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Hay Day APK 1.56.130



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Size 179.13 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Supercell
Google Play Link com.supercell.hayday
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Hay Day APK is yet another popular farming simulation game developed by Super cell. With our Hay Day APK, break all the limits and enjoy a completely free version.

About Hay Day APK 2023

Hay Day was quick to gain popularity after its initial release in 2012. The developers spent 5 years in making it the most immersive and fun to play game for all the Super Cell fans out there. Just as all the other Super Cell games in mobile app stores, Hay Day has retained its position as the most played farming game.

However, with Hay Day APK you get the best deal you can! What’s better than free? Unlimited diamonds and money to take your farming skills beyond every limit!

Bubbly 3D Graphics!

Hay Day follows the same lively graphic style of almost all Super Cell games. The vivid colors and eye-catching character designs along with the environment are relaxing. You can have fun while enjoying the soft background music.

An All-New Exciting Hay Day APK Gameplay

As the name suggest, Hay Day is a simulation farming game. The mechanics of Hay Day APK allow you to live an alternative life as a farmer and truly reap what you sow! As you progress through your life as a devoted farmer and accomplish daily tasks, you are rewarded with money and some extras.

The Hay Day APK installation allows you to begin your life as the owner of a small farm with only a few small cottages and a simple ranch. In addition, you have your very own moorland. You are provided with a few seeds that you spray with water at designated intervals until your plants finally take shape.

Here’s the fun part! Once you grow your plants, you can harvest them and sell them within the shop and purchase even more expensive plants and items! You level up right after you have worked hard as a farmer and gained sufficient experience points. You’re probably wondering how many plants and seeds does Hay Day offer? Well, how many can you name?

As you level up through the game, you unlike a variety of items, plants and even never-before-seen exciting features! Furthermore, Hay Day has a very unique feature – the plant life cycle. Some plants wither away after three harvests.

However, you can always wait for your nice and kind neighbors to spray your plants with water. After “saved”, your plants can be further harvested three more times before they reach their expiration and you need to dismantle them.

Unlock Pets in Hay Day APK

If plants have already excited you enough for the game, then prepare to get even more excited! Hay Day APK features all of the pets Hay Day has to offer! For instance, cows, chickens, goats, cats, and a lot more!

The dog and the cat are your best friends in Hay Day, and they are really special. To clarify, they give you tons of experience and unlock new items! So how can you raise pets?

Simple! Just buy a home and feed them regularly.

Final Thoughts

No doubt about it. Hay Day is a record-breaking farming game with over 20 million players worldwide. Till now, Hay Day retained its position as the number 1 most download farming game. You can download Hay Day on both iPhone and Android.

By downloading the Hay Day APK, you will have experience endless fun and excitement. Therefore, Hay Day is the #1 Go-to game for players who love simulation games and love farming as well. So, with all that said, there is nothing else to wait for. Let’s get to farming!

Download Hay Day [179.13 Mb]
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