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Price Free
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Size 32.7 MB
Category Action
Developer BLUE GNC Inc.
Google Play Link com.bluegnc.AOSBTEAM

Download Anger of Stick 4 to role-play and pick up strong heroes. Level up in the game, reinforce your character, explore various team modes, and have fun playing.

Brief Introduction of Anger of Stick 4 APK

Anger of Stick 4 is a free-to-install mobile game application offered by BLUE GNC Inc. and launched in January 2015. This is a role-playing game whereby you have to survive in a ruined city. A lot of RPG players love the game as it is fascinating. Anger of Stick 4 APK was designed out of inspiration from other games of a similar genre. The game has exciting features that make it more attractive to players. Get the game on iOS and Android to enjoy a great gaming experience.

Anger of Stick 4 Game Description

Regardless of the season, action games dominate the gaming industry, and they have been a significant genre enjoyed by players. If you are up for some combat game with funny character images, Anger of Stick 4 is your best shot. The game is fun and exciting; you will find yourself spending hours playing the game.

You will fight using deadly weapons and skills when you get on the Anger of Stick 4. You can employ robots and helicopters to cause some damage to your enemies. Your character will be of assistance to the stickman so that his enemies can be defeated and the world can be saved from the evil zombies.

Those who have been following the series can attest to the fact that the Anger of Stick series is quite entertaining. You will be given about 9 unique and formidable heroes, and your heroes can be upgraded using the Experience system. Bringing down your oppressors is not as easy as it seems. It would be best if you went forward and downwards the road and the bridge to achieve this.

Anger of Stick 4 APK Gameplay

The game’s gameplay is straightforward, and you can explore it using the virtual key you will find on the touchscreen. The keys have been arranged in a way you will understand. This is one of the best features of the game because the keys take only a small portion of the screen, unlike some other games. Since it covers only a small portion, you can explore the game and enjoy the action on your screen without interruption.

On the screen’s left side, you will find the right, left, up, and down joysticks arranged neatly. While on the screen’s right side, skills buttons sit beautifully. With this arrangement, you can easily play the game. Mastering the mechanism and scoring high will be made easy for you.

Your aim in the game is to make your character- stickman, survive in the city named ruins. You have to make timely decisions to achieve your goal. Each of your heroes possesses unique weapons and skills that can be explored and adequately utilized.

Features of Anger of Stick 4 APK

Here are the notable features of Anger of Stick 4:

Gather Weapons and Heroes in Anger of Stick 4 APK

The game allows players to gather nine heroes that possess various skills. Some heroes include Warrior’s type, Shotgun, Robot, Machine, Gun, Sword, and Kungfu. You can arrange your squads according to the heroes.

Also, you can gather various weapons to make a selection when you want to play the game. Anger of Stick 4 APK will present you with so many enemies to deal with. The enemies offered to you will make the game more interesting and exciting. You can enjoy the game using a friend’s account if you cannot access yours.

Keep your eye on the game to enjoy the style and the slash made on the screen from fighting. Over 600 stages are present in the game. This is to challenge your skills and make you better.

Anger of Stickman 4 Game Modes

Three game modes are present in the game, and you can choose anyone you like to begin the game.

You can start the game with the Survival mode, where you fight for the citizens in the city. This mode is normal, and you play as the hero who protects the people from their enemies. Fight against enemies using expert martial arts and be vigilant because your opponents are intelligent.

Another game mode is the Doodle Runner, where you can run for an extended period. While running, you must take note of the traps set on the road and avoid them.

That last game mode is the Jump Jump, where you must keep jumping. Try as much as possible to jump so high that when you fall, your enemies will be defeated. Your fall and defeat have to happen simultaneously.

Anger of Stick 4 APK Graphics and Sounds

The game designs are unique, and the funny animation suits its theme. You will find the visuals exciting, especially during the action. The game developer ensured that players got a soothing feeling when they launched the game. It can fit in devices with high and low profiles. The game weapons vary. You will find primitive and modern weapons.

Anger of Stick 4 does not have a significant soundtrack that can be enjoyed by players. You will only notice a sound effect from the action, like clings from knives and bangs from other weapons. Overall, the sounds bring life to the gameplay.

Final Thoughts on Anger of Stick 4 APK

As the fourth part of the Anger of Stick series, the game has specific improvements that bring you a breathtaking experience. Entertain yourself during leisure, relieve stress, and relax through the game.

Anger of Stick 4 APK download is available and free on this site. Every free feature is available on the game. However, to access all the amazing features you need to purchase from the original authors.

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