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Compatible with Android 5.0+
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Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Music Video Studio
Google Play Link com.picslab.neon.editor

Mivi APK is a mobile video editor meant for creating high-quality music videos with the use of photos that are uploaded to the editor. Best for creating good stories!

Mivi APK: Best Music & Beat Video Maker

Social media has become a very important part of everyone’s lives. Just a few years ago, most social media platforms were used for communicating with friends and sharing memorable photos and videos in the form of posts, status videos/stories, etc. Another major reason was to consume content created by content creators for entertainment purposes. But recently, it seems like everyone and their mother have decided to start their own brand and create content.

A good reason for that is the amazing opportunities for earning decent revenue through content creation on social media platforms that users get. If you are interested in improving the quality of your content by a couple of notches, you have come to the right place as we have an amazing app that will do just that.

Mivi APK is a music video creation app that provides users with a number of handy editing tools. The app allows users to create videos by simply uploading photos from their galleries, adding the music track or beat in the background, and getting a high-quality status or story in no time.

Due to a large number of new content creators, generating original content of any form is all you need to impress your audience and gain a decent following very quickly. Mivi APK provides countless high-quality filters and other ways to further edit and personalize your video. We will look into these features in a little bit more detail later, but right now, let us get into how you can download and use Mivi APK.

How To Use Mivi APK 2024

  • Any user can download Mivi APK Latest version on their Android device for free from our website APKCima.
  • Clicking the Mivi APK Download button will cause your browser to ask for your permission to download the file.
  • It may warn you about the file, by saying that it can be harmful to your device, just ignore the warning and press download anyway as this file is just the Mivi APK free installation file and is fully safe.
  • Once the download is complete, search for the file in your File Manager. You can find it easily in the recently downloaded section.
  • After locating the file, run it to express installation.
  • If you have allowed installation from all Unknown Sources, the app will begin the installation. Otherwise, you will get yet another warning, this time by the Android package installer. This time you will have to allow the file to express installation from the settings.
  • Continue with the installation process and then launch Mivi APK.
  • Once you load in, you will be taken straight to the new presets that have been added, no registration required.
  • Choose a preset/filter that you want to use by tapping it.
  • You will get a closer look at the preset, and underneath it will be a button that says “Make Video”.
  • Clicking on the button will take you to your gallery, choose a photo from your gallery.
  • Mivi APK will automatically crop all background from the image you chose and fit the subject into the preset.
  • You can adjust the blur, music volume, and other small details.
  • Click export, choose your preferred social media app and you are good to go!

Integrated Features in Mivi APK

As mentioned earlier, Mivi APK has some pretty useful set of features that you can utilize. We have given the most used ones below with a little bit of detail.

Hundreds of Templates and Filters

The easiest way to make your music video through Mivi APK is by utilizing the templates/presets that the app provides. All presets are free, and new ones are added regularly. Mivi APK also offers filters, which work the same way as Snapchat or Instagram filters, but instead of you having to take a picture live, you can choose a photo on which they will be applied automatically.

Additional Editing Tools

Mivi APK also offers several useful editing tools that you can use to finish up your music video aside from the filters and presets. These include the addition of fully customizable text with over 100 different fonts anywhere on the screen, stickers or effects like lightening, flares, etc. Additionally, Mivi APK gives you a powerful blur tool that you can use to blur the background or any part of your chosen photo for that matter, to maximize your viewer’s focus on the subject.

Tips To Use Mivi APK

To make sure you get the best out of Mivi APK, we have given some tips below.

Choose the Right Music

Even if you find some really cool video effects in a template, if you do not get the right music to match, your video will not do well. You should try out different audios to test your video and make sure you get the perfect one that fits your video.

Use Text or Stickers

Giving your music video a touch of text or any sticker that is not too prominent will make sure your video does not seem bland. Always add some text here and there, but dont make it too prominent.

Blur the Background

As mentioned earlier, you can choose to blur the background of your videos. You should always blur the unnecessary parts of the frame to direct the viewer’s focus on the subject of your video. This ensures the viewer stays focused for the entire duration of the video.


If you are interested in improving your content on any social media drastically, you should use Mivi APK. With all the tools that Mivi APK provides, you can create high-quality content and in turn gain more followers in no time. Download Mivi APK for free right now and unlock your true video making potential!

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