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Used Car Tycoon APK is an ultimate dealership business simulation game. Gather broken cars in your warehouse, rebuild, list them up for sale, and reap the profit!

Introduction To Used Car Tycoon APK

There are countless idle clicker business simulation games popping up and doing quite well in the mobile gaming market right now. They offer a unique way to enjoy a game, a very casual approach rather than a competitive one. Similarly, one of the games that have been growing widely popular in the sea of idle clickers that has a lot to offer, is Used Car Tycoon APK.

Used Car Tycoon APK is a car dealership business simulation game. Unlike most generic idle clickers, Used Car Tycoon APK offers players a lot of unique and tough mechanics and challenges to keep them engaged with the game for quite a while without having them lose interest.

You start off with a handful of broken-down used cars in your junkyard that are in no condition to be sold as working cars. You will proceed to refurbish those cars and sell them to earn your first bit of profit. Just like any other idle clicker, any other upgrades, or choices you make will result in an increase of your business. However, Used Car Tycoon APK offers more efficient methods to grow your business.

You may think all a game like this would offer is the fixing of used cars and then selling them off, which is correct to some extent. However, in Used Car Tycoon APK, the players get to think strategically and ensure a much faster rate of growth for the used car dealership. This will keep this process of selling cars entertaining for quite a while.

How To Play Used Car Tycoon APK

  • Used Car Tycoon APK can be played on any Android device for free.
  • Click on the Used Car Tycoon APK download button we have provided above to get the game’s installation file.
  • Your browser will give you a warning about the file’s safety and ask you if you are sure you want to download the file.
  • This is simply the installation file for Used Car Tycoon APK game, and cannot harm your device, so just tap download anyway.
  • Whilst you are waiting for the file to download, open your settings and head over to the security section.
  • Search and allow installation from “Unknown Sources” to express installation.
  • Once the file is finished downloading, go into your file manager and run the installation file.
  • You can find it in the recently downloaded files.
  • Continue with the installation process and then launch the Used Car Tycoon APK.
  • Once you load into the game, the game will start the tutorial which will teach you the basics of the used car dealership.
  • The tutorial also sets you up with your business and you will get regular customers.
  • As you continue on with the game, you can unlock various upgrades for your vehicles such as better quality parts, spoilers, and accessories to make them look attractive, etc.

Exciting Features In Used Car Tycoon APK

Used Car Tycoon APK has a wide array of unique features that have resulted in the game becoming so popular so quickly. We have listed the prominent ones below with a little bit of detail.

Helpful Tutorial System

As mentioned earlier, once you start off with the game for the first time, you will be provided with a tutorial that will teach you the basics of the game. Used Car Tycoon APK however takes this up a notch and has provided a short tutorial for each and every new feature that you will unlock as you play through the game.

Various Sources Of Income

It must be no surprise that your main source of income in Used Car Tycoon APK will be by selling worn-out cars after fixing them up. But that is in no way the only source of your income. As your business grows, you will unlock various other ways to make money. These sources will be in the form of shops that you will open providing extra services such as snacks, car model shops, flowers, etc.

Dig Site

One of the first extra areas you will unlock in Used Car Tycoon APK is the dig site. Here, you can dig for random car parts of various rarities that you can use for upgrading your car and bringing in more revenue. The game provides free chances to dig for parts, which replenish over time as you use them.

Tips To Play Used Car Tycoon APK

Used Car Tycoon APK is an idle clicker, yet it can still be quite challenging to find the optimal ways for earning profit. Even though the tutorial will prove to be more than enough to get the hang of the game, we have still given some helpful tips below.

Utilize Flyers

Flyers in Used Car Tycoon APK increase the number of customers coming in at the moment temporarily. Customers will be coming in constantly whether you use the flyer or not, but your dealership will get quite busy every time you do use one.

The key point to keep in mind here is just to keep features like flyers in mind. Since the game offers a plethora of items to collect, customers to cater to, etc. This will lead you to forget or give no attention to small features like flyers, that can increase your revenue drastically.

Do Not Save Up

Despite Used Car Tycoon APK game being all about making money, the worst thing you can do is just save up. Just like any other Idle clicker game, you should try to spend all of your money on upgrades and new sources of income rather than simply amassing loads of cash.


If you are looking for an interesting and strategic idle clicker game, Used Car Tycoon APK is just the game for you. Since you cannot lose progress in idle clicker games, you can only gain more and more, finding the most efficient way to increase your revenue is what makes these games shine. Download Used Car Tycoon APK now and create the most successful used car dealership in existence!

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