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Rope Hero Vice Town APK 6.7.4



Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 137.86 Mb
Category Action
Developer Naxeex Ltd
Google Play Link com.mgc.RopeHero.ViceTown

Download Rope Hero Vice Town to enjoy playing the game as a blue ninja. Takes part in combat and protect your town from attacks as you fight for justice.

Brief Introduction of Rope Hero Vice Town

Rope Hero Vice Town is a mobile game application that is free to install, offered by Naxeex Ltd and released in Jun 2016. The game leads those interested in becoming a superhero on the right path. You will experience action when you get into the character of the Blue Superhero. Prepare for the adventure to come, as you will be in charge of protecting millions of individuals. To get the Rope Hero Vice Town, download the game on your Android and iOS mobile devices.

Game Description of Rope Hero Vice Town APK

If you are one of those who enjoy superhero actions, then you will enjoy the action game. This introduces you to the blue hero since that will be your primary character. This action game is not realistic, but it was designed to help players beat boredom and engage in battle. You will be presented with the opportunity to fight and protect your city from enemies.

The Blue Ninja is also referred to as the rope man. You will go on epic adventures in the city, where you protect the citizens from the dangerous mobs. These criminals roam the street to corrupt the authorities and cause chaos.

When you engage in combats, use your rope abilities to fly around from city to town. You can unlock fresh powers during the game, depending on your level and progress. Engage the stories in the in-game for a better gaming experience and entertainment. Do not rush as you play, and you can discover every part of the city little by little.

Rope Hero Vice Town Gameplay

Explore your rope power in Rope Hero Vice Town APK. Fire your rope anywhere you desire and attach a selected target for extra fun. As you swing your rope, you can fly across the city and fire rope shots at the enemies. Asides from your adventures as a rope hero, you can try unlocking incredible powers that boost your strength and power.

The gameplay is simple, and it is set in this chaotic city that is engulfed in crimes. In this city, the crime of those mobs and criminals overshadows the peace and order on the land. As the hero, you must take on quests to rid the town of menace.

Combat with the enemies at different times and places. Go on adventures and experience different feelings. As you advance, unlock new weapons and powers for fighting, defense, and capability. Go into the open world and enjoy the Rope Hero Town APK Android game.

Features of Rope Hero Vice Town APK

Let us examine the fantastic features of Rope Hero Vice Town:

Employ Superpowers

You will begin Rope Hero Vice Town APK with a little money and gems with one superpower, which is your rope power. Learn how to use and apply it in different situations. Also, you can unlock other powers that give you the strength needed to come out strong and victorious. The new capabilities will help you maintain resilience and give you a good stance when you fight.

Mega jumps are present in the game, and this helps you travel miles farther by making a single jump. Unlock many other interesting powers and features. You could unlock ladings that send shockwaves to enemies nearby. When you have acquired these powers, endeavor to make upgrades and boost your powers.

Get Rid of Crimes

Your city can be great again if you make use of your powers properly. Fight the mobs and criminal gangs to restore peace and stability. As you engage in various challenges and missions, try eliminating as many enemies as possible.

You must unlock new adventures and follow the storyline to avoid being driven away from your goal. After defeating the city’s enemies, you will gain fame and prestige from the people. It would be best if you also unlocked challenges with the difficulty level. You can never be bored with this game.

Go on Quests With Exciting Cars

For exciting gameplay, you can roam the city in various vehicles. Every vehicle in Rope Hero Vice Town APK has unique abilities. You can ride your bikes or drive around the city for fun. You could also use the armour tanks when you go on battles and the helicopter to explore the city above the air.

Explore The City

For a better experience in Rope Hero Vice Town APK, explore the city through unlocked adventures. Instead of using your time on missions, this game version helps you explore the city at your convenience. Play with the vehicles provided and try out stunts with the gadgets given. Gather loot so you can get exciting prizes and engage in a shooting game if you do not want to be a hero anymore.

Final Thoughts

Rope Hero Vice Town APK download is available to players on this site. Enjoy the city and the gameplay. Try out in-game actions to improve yourself as you play. Save the city from crime and become its hero. Use vehicles or gadgets to roam and explore the city in your own time when you get the Rope Hero Town APK latest version.

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