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Compatible with Android 4.3+
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Developer Google LLC
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Download YouTube Music Premium APK for free. Enjoy uninterrupted and smart-ads streaming with the latest version of YouTube Music Premium APK for Android devices.

YouTube Music Premium APK Overview

In the simplest of terms, YouTube Music Premium APK is a music streaming app. As you might have gotten the idea just from the name, the app is by YouTube. However, it offers two advantages or just “extra” features.

These two features being: Access to all the original music videos and also cover songs by novice and rising stars.

If you are familiar with SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music, then you already have an idea of what YouTube Music Premium APK has to offer. It is mainly uninterrupted music streaming supported by stable servers, to ensure consistency in quality.

Endless Song Libraries with YouTube Music Premium APK

YouTube Music Premium APK is up-to-date with all the newly released songs and music as quickly as possible. Moreover, you will notice a smart feature that automatically changes and updates your favorite songs almost regularly by the hour.

This feature allows you to listen to the hottest hits out there and not forget your favorite while you surf through an ocean of music.

Another great feature of YouTube Music Premium APK is the ability to download music for offline play. That means, when you don’t have internet available, you can always hit your playlist on the go and enjoy your favorite tracks.

If you are coming to YouTube Music Premium APK from another music streaming app, get ready for a load of excitement! All the genres of music that you can name e.g., pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, and the new and old are available on YouTube Music.

It’s completely natural to go through different moods throughout a day, and in those moments, you need music that resonates with you. Thankfully YouTube Music Premium APK has it all.

What You Need to Know About YouTube Music APK

All you need to know about the latest YouTube Music APK is that:

  • Split Files & Meta Dat have been removed
  • The app has been further optimized in terms of graphics
  • Resources have been cleaned and optimized for faster loading
  • The annoying Google Play Store install package check has been disabled along with services signature check
  • Ads have been optimized
  • Debug info has been removed
  • All unwanted permissions/activities/receivers/services have been disabled
  • Action bar icon has been restored to the original Music icon
  • The app icon for YouTube Music APK has been restored to the original app one

The packaged version of YouTube Music APK gives you unrestricted access to every single feature the app has to offer in the freemium version. Most importantly, it’s all for free!

Why Download YouTube Music Premium APK

YouTube Music Premium APK has all the necessary features, that a good music streaming app needs. So, what could be the cherry on top?

The YouTube Music Premium APK allows you to interact with other like-minded music lovers and share your love for music and experiences. Think of it as a social network that precisely revolves around music without any other unnecessary things that you might not be interested in.

YouTube Music Premium APK features

Compared the competitors, YouTube Music Premium APK features are definitely something worth acknowledging. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from YouTube Music APK:

  • Access to High-Quality and Licensed Music for Free – Android users are in luck because the YouTube Music APK has it all. Smart ads and no unofficial music. To clarify, the app fully acknowledges that you don’t want to work with tracks that are ripped off of your favorite artist. Therefore, any unofficial media that is found is immediately removed.
  • Easy-to-use Search Feature to Find Your Favorite Tracks – Sometimes you can only recall a lyric of a song and not the name. The smart search feature allows you to search and navigate to find your favorite tracks without having to stress out too much in recalling the name. Whether it is an official track or even a cover by a rising artist, everything is easy to find!
  • Endless Library of Music – YouTube Music APK lets you access all the possible music and songs that are out there in the world, and the list is constantly update. That’s why it’s called an endless library!
  • Create as Many Playlists as You Want – The most important thing to a music lover is to be able to create your own playlists. You can sort them in terms of mood, travelling tracks, or by genre. Easily keep a collection of all your favorite tracks with YouTube Music Premium APK.

Safe Download YouTube Music Premium APK 2023

If you want an app that is safe to install and lets you connect to the fun-filled world of music, then download YouTube Music Premium APK 2023. The is easy to download and only takes less than a minute to install.

All you have to do is download the latest YouTube Music Premium APK from our website, and move it into the file manager of your Android device. Tap and open the APK file and it will prompt you for installation, allow access and wait for a few seconds – That’s it!

You can log in to your account and enjoy listening to an endless library of music from all over the world.

Final Thoughts – YouTube Music APK

YouTube Music APK gives you all the features the app has to offer. However, there are some things regarding the original app that need improvement or might be improved by the developers later on. Such as interface limitation alongside mismatch of covers and music.

Regardless of being a new competitor to Spotify, SoundCloud, and Pandora, YouTube Music APK is quick to gain popularity and is truly worth a try. If you love free music, you will love YouTube Music Premium APK.

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