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Soul Knight APK is a love letter to the classic dungeon crawling games. Soul Knight APK download is a challenge for gamers who want to test themselves.

Soul Knight APK: An Excellent Homage To The Classic Video-Game Era

Soul Knight APK free is a different take on the dungeon crawling and bullet hell genre of video games. Containing classic elements like pixelated graphics, a wide range of characters to choose from, and formidable bosses that require strategic planning to defeat.

Soul Knight APK latest version has a story mode too, but the plot itself may seem incohesive, but that doesn’t mean it's bad. You don’t have to take it seriously; just go with the flow narrative-wise.

Soul Knight APK also has a ton of characters to choose from. The game balances out difficulty with many abilities unique to each character and a whopping 365 weapons. You’ll need to figure out the best combination to clear specific dungeons.

Soul Knight APK: Story Background

The story of Soul Knight APK, while not generic, isn’t groundbreaking either. The emphasis is more on the gameplay than the narrative. We have a unique artifact that supposedly maintains the balance of the world called the magic stone and it's taken by aliens, which kicks off the story.

After this backstory is explained, things are made simple. Kill the aliens and return the magical stone to where it belongs so the world can function normally again.

How to Play Soul Knight APK?

  1. The game isn’t complicated to run on your console, phone, or PC. After the download and installation process is finished, you can start playing immediately, and it doesn’t require an internet connection.
  2. Soul Knight APK has a hub where you can purchase items, unlock special characters and weapons using in-game currency, and craft unique armor sets. A few characters and weapons are unlocked through microtransactions, but not the majority.
  3. The game has random dungeons that are procedurally generated as you navigate around the place. Every gameplay experience will be unique, and often the enemies you face further down will be the first you face when you play again.
  4. We have to avoid enemy fire and rain down bullets and melee attacks on them to slay as many as we can. The game is tough but not impossible to beat, so simultaneously dodging and firing our weapon is the key to surviving and clearing dungeons.

Exciting Features to Lookout For In Soul Knight APK

Soul Knight APK has a lot going for it. Despite the simple gameplay mechanics, it has a lot of depth, and the level of detail in the game design is outstanding; we will highlight some of the best features we came across during our time with the game.

Class-Based Characters

When we start the game, we are given the default character as our playable hero. But there are plenty of other characters, each with their unique play style, character class, and abilities. My favorite was the assassin, and the alchemist, as their abilities made the game a breeze.

By playing the game, you can unlock most characters by amassing gems which are the in-game currency. Some more overpowered characters, like the Paladin and the Werewolf, are hidden behind actual paywalls, but they’re well worth it if you’ve got money to spare.

Strategic Gameplay

In Soul Knight APK the enemies aren’t the only things that can overwhelm you, as the environment can also trap you. Before entering and attempting to clear a dungeon room, you must plan your attacks.

Watching your health and armor is crucial, and barging into large groups of enemies to take them all out at once will only lead to frustration. Strategic planning is required to clear dungeons successfully.

Beautiful Pixel Art Style

Soul Knight APK has a colorfully vibrant aesthetic mixed in perfectly with the pixel art style, giving the game a modern yet retro vibe. Each character’s design is beautifully showcased, and the animations for the character’s abilities feel smooth and vivid.

The dungeons themselves and the enemy designs also feel vibrant. There’s a feeling of liveliness during gameplay, making the game world look like it isn’t static, but there’s always something happening around every corner.


Soul Knight APK embodies the replayability aspect of video games sublimely. The game randomizes dungeons and mixes up the gameplay aspect to truly make for a unique experience every time the game is played.

The multiple characters and their unique abilities are also a great incentive for replaying the game. Not only that but there are hidden secrets that can only be obtained if your character is fully leveled up.

Useful Tips for Playing Soul Knight APK

The dungeon crawling shooting games are highly addictive but aren’t a cakewalk. We’ve got some tips for you to get better at the game.

Stick With One Character in the Beginning

If you’re new to the game, you can be tempted to farm for gems and unlock all available characters early on. We advise against doing that until you’ve beaten the game a few times.

The main reason for sticking to one character early on is to get used to their playstyle and abilities. Once you’ve gotten a feel for the gameplay, you can experiment, but not before you get an idea of the difficulty ahead of you during your initial playthrough.

Statues, Boxes, & Crystals In Dungeons

You will come across several boxes, crystals, and statues in between dungeons. The boxes and crystals hide secret weapons, so always destroy them.

Statues grant buffs that will remain with you for the rest of the dungeon. The boost to your stats will help in surviving the tougher dungeon fights.

Keep Melee Weapons On Hand

While the projectile weapons will always be your primary combat tool, the melee weapons hit like a truck too. Also, the melee weapons don’t require a cooldown, so switch to them immediately when your gun stops firing, so continue to whack your enemies.

Final Thoughts

The Soul Knight APK is a fantastic game that will captivate players with its addictive gameplay, a wide variety of weapons, and gorgeous art style. The game deserves all its hype, and I highly recommend checking it out.

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