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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 2.57 Gb
Category Action
Developer Gameloft SE
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Download Gangstar Vegas APK and enjoy access to the Gangstar Vegas APK and win intense fights to upgrade your equipment and enjoy the intense gameplay.

Description of Gangstar APK

Gangstar APK is an open-world action and adventure game anyone can play. You can freely do what you like in this game. This game combines the Grand Theft Auto series of Rockstars and the typical racing game, and players can explore the open world and fight enemies while they run away from the enemies' attack. Gangstar Vegas APK has a game environment similar to GTA V Roleplay, where you can interact with other players as you play.

Asides from that, you can take up quests and see your rankings making the game fun and competitive. You will experience an intense race as a notorious gangster who is being chased to bring down. Gangstar Vegas APK has mafia gameplay where you will help a character escape; players are free to choose the type of experience they want in the open-world game system. You can compete with other players with sophisticated weapons.

Gameloft SE developed and published this game. If you are familiar with game loft games, you will know that they don't do the regular. This game has many mouth-watering features. The developers have done a great job developing this game. Gangstar Vegas APK has over 100 million downloads on google play, which means it is widely accepted.

This game is developed for mature teens due to the rugged lifestyle and crime scenes; however, when you download this game, you will enjoy its gameplay and amazing graphics.

Gangstar Vegas APK Gameplay

Gangstar Vegas APK has a similar environment and gameplay to the GTA series game. The game environment is in Las Vegas, which is ancient and ern, with the bustling noise of casinos and underworld gangs.

At the beginning of the game, you will transform into Super Mafia Boss with many enemies who plan to destroy you. As a form of defense, you will participate in gunshots and chases. Asides from the normal enemies, you are a wanted individual in the community. You will experience a new life in this game.

As the Mafia boss, you will have followers who update you on things happening and others. Your aim is to rebuild and maintain your gang while trying to dominate the city. Anyone who betrays or disobeys you are killed to retain your title. This is super cool. Gangstar Vegas APK has a similar control to GTA, as you can use the D-pad or the controls on the touchscreen device. You can't go wrong with this game.

About Gangstar Vegas APK

Gangstar Vegas APK is the version of the original game APK, and this game version has many features to offer users who download it. For instance, players will enjoy and explore Gangstar Vegas APK while fighting and going off to robbing banks or laundering money in the bank to build their team.

Gangstar Vegas APK latest version has optimized features to offer users who love playing the game without complexity or obstruction. Join millions of players worldwide to download this game. Let's discuss some of its features as you read on.

Detailed features of Gangstar Vegas APK

Below are the interesting features players will enjoy in the game;

Unique Gameplay

Gangstar Vegas APK has an awesome and distinct gameplay. Although it is similar to the GTA series, it has an iota of entertainment and game freedoms for users. You can freely control your actions and receive prices. This is super fun

Nice Graphics

One of the many features that attract players to this game is the eye-catching graphics that suit the game. Gangstar Vegas APK has 3D content that gives off a realistic experience.

The in-game characters, movements, and activities are relatable, like in the real world. Download this game and see the beautiful graphics. Get the Gangstar Vegas APK download on our website for free.

Easy to navigate

Gangstar Vegas APK has simple controls that anyone can navigate daily, making it easy to use and play.

Arsenal of weapons

Remember that the Gangstar Vegas game has a gang theme, and hence as gangs, weapons are needed to stay on guard against enemies or to fight the enemies. This game provides users with a store full of weapons, grenades, launchers, and many more to prepare them against their enemies.

Engage in several missions

There are over 80 missions to engage players in this game, and each of the missions has its difficulties. However, these missions ensure that the game is not boring to players.


If you enjoy playing racing games or the popular GTA series, then you should consider this game. You will enjoy the beautiful graphics and gameplay. Join millions of players to download and explore Gangstar Vegas APK.

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