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Compatible with Android 5.1+
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Developer NEXON Company
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FIFA Nexon APK brings the thrill of professional Football to your Android device. Recruit players, manage your team, play against real players, and rise to the top!

FIFA Nexon APK: Experience Real Football On Your Phone

Since the Football World cup that took place recently, Football video games have had a huge spike in their popularity. Other than the famous Triple-A Football titles, in the mobile gaming community, FIFA Nexon APK has been becoming more and more popular exponentially.

FIFA Nexon APK brings the real thrill of football to your Android device with its stunning visuals. The players are given the opportunity to create their own teams and recruit different players. The players in a way have to act as the coach as they have to manage their team and collect different in-game items to improve it. You can create your own Team name and even invest some real time on a sick logo.

FIFA Nexon APK offers a set of Multiplayer game modes creating a competitive environment. These game modes include ranked matches, tournaments, quick matches, etc. You can choose a game mode depending on the amount of time you want to spend playing FIFA Nexon during a session.

How To Play FIFA Nexon APK

  • Look for the free FIFA Nexon APK download link on our trusted website; APKCima.
  • Clicking this link will prompt the download of the FIFA Nexon APK Android installation file to start.
  • Now that the file is downloading, go into your settings and scroll down till you reach the security section. Open it and allow the option to express installation from Unknown Sources.
  • In case you have used and dealt with APKs on your current Android device before, you can skip this last step as you will have already done it before.
  • Once the FIFA Nexon installation file is downloaded, open the file manager application on your Android device and find the file you just downloaded. You can find it in the recently downloaded section.
  • Now run the installation file and complete the installation process to finish off.
  • Launch FIFA Nexon APK and create an account. You can do so using your email or just using a Google or Facebook account.
  • Once you are logged in, start creating your team by setting a name, and a logo, and choosing players for your team. There is a huge player roster in FIFA Nexon that you can choose from.
  • Now choose a game mode to play and get into your first match.

Features Of FIFA Nexon APK To Lookout For

FIFA Nexon APK is more enjoyable than most other mobile football games. This is because of its amazing features. Here are some of the features that make FIFA Nexon APK stand out.

Stunning Visuals and Gameplay

FIFA Nexon APK has the most realistic football gameplay creating an engaging experience for the player. This is thanks to the well-made physics engine that FIFA Nexon APK runs on. It additionally has realistic graphics and visuals as well as amazing sound quality which all really accumulate to give a very satisfying and engaging experience.

Various Game Modes

FIFA Nexon APK offers various game modes for the players to choose from. These include league matches, quick matches, and tournaments. Tournaments allow the players to take part in a set of matches, giving the players more and more rewards as they win more games in the specific tournament they are taking part in. League matches are essentially this game’s Ranked queue, with various ranks referred to as “Divisions”. These have skill-based matchmaking. And lastly, quick matches are just short games you can play with nothing on the line. This is the game’s Casual queue.

Customize Your Team

The players have full control over their team in FIFA Nexon APK. From choosing renowned football players in real life to join and assigning them a position to play to choosing a name for their team or football club and a logo to go with it. Additionally, players can collect in-game items as they progress like “Player Cards” or temporary “Skill Boosts” to improve their performance. Most of these you can obtain by taking part in events and designated game modes, or purchasing them from the transfer market.

Tips To Play FIFA Nexon APK

Players who are relatively newer to football mobile games or just football games, in general, may have a hard time getting a good grasp on the game. To help those players and all other ones as well, we have given some helpful tips which will potentially improve your gameplay.

Choose High Chemistry Players

When you are choosing players to recruit for creating your team, make sure to choose players that have a high chemistry rating together. This will ensure your team’s performance as they will complement each other's play styles. This will increase your chances of winning drastically.

Develop Your Team

As mentioned earlier, you can use items to improve the individual stats of players in your team. Accumulate skill boosts and use them before your ranked games to ensure your team is more effective during the game. Train the players as well to improve their skills and their overall rating.

Practice Your Set Plays

Set plays like corners and free-kicks etc are a very important part of football as any football fan would know. They are just as important in FIFA Nexon APK. If you can master your aim on each set play and learn how to shoot properly, you can increase your chances of winning exponentially. Make sure to use the right player for each set play, as not every player can do each set play well.


If you are a die-hard football fan, and you love playing football games in your free time, FIFA Nexon APK is just the game for you. Its graphics and gameplay will give you quite an engaging and fun experience. It is also quite a competitive game, so make sure to take breaks if you lose too many games in a row! Download FIFA Nexon APK now and enjoy the beautiful and thrilling football experience that no other mobile game can give!

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