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Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Size 214.31 Mb
Category Racing
Google Play Link com.pixeldev.APEXRacers

Love car racing and retro styles? Apex Racer APK has got you covered. Customize your car with the hundreds of options available, invite friends, and go out for a race.

Introduction To Apex Racer APK

Apex Racer APK is a grand improvement to the racing game world. With the amazing traditional plus modern look that has been achieved by merging the 2D and 3D graphics together. Great attention to detail has been given when it comes to the design of the game. This game is an awesome choice for beginners and experts alike. Beginners can take advantage of all the game modes to practice their skills, whereas the experts can go for the tricky challenges and enter competitions with big prizes.

An awesome community has also been created on Discord that everyone can join. The producers are always eager to hear your suggestions so they also find all communications highly valuable.

Apex Racer APK is especially perfect for retro lovers with creative minds. You can bring out your artistic side as the customization feature gives you control over a huge number of features. You can change the paint job, add new elements, and even change the hardware of the car. There are hundreds of car models to pick from. So download now, design your own car, and start working on your racing dream

How To Play Apex Racer APK

  • Start off by getting the Apex Racer APK Game file by downloading it from our safe website.
  • Click on the Apex Racer APK Download link.
  • If you are new to the APK world, you will have to turn on an option in your settings called ‘’allow downloads from unknown sources”.
  • Now wait for the download to finish.
  • Open your file manager and go to the downloads section and clock on the Apex Racer APK Android file to finish the installation.
  • Pick a car that you want, change the color and features to your liking, and start driving.
  • The controls are fairly simple, with the joystick on one side and the steering on the other.
  • Once you get a hang of the controls, enter a race to test your skills.
  • Practice playing by inviting friends.
  • Take part in challenges to win in-game cash and treat yourself with a car upgrade.
  • Join the discord community to find amazing players and put on your suggestions for the next updates.

Cool Features Of Apex Racer APK

The producers of Apex Racer APK Game haven’t let anyone down, new features are added to the game with every update to keep the players interested. A few have been described below.

Attention To Suggestions

Before we discuss anything, this is one of the most praiseworthy features. The new updates are introduced often, and most of the time it is brought about by keeping a close eye on the community discussions. There is an amazing discord community for Apex Racer APK. The producers are always keen to know what the players want and hence they make changes accordingly. Your suggestions and ideas are valued.


Apex Racer APK has an amazing collection of customization options. You can not only change the cosmetics of your car (the paint, and shape), but instead, you can build your car from scratch by changing many hardware features as well as change to a whole new model. The fun part is that new customizations are introduced with every update. You can then take your car around and show it off to your friends on the streets. 

Game Modes

In Apex Racer APK, you don’t just have to pick a car and race, you can choose from the many game modes and play to your liking. If you are in a competitive mood, go for a challenge that ends with a prize. But if you want to chill and just want some company, then pick your favorite car and just go out in the streets for a drive. You even talk to other players by joining the amazing communities. This way you will always have someone to play and converse with.

Tips To Improve The Gameplay Of Apex Racer APK

Racing games can be easy as long as you can get a hold of the controls. But we have added a few tips to make your experience worthwhile with Apex Racer APK.

Mess Around With The Customizations

Since the game producers have been generous enough to design hundreds of customization options, why shy away from making full use of them? Design your car from scratch using all the fun elements that you are free to change. Having a good visual representation can improve your mood, attract better players and give you a better experience in playing the game altogether.

Take Part In Challenges

Since every good racer is inherently driven toward a challenge, make sure to go for if not all, then most of the challenges. The challenges change, and new ones are introduced every few days. The updates also make the game more interesting by adding new obstacles and elements that you will want to win. So try your best and win all the rewards you can.  


Apex Racer APK is the first ever game to bring to you a mesmerizing mixture of the traditional 2D design combined with a more modern 3D graphic look. The amazing retro display and the multiple options for customization make this game a feast for the mind and eyes. You will be allowed to enter challenges, call friends, and other players from all over the world to come and join you in your racing adventure!

Not in the mood for a race? No worries, just take your beautifully customized car out for a long drive in the artfully designed streets of Apex Racer APK. Want changes? The producers are eager to improve so just put it out in community discussions. There is no time to waste! Go and download Apex Racer APK now and start playing.

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