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Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Size 59.29 Mb
Category Photography
Developer FaceApp Technology Ltd
Google Play Link io.faceapp
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Download FaceApp Pro Apk, an impressive photo apk that lets you edit your picture to be old or young. Also, enjoy access to FaceApp APK without watermark.

Description of FaceApp Pro APK

Do you want to know what your older self looks like, or do you want to flash back to looking young? The FaceApp APK is an excellent photo application to try out. FaceApp will help you transform your selfie into whatever you want it to be.

FaceApp PRO APK allows users to edit or customize their selfies realistically, either to look younger than their age or older. Since its launch in 2011, FaceApp Pro APK has gained so much popularity and users worldwide. The developers of FaceApp Pro incorporated AI technologies into the app to help users edit their beauty.

FaceApp has many filters and faces emojis for users to change their look or appearance. You might have seen images on social networks where people will look way younger than their age or take up a picture of them looking like a cartoon. There is no specificity in what they have done. They all use the FaceApp APK.

This application allows users to change their gender and age. However, there are some lapses with FaceApp Pro APK, like showing watermarks in your images which might not give you the best outcome.  We have come up with an alternative which is called FaceApp APK. The FaceApp  APK has many features to offer users.

FaceApp  APK is also referred to as FaceApp PRO  APK, it has all the premium features, and you will access them for free. Usually, FaceApp Pro Apk requires payment to access the many features, but FaceApp Pro  APK 2023 offers users all these features for free.

Below are some of the features of FaceApp Premium  APK offers users;

FaceApp  APK without watermark: When you download FaceApp Pro  APK, you will enjoy the ability to remove watermarks from your images FaceApp  APK has removed all watermarks that might appear while editing your images. You can use FaceApp Pro  APK if you cannot afford the usual paid App.


FaceApp APK Pro: Usually, you will pay to access all FaceApp Pro Features. However, there is nothing of such in the FaceApp APK. Every Pro Feature has been converted into the  version.

FaceApp Technology Ltd developed and published this app, and it has over 100 million users worldwide. Anyone can use this app with its unique features and user interface.

Features of FaceApp Pro APK

Below are the amazing features of FaceApp Pro APK;

Different Impressive Filters

FaceApp APK has many impressive editing features for users. Some filters change your images from older self to young age and from young to old. Also, there is a smile filter that transforms a serious picture into a funny one. There are many interesting filters users will enjoy in the app. Download the Facebook Pro  APK to access this feature.

Change your hairstyle and color

This is an awesome feature FaceApp provides its users. Users can change their hair color or style on FaceApp Pro. This application will fit the hairstyle you've chosen for your face making it look realistic. Feel free to explore the huge collection of hair lengths and colors when you download FaceApp Pro APK.

In addition, users can edit their facial appearance; that is, if you have beards, you can easily remove them on FaceApp Pro and otherwise as you deem fit. Also, you can choose the hair you want or allow the AI to select a befitting hair for your face shape.


Change the photo background

Suppose you're interested in changing your picture background; FaceApp Pro is available for you to use. This feature helps you to completely change your surroundings from beautiful images to blurry backgrounds. You will enjoy many of the background features in FaceApp APK Latest Version

Ads free

FaceApp Pro  APK has removed all disturbing content to aid users' smooth experience while editing their images. This is a great feature as there are no advertisements to interrupt your experience.

Change your gender

Users will have fun changing their Gender from male to female or otherwise. This feature allows users to see what they will look like in different Gender.

Swap your face with your friends

Here is a funny feature FaceApp offers its users. Users will enjoy swapping their faces with their friends or loved ones, making them know what they look like by taking the shape of their friends' faces.

Add tattoos to any part of your image

If you love tattoos but are scared of their outcome in real life. You can test-run it on FaceApp. Different tattoo stickers are available on FaceApp, and you can use them on any part of your body to see what it looks like.

Makeup effect

Users have access to try different makeup filters on their faces to see and know what they will look like on makeup. There are many makeup filters on FaceApp with varying colors of lip and eyebrow shapes.

No watermark

There are no watermarks in your images when you download FaceApp APK. This gives you rightful ownership of your photo and selfie.


FaceApp Pro APK has a good photo editing application to transform your appearance. Download FaceApp  APK for Android to enjoy these photo features. 

Download Faceapp Pro [59.29 Mb]
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