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Unlock the magic of DSLR-quality photography on your phone with Relens APK. Dive into the world of professional camera effects, bokeh, and portrait beautification

Introduction to Relens APK

Welcome to the transformative world of Relens APK, a pinnacle of mobile photography apps designed to elevate your smartphone's camera to professional camera and DSLR professional camera levels. Available on Android, Relens is not just an app; it's a revolution in computational photography and AI-enhanced imaging. With features like dslr blur, large aperture, and depth of field control, it promises to instantly turn your phone into an HD camera capable of capturing stunning portrait and landscape shots.

Relens APK stands out with its unique bokeh effect, portrait beautification, and the ability to unlock a realm of professional camera lens optical effects. Dive into the richness of classic SLR lenses simulation, from the swirly bokeh effect lens to advanced AI computational photography that recalibrates depth of field for breathtaking images. This camera app is designed for both budding and seasoned photography app for mobile photography enthusiasts, offering a realistic lens experience through its manual camera functionality and various professional camera lens optical adjustments. Whether you're looking to capture everyday moments or artistic compositions, Relens APK opens the door to professional camera and manual camera photography excellence right from your pocket.

How To Use Relens APK

Embarking on your journey with Relens APK is a seamless process, designed to quickly integrate the power of professional camera capabilities into your mobile device. To begin, simply download and install Relens from the app store. This camera app is tailored for enthusiasts eager to explore the realms of mobile photography with DSLR professional camera quality right at their fingertips.

Once installed, open Relens and grant it the necessary permissions to access your camera, storage, and other required functionalities. This ensures that Relens can instantly turn your phone into an HD camera, unleashing your creative potential through its various professional camera lens optical effects and advanced AI computational photography.

Interacting with Relens is intuitive—navigate through its user-friendly interface to unlock the multitude of features like bokeh effect, portrait beautification, and dslr blur. Tap to select different lenses and filters for portrait and landscape photography, enhancing your photos with classic SLR lenses and portrait mode for stunning results. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a newcomer, Relens APK makes it easy to capture, edit, and share professional-quality photos directly from your device, offering a realistic lens experience and enjoy the fun of photography with ease

Exciting Features of Relens APK

F1.4 Large Aperture with Background Bokeh Effect Relens APK's F1.4 large aperture feature is a game-changer for mobile photography, allowing users to capture stunning portrait shots with a beautiful blur background, mimicking the bokeh effect of a DSLR professional camera. This adjustable blur intensity breathes life into photos, making subjects stand out with cinematic quality.

Classic SLR Lens Simulation The app's simulation of several classic SLR lenses brings the distinct characteristics of legendary photography tools into your hands. Whether it's the sharpness of the 50mm 1.4 lens or the unique swirly bokeh effect lens, Relens offers an array of options to creatively alter your images.

AI-Enhanced Depth of Field Leveraging advanced AI computational photography, Relens recalculates the depth of field and adds realistic portrait camera bokeh effects. The depth brush feature allows for precise adjustments, enabling users to artistically focus on what matters most in their shots.

Professional Camera Lens Optical Effects Relens doesn't stop at blur; it introduces users to a variety of professional camera lens optical effects. Experience the visual impact of lens distortions, color shift, and out-of-focus reflex to add a professional touch to your photographs.

Manual Camera Controls For those who crave total control, Relens APK provides a manual camera mode. Adjust exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance to achieve the perfect shot. The inclusion of professional camera and manual camera photography tools makes it suitable for detailed photographic work.

100+ Classic Cameras and Filters With over 100 classic cameras and stylized filters, Relens allows you to apply different styles and effects to your photos. Whether you're after a vintage look or modern aesthetic, there's a filter for every mood.

Professional Photo Editor The professional photo editor built into Relens APK empowers users with specialized color grading tools and AI intelligent zone adjustment. It enables both foreground and background editing, ensuring every detail of your photo can be fine-tuned.

Multiple Camera Modes Switch between manual mode, burst mode, and professional camcorder mode to suit the shooting scenario. Relens supports 4K video recording on compatible devices, allowing for high-quality video capture.

Each of these features is designed to help everyone enjoy the fun of photography, turning every shot into a masterpiece. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or new to the scene, Relens APK makes it easy to capture moments with depth, clarity, and artistic flair, all from your smartphone.

Useful Tips For Using Relens APK

To harness the full potential of Relens APK and elevate your mobile photography, consider these tips for a seamless and enriched experience:

  • Explore Various Lenses and Effects: Dive into the various professional camera lens optical effects and simulations of classic SLR lenses. Experimenting with different lenses and filters for portrait and landscape photography can dramatically change the mood and quality of your photos.
  • Master the Manual Controls: Take advantage of Relens APK's manual camera settings to fine-tune exposure, focus, and more. Learning how to manipulate shutter speed, ISO, and white balance will give you more creative control over your shots, emulating a professional camera experience.
  • Utilize AI Computational Photography: Leverage the app’s advanced AI computational photography to enhance depth of field and apply realistic lens effects. The AI can also assist in achieving perfect portrait beautification, ensuring your subjects look their best.
  • Experiment with Bokeh and Blur: Use the large aperture settings to create stunning blur background effects. The bokeh effect can add depth to your portraits and highlight the subject by blurring the background.
  • Play with Light and Composition: Good lighting and composition are key to great photography. Use Relens APK to experiment with different lighting conditions and compositions. Simulation of shutter blade shapes and lens distortions can add an artistic touch to your photos.
  • Edit with Precision: Utilize Relens’ professional photo editor for post-processing. The app’s specialized color grading tools and foreground and background adjustments allow for detailed edits, enhancing the overall look of your images.
  • Keep the App Updated: Ensure you have the latest version of Relens. Updates often bring new features, improvements, and bug fixes, enhancing the realistic lens experience and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Share and Learn: Don’t hesitate to share your best shots with the Relens community. Engaging with other users can provide inspiration, feedback, and tips to further improve your photography skills.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to mastering Relens APK, turning every capture into a masterpiece with ease. Enjoy the journey of exploring the endless possibilities of photography app for mobile photography enthusiasts.


Relens APK elevates mobile photography to unparalleled heights, offering a fusion of professional camera features and computational photography brilliance. By transforming your smartphone into a powerful DSLR-grade large aperture camera, Relens enables stunning portrait beautification, bokeh effect, and depth of field control with the tap of a button. Its suite of classic SLR lenses and advanced AI algorithms promise to unlock creative potentials and help everyone enjoy the fun of photography.

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