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Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Size 15M
Category Action
Developer Rockstar Games
Google Play Link com.rockstargames.gtasa
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Download GTA San Andreas APK to access GTA San Andreas APK unlimited money. This is an attractive open-world criminal game with unique gameplay.

Description of GTA San Andreas APK

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an Open World Game that engages players in action, criminal, and adventure gameplay. Unlike the other Grand Theft Auto Series, GTA San Andreas took place in San Andreas State. This game is the eighth version of the Grand Theft Auto Series which was released in 2004 only on PlayStation 2.

However, after some years, it was incorporated into the mobile platform. You can download the game on your Macbook, PC, and Mobile Devices, and ever since then, GTA San Andreas has gotten people's attention. The most exciting part of the game is that the story plot is based on actual life events in the past war between the Crips Gang and Bloods in 1992.

Rockstar Games Developed and Published this game with over downloads and users in Google play. The developers did a great job developing this game with a realistic story plot. But you have to buy the game before you can access it. To make the game experience easy without spending your real money, we came up with GTA San Andreas APK.

In this version, you don't have to purchase or use your money to play it. In addition, you will access GTA San Andreas APK 2023 on our website. We have updated and optimized all the game features in the GTA San Andreas APK Latest Version. Join other gamers to download this game.

Story plot

In 1987, C.J Carl Johnson, the main character Of the game, renounced his criminal life and left Los Santos after witnessing the murder of his brothers. Carl had just moved to Liberty City to start a new life, and everything was going well with him in the city. However, 5 years later, he heard about the death of his mother. She was brutally murdered, things were not going well in the family, and his friends weren't safe.

On a fateful day, he set out for his beloved mother's funeral but on his way, two police officers threatened to implicate him if he refused to do an illegal task they were involved in. He was intimidated and agreed to do the mission.

Carl became the Head of gangs in San Andreas, taking control of the street, engaging in illegal missions, and at the same time investigating his mother's murder. This situation brought back Carl's Old life as he had no choice but to succumb to the police officers.

Action Gameplay

GTA San Andreas APK gameplay is similar to other GTA game series. This game includes role-playing open, world game shooting, racing, noise, and many more. You will experience all the activities of gangsters hence giving you a realistic experience.

You have to complete all the missions you are given in the game to earn money, and if you download the GTA San Andreas APK, this is a bonus for you. You will have access to GTA San Andreas APK unlimited everything features. This way, you will spend your real money purchasing armor.

GTA San Andreas takes you to different locations on the map where you can kill people, steal cars, meet other gangs and even walk around the street. There will be lots of gunshots. However, you must be careful and not cause casualties as this might cause police intervention leading to a higher case that is unsuitable for you.

You can rob houses and hijack people's property. This is the kind of gameplay GTA San Andreas places you in. You can get the GTA San Andreas APK download here with no complex configurations.

Features of GTA San Andreas

Several Missions to Complete

When you are playing the GTA San Andreas game, you will engage in different tasks to open chapters and details into the story plot. The missions can take you from robbing a car to assassination or hijacking people's property. These missions make the game engaging, giving players a real-world feeling. Join other players worldwide to engage in these missions.

Simple Controls

GTA San Andreas controls are not difficult to use. You can use a PlayStation control pad or navigate through buttons on mobile devices.

Customization Features

Rockstar Games provides players with a well-detailed car customization feature. Players can conveniently change their car color, body quality frame, and other decorative items. This will make it distinct and show off your creative skills. You can customize your car to your preference in performing different missions.

In addition to the customization, feature players can customize their characters with different outfits portraying a gangster lifestyle.

Awesome Graphics and Sound Effect

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has realistic 3D graphics immersing players in a realistic experience. The graphics and characters are sharp, showing full details of everything in the game.

On the other hand, GTA San Andreas has an excellent sound quality that immerses players in the gameplay.  There are a lot of songs in the game's soundtrack.


If you enjoyed the GTA San Andreas PlayStation 2, you could as well enjoy it on your mobile devices. Download GTA San Andreas APK for Android and get immersed in this awesome gameplay.

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