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Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Size 1.36 Gb
Category Racing
Google Play Link com.ambratorgames.Hajwalahlife

Drift for Life APK brings to you the highly sought-after, high-quality world of racing games! Customize, design, and race your friends now in the mesmerizing tracks!

Introduction to Drift for Life APK

Drift for Life APK game is a beautifully designed racing game that comes with all the features any street racing lover can only dream of. It has skillfully integrated graphics and life-like physics. This game offers you more than 100 options for cars, and none of them are randomly made up by creative minds, instead, real car models have been used in the game.

The cars you can pick from all reflect the real-time cars, and all the other exciting factors, such as the precision in detail, the way the physics of this virtual world works, and also the spectacular sound effects!

This super addictive game is downloaded and loved by many despite being relatively new. You can take up challenges with your friends, win, and earn in-game coins and cash, which can then be utilized in updating your desired car, you can add stickers, change colors and customize to your heart's content!

How To Play Drift for Life APK

  • Like any other game, you are going to have to download the game from a safe website.
  • You will face no problems doing that as our incredible website APKCima promises safety and security of your device and your privacy. So download without hesitation.
  • Find the name of the downloadable file link by searching on the search bar for Drift for Life APK game, and start downloading.
  • The file can not exactly install unless you have turned on the option to permit downloads from unknown sources from your phone’s setting, so go ahead and do that while you wait for the game to download.
  • The Drift for Life APK Download file will now be available in the downloads folder on your smartphone.
  • Complete the installation procedure by starting the installation of the Drift for Life APK latest version.
  • Sign up to start playing, this procedure costs you nothing at all as the game with all of its features is completely free of cost.
  • You can play offline to practice your skills or you can invite your friends to play with you in the multiplayer online version. Up to 8 players can play at once.
  • Pick a car from the 100 real-life options that the game offers.
  • Once you have customized and designed the car as you had wished.
  • Invite your friends or just go online and compete against players from all over the world.
  • The customization offers stickers, rims, non-reflective windshields, different color options, and many more features that you can freely design with no constraints given that you have in-game money.
  • To make money for new upgrades, continue playing and collecting money through daily and seasonal rewards and by winning race wins.
  • This way you can upgrade to a stronger car using the rewards and get yourself the car of your dreams!

Thrilling Features Of Drift for Life APK

Like most online street racing games, Drift for Life APK has multiple amazing features to offer that makes the game so much more appealing. Some of those features have been llisted  for you.

Real-life Customizable Car Designs

Drift for Life APK gives you complete control to create for yourself a car of your liking. These cars are from actual brands and the same depictions and features are reflected in the game. The cars have the same logos and detailing that you might see on one parked in a rich household. Another plus point is that, while you may not be able to have the car of your dreams in real life, you can easily get it in Drift for Life APK!

Offline, Singleplayer, And Multiplayer Game Modes

At times you might be in a position where you do not have access to an internet connection, or if you just want to practice your driving skills without having to lose to other players, do not fret, as Drift for Life APK latest version offers you that very feature! You can practice all you want without losing rank and then play online and beat all your friends in the races. You can also do individual races to make quick cash for upgrades.

Discover All Maps

Drift for Life APK offers you over hundred maps, all of which have been beautifully and intricately designed for you to explore. The beautiful maps with advanced graphics make for a spectacular experience. Knowing all the maps will also help you win in the leagues and make lots of money.

Tips To Improve Gameplay Of Drift For Life APK

Theres many things you can do to become an expert and win the races you take part in, some of those tips for improvement have been mentioned below.

Get To Know The Maps

Knowing the terrain and the maps is necessary for success, as this gives you the edge when it comes to online racing. When you know when to turn, where to turn, and which obstacles to avoid, then you are likely to beat other players even if they have more experience in online racing games.

Think About Joining An Online Gaming Community

Joining an online gaming community might turn out to be very beneficial as multiple experienced players tend to share their playing methods and experiences. This will help you analyze where you are going wrong.

Stay Focused

The final and perhaps the most important tip is to be focused and stay on track, Practice every day and watch yourself beat all your friends!


Drift for Life APK is one of the best online racing games out there. You get superb quality graphics, carefully designed customizable actual branded cars, and a life-like experience for online racing with various maps and great in-game physics. The game is completely free therefore you have got no reason to hesitate, go and download Drift for Life APK right now and satiate the thirst of your online race-loving heart!

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