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Outerplane APK 1.2.18



Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 187.18 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer Smilegate Holdings, Inc
Google Play Link com.smilegate.outerplane.stove.google

Fulfill your anime power fantasy and unleash your imagination to defeat powerful enemies in OUTERPLANE APK. The game is an anime enthusiast's heaven.

OUTERPLANE APK: The Perfect Anime Game

OUTERPLANE APK download is the otaku culture wish fulfillment fantasy and the ideal anime-themed game that will blow your mind. The players experience the journey of an Issekai anime, where the (seemingly) unremarkable protagonist is summoned to another world with fantasy elements. Of course, no Issekai anime is complete without the main character thrust into the middle of a world-ending conflict. In OUTERPLANE APK for Android, it's the same way.

The game isn't a full product (yet), and it's in the early development stages, but it's more polished than most AAA titles in the gaming industry. Players are shown the introductory plot threads where the summoned protagonist must rise to the occasion to thwart the darkness and its evil minions. Saving the world is no easy task, however, as the game requires a lot of training and developing skill combination combos to perfect his team synergy.

The main character isn't overpowered; he must put in the work and train alongside his loyal companions. The ladies that join our hero on his quest in OUTER PLANE APK latest version are not only beautifully designed but have unique and individual personalities that make them stand apart from one another.

The gameplay of OUTERPLANE APK comprises turn-based combat sequences, and players must critically choose their team's actions, as any screw-up will lead to defeat. The game may look easy, but it's got surprising depth, and if players aren't careful, they will find out the hard way how punishing it can be for unprepared players. The gacha mechanics are fully embraced, meaning you're in for the long haul if you want to complete the roster and have every character in the game.

Background Story: OUTERPLANE APK

The story of OUTERPLANE APK isn't winning any awards for originality. However, we still found it to be a serviceable plot. The main narrative beats follow a typical anime Issekai fantasy anime, where the main character, through the hand of fate, gets plucked out of his everyday otaku lifestyle from contemporary Japan and is transported into a fantasy world.

From the expositional dialogue, players learn that the protagonist's summoning was due to him being the chosen one of their world's prophecy. Now, we must control the hero and aim to fulfill his destiny with a slew of archetype heroines ready to accompany him. Each female companion has unique skills and character-specific traits, quirky personalities, and story arcs that must be undertaken to recruit them. So, that's the story of OUTERPLANE APK in a nutshell.


  1. OUTERPLANE APK is playable from the get-go; you only need to download and install it on your device. Ensure room for updates and enough memory space for the base game to run smoothly. There aren't any lag or freezing issues, as the game's graphics demand a decent device, not a completely low-end one.
  2. Once you've entered the necessary details and signed up for OUTERPLANE APK, you can play the game immediately. The gameplay is straightforward since the control configuration is designed specifically for Android devices. Most actions take only a singular tap to execute, and the responsiveness of the attacks is wonderfully quick.
  3. OUTERPLANE APK enables players to roll for new heroines using the gacha-style mechanics regularly. Players must be highly dedicated and patient to build their team roster and grind the perfect team combination to advanced levels or fork over cash to buy and upgrade without grinding. Players must also pay attention to the attributes of every attack and how each enemy type requires the appropriate elemental attack to conquer quickly.
  4. OUTERPLANE APK has many events that reward players for completing challenges and performing specific attacks. The events are constantly in a loop, so even if you miss out on one, there can be others that you can join and play to earn extra rewards.

Exciting Features Of OUTERPLANE APK To Lookout For

OUTERPLANE APK has exciting and unique features; we can't wait to discuss them.

Beautiful Anime Ladies

The main appeal of OUTERPLANE APK is its vast cast of side characters and companions that will join the protagonist. The game's aesthetic of anime heroines is top-notch and superb, the gorgeous ladies not only have distinct personalities and apparel that you'll gawk at more than you'd like to admit, but their powerful attacks are also visually stunning.

Gripping Turn-Based Battles

Another very addictive aspect of the gameplay of OUTERPLANE APK is the combat encounter format. Each boss battle not only feels like a challenge, but the turn-based battles require careful strategic attacks to kite the fierce enemies' health bar. The game won't hold your hand in combat, so you'll have to learn through trial-and-error experimentation to see which attack combination works best.

Helpful Tips For Playing OUTERPLANE APK

We've got you covered if you're struggling with OUTERPLANE APK and need a hand.

Look For Quests

If you need help with what to do in OUTERPLANE APK, look for the guild quests and other specific boss-hunting requests. The reward for completing either of the two types of quests is well worth it, and you'll also have strong enemies to test your skills leading up to the boss fights.

Participate In Events

Another way to earn rewards without going through the hassle of quests is to participate in the vents of OUTERPLANE APK. The events are seasonal and sometimes even regularly updated with monthly or occasionally weekly activities for players to complete. You can unlock new characters simply by participating, not necessarily completing all the outlined quests.

Final Thoughts

OUTERPLANE APK is a fun and gorgeous-looking game that players mustn't sleep out on. We highly recommend checking it out.

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