

You can always filter those to who you want to see their messages or you want to send messages. You can see different content, ranging from educational content to ASMR to beauty content and so many more.

You can decide to have specific content you will be posting, such as beauty, education, aesthetics, relationship, and so many things’ people can learn from.

There is also the ability to add voiceovers to your videos alone; you can either make your video with another voiceover or do your voiceover yourself, you can also edit your videos with the TikTok Lite APK no watermark if you wish, and you can do your account as you want to except constantly posting sensitive content.

There is a feature for choosing who you choose to follow, and TikTok Lite APK also provides the videos you will love on your for you page; there is a section for the people you are following and a section for the people that you might like their content. You can add filters and videos and edit your videos as much as you want. Also, it gives you the opportunity of seeing the people you like videos frequently.

The TikTok Lite APK can make you do many things about your content. You will reach a particular level where you have many followers and start getting paid. You can also build yourself up by following your other content creators to learn more.

TikTok Lite APK app features

Video uploading and editing

Apart from just making videos with your TikTok Lite APK, you can also select video and pictures from your photo storage on your mobile device and sync them in with the audio which is most suitable for the video when you don't like the way it looks or tends to give you some weird colors that you don't like.

There are editing features that you can use to edit every one of the things you don't like. You can also record videos with the app instead of just uploading them from your phone.

Saving and Sharing

Apart from sharing your videos on the app, you can also share them with your friends and family. You will see a share button on the right-hand side of your phone.

Once you click on it, it will bring several social apps to which you can send it, either on WhatsApp or Instagram, or even your mail.

Also, if you permit people, they can save your video to their mobile devices. You will also be able to know how many people save your video.

Duets feature

You can upload your videos online by yourself, or you can decide to duet people when singing or when they ask if you can duet them doing one thing or the other; when you duet a particular video, the video will appear side by side so that people can be sure of who you are dueting and which of the video you made a duet with.

Earn coins

The TikTok Lite APK lets you earn coins and gives plenty of room for encouragement. There is a peak that you would have gotten to in making content that you can get coins; the purchasable coins can be used for various things, such as having access to all the features that might insist that you pay before you could use them.


The TikTok Lite APK app is an app where you can make your content seen and recognized far and near. It also gives you the TikTok opportunity to get an income from it.

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