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True Skate Mod APK 1.5.54 (All skateparks unlocked)



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Size 78.60 Mb
Category Sports
Developer True Axis
Google Play Link com.trueaxis.trueskate
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MOD Features
  • Unlimited Money

Download True Skate APK and unleash your inner skater in this exciting game. Break through all the restriction with the True Skate MOD APK with everything unlocked and unlimited money.

True Skate APK Overview

True Skate APK is among the most downloaded and popular skating games. You skate your way through various areas, each having its own obstacles and different levels of difficulty. All you need is your skateboard, and you are ready to perform the most dangerous stunts.

To gain speed just push down and pierce through the air! True Skate APK features beautiful graphics alongside realistic physics that bring the game even closer to reality. Skate through different levels and have fun-filled moments in the special skate park.

When you really get a hang of it, the game keeps rewarding you with gorgeous new skateboards, new areas, and even tricks that no one other than you can perform!

True Skate MOD APK Gameplay

Playing True Skate MOD APK is without a doubt, an incredible and immersive experience. In addition to the fun skateparks, and skateboards, you are able to customize your skating styles and add more variety to the game.

Realistic physics – It is almost unbelievable that how accurate the physics is in True Skate MOD APK. If you skate in real-life, then you are highly likely to notice this authenticity as you perform various tricks and stunts. Moreover, your real-life experience will also help you verify that this game is far too realistic compared to all the other skateboarding games, in terms of physics and movements. On the other hand, if you are not a real-life skateboarder, you will learn a lot about skateboarding through this game.

Immersive Gameplay – Physics isn’t the only thing that True Skate MOD APK has mastered. The graphics in the game are very realistic and a result of hard work by developers. The control system also makes it even better. For instance, you can accelerate your skateboard by swiping on the screen to keep the skateboard going. There are customization options available that let you modify your skateboard and add components to upgrade it. Therefore, if your skateboard isn’t performing well on a certain terrain, you need to consider adding some gears.

Exciting Challenges – True Skate MOD APK is lightweight yet it comes packing with a thrilling campaign mode which has endless skateboarding missions and challenges. Every time you make progress and unlock a new skate park, you unlock even more content. Finishing off various challenges gets you rewards that can be anything from gears and accessories to boosts for your skateboard.

Realistic Sounds – From skating to accelerations, brakes, and even taking turns, all sounds are super realistic. You will be able to listen to your wheels roll and change sound based on the terrain you are skating on. Every time you perform a flip or a stunt, you will hear the sounds as you would hear them in real life.

Realistic 3D Graphics – True Skate MOD APK features highly realistic 3D graphics that deliver the complete skateboarding experience. The parks, skateboard, art style, and elements are all authentic and you will find most of them in any real-life skateboard park you will visit.

True Skate MOD APK All Skateparks Unlocked

True Skate MOD APK comes with all skateparks unlocked – you can conquer all the dangerous locations and railings. There are numerous large parks that have everything a true skater can ever dream off.

You can find the basic flat and little obstacles as well, if you want to practice a few times before hitting the professional terrains. The different environments have varying heights and characteristics.

The elements are fully exploitable, so you can perform thrilling stunts in these skateparks. In addition to the primary environment, you will have access to all the parks that are offered in the purchased version.

However, in the True Skate MOD APK, all those skateparks and environments are already unlocked for you. You don’t have to spend a single penny on accessing anything!

Compete with Skaters in True Skate MOD APK Everything Unlocked

Yes, all the premium features are unlocked in True Skate MOD APK and you can also show off your new skills and skateboards to people from around the world. The leaderboard feature is also available. That is to say, you will be competing against True Skate players from around the world.

Moreover, the game allows you to see how others perform and you can compare your skills with them and see if you have what it takes to beat them and take the #1 spot on the leaderboard.

Skate Free in True Skate APK All Maps

When you download and run the game you are introduced a beautiful skatepark that has various rails, ledges, and staircases for you to practice on. However, in True Skate MOD APK, all maps are unlocked. Therefore, if you are looking for an even more difficult challenge, you have to wait no longer. Just access all the skate parks the game has to offer.

True Skate APK Full Unlocked

True Skate play store version requires payments for you to access parks, skateboards, and other features. However, in True Skate APK full unlocked – everything is unlocked! Even the hidden features in the game are accessible right from the moment you turn on the game.

There are countless skateboards, all missions are available for you to play, hundreds of skateparks, and even more awesome skateboard customizations for you to choose from.

Final Thoughts – True Skate MOD APK Download

With unbelievably realistic physics and highly immersive gameplay, True Skate MOD APK takes you on a skater’s journey in becoming the best of the best. Thanks to the MOD version, you don’t have to wait out on all the goodies.

Everything is already unlocked, with all the skateboards, parks, and of course all the maps. If that is still not enough, the True Skate MOD APK download also offers you unlimited money. So what are you waiting for? Grab your skateboard and start skating!

Download True Skate [78.60 Mb]
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