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Dive into your faith with Muslim Pro APK, the ultimate Islamic app for Android. Experience accurate prayer times, the Holy Quran, and much more this Ramadan 2024.

Introduction to Muslim Pro APK

Muslim Pro APK, available on Android devices, is more than just an app; it's a comprehensive Islamic companion designed to support Muslims worldwide. As Ramadan 2024 approaches, this app becomes an indispensable tool for followers of Islam, offering accurate prayer times, Azan notifications, and access to the Holy Quran with translations in various languages. What sets Muslim Pro apart is its deep commitment to providing a genuinely immersive Islamic experience. From finding the Qibla to exploring the Islamic Hijri Calendar, and even streaming Qalbox Ramadan specials, this app has everything a Muslim needs to deepen their faith.

Trusted by over million users globally, Muslim Pro offers unique features such as a Quranic Experience with audio recitations and a Khatam tracker, Dua & Supplications for daily guidance, and Community & Learning tools to connect with fellow Muslims. The app's premium version unlocks exclusive content and features, enhancing your spiritual journey. Whether you're looking to memorize the Quran, seek Islamic knowledge, or simply maintain your daily prayers, Muslim Pro APK is your go-to source. Download it today from the Google Play Store and join the millions of Muslims who have made it their personal guide to faith.

How To Use Muslim Pro APK

To begin your journey with Muslim Pro APK, the first step is to download and install the app on your Android devices. Head over to the Google Play Store and search for Muslim Pro. Once found, click on the install button, and give it a few moments to download and install on your device.

After installation, open Muslim Pro and complete the setup process. The app will request necessary permissions to access your location for accurate prayer times and to send Azan notifications. This ensures you receive the most accurate prayer time based on your geographical position.

Navigating Muslim Pro is intuitive. The homepage gives you quick access to prayer times, the Quran, the Qibla finder, and other Islamic features. Dive into the Quranic Experience to read the Quran, enjoy audio recitations, and track your Khatam progress. Use the Qibla Finder to orient yourself towards Mecca for prayers, and explore the Islamic Hijri Calendar to keep track of important Islamic dates.

Personalize your experience by adjusting settings according to your preferences. Choose your preferred muezzin for the Azan, select translation languages, and set up notification reminders for prayer times. Muslim Pro also allows you to engage with the Muslim community through learning tools and access to Qalbox for Islamic content streaming. With Muslim Pro, embracing and practicing your faith has never been easier.

Exciting Features of Muslim Pro APK

Muslim Pro APK is a treasure trove of features designed to aid Muslims in their daily religious practices. Let's dive into what makes this Islamic app a must-have on Android devices.

Prayer Times & Azan: One of the cornerstone features of Muslim Pro is its ability to provide accurate prayer times based on your location. This ensures that no matter where you are in the world, you can perform your prayers at the exact time. Coupled with beautiful Azan notifications from various muezzins, it enhances your prayer experience by keeping you punctually informed.

Quranic Experience: Muslim Pro offers a comprehensive Quranic experience with the Holy Quran fully translated into multiple languages. It includes audio recitations to listen and recite along, making it easier for users to memorize the Quran. The Khatam tracker is a thoughtful addition for those looking to complete reading the Quran during Ramadan or any other time of the year.

Qibla Finder: No matter where you are, finding the direction of the Qibla is made effortless with Muslim Pro's animated compass. This feature is particularly useful for travelers, ensuring they can fulfill their prayer duties accurately.

Islamic Calendar: Keeping track of important Islamic dates is straightforward with the app’s Hijri Calendar. It allows users to estimate holy dates like Ramadan and other significant Islamic events, ensuring they are well-prepared for observances and celebrations.

Dua & Supplications: Access to Hisnul Muslim and daily supplications provides users with a source of inspiration and guidance. This feature is a valuable resource for personal growth and spiritual reflection, offering support through various Islamic teachings and prayers.

Community & Learning: Engage with the Muslim community through Muslim Pro’s learning tools. Whether it’s about Quran memorization or understanding deeper Islamic concepts, this platform connects you with resources and people that foster a supportive learning environment.

Qalbox: An exclusive feature for premium unlocked users, Qalbox streams Muslim documentaries, movies, and TV series. It’s a unique offering that enriches the Muslim Pro experience, providing entertainment that aligns with Islamic values.

Each of these features is designed to deepen your engagement with your faith. From accurate prayer times to Quranic learning, Muslim Pro APK ensures every Muslim has the tools they need to practice their religion with confidence and convenience.

Useful Tips For Using Muslim Pro APK

Enhancing your journey with Muslim Pro APK can significantly improve your daily Islamic practices. Here are some useful tips to get the most out of this comprehensive Islamic app:

  • Stay Updated: Always ensure your Muslim Pro is the latest version. Updates often include new features, improved accurate prayer times, and bug fixes. This can greatly enhance your app experience, especially during Ramadan 2024.
  • Personalize Prayer Notifications: Take advantage of Muslim Pro's customizable Azan notifications. Choose your favorite muezzin and notification tones to make each prayer time a unique call to worship.
  • Explore Qalbox: For those with the premium unlocked version, don't miss out on Qalbox Ramadan specials. Enjoy exclusive Islamic content that enriches faith and provides meaningful entertainment.
  • Use the Quranic Tools: Muslim Pro offers tools to read the Quran, listen to audio recitations, and memorize the Quran. Use the Khatam tracker to set and follow through on your Quran reading goals.
  • Adjust the Qibla Finder: Ensure your Qibla finder is accurately calibrated. This tool is invaluable for finding the direction of Mecca, especially when you're in a new location or traveling.
  • Engage with the Community: The Muslim Pro app connects you to the Muslim community globally. Share insights, learn from others, and deepen your understanding of Islam through community features.
  • Learn Languages: With the Quran and supplications fully translated in various languages, use Muslim Pro to improve your understanding of Arabic or learn religious texts in Bahasa Indonesia, Français, Deutsch, and more.
  • Utilize the Islamic Calendar: Keep track of important dates with the Islamic Hijri Calendar. It helps in planning for Ramadan, Eid, and other Islamic events, ensuring you're prepared for these holy occasions.

Following these tips can greatly improve your Muslim Pro APK experience, making it a more powerful tool in your daily Islamic practices. Whether it's for prayer times, Quranic studies, or connecting with the Muslim community, Muslim Pro is designed to support every aspect of your faith journey.


In conclusion, Muslim Pro APK stands as a beacon for Muslims worldwide, offering a plethora of features that enrich and facilitate daily Islamic practices. From accurate prayer times to the immersive Quranic experience, and the comprehensive Islamic Hijri Calendar, this app has it all. With the added benefits of Qalbox for premium users, there’s never been a more compelling reason to deepen your engagement with your faith. Available on Android devices and easy to download from the Google Play Store, Muslim Pro is the ultimate Islamic app to support your spiritual journey. Join the millions of users globally who have made Muslim Pro their trusted companion. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your faith, knowledge, and community connections. Download Muslim Pro APK today and experience a richer, more connected Islamic life

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