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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Size 149.32 Mb
Category Racing
Developer TDMgame
Google Play Link com.TDMgame.AsianDragChampion

Experience the thrill of Asian 2-wheel drag racing in Asian Drag Champion APK. Choose from a huge catalog of vehicles, buy upgrades and take on real players.

Introduction To Asian Drag Champion APK

Racing games have suddenly gained a large amount of attraction recently. This is partially due to people looking for a fun yet quality racing game to play on a mobile device instead of a gaming console. Asian Drag Champion APK is one of these racing games that has suddenly gained popularity.

Asian Drag Champion APK is about Asian drag racing as expected, but not of cars, but instead of 2 wheeled bikes and motorbikes. The game has super vibrant and vivid colors that make it feel addictive to just look at. The game lets you choose from a variety of different bikes or 2 wheeled vehicles to choose from for the races. Each vehicle has its respective pros and cons, some better than others. And some are on a whole other level and create what's called a “meta” for the game as in video game terminology.

Aside from the catalog Asian Drag Champion APK also features several car parts for improvements. These things can prove exceptionally helpful especially when you do not have enough funds to buy a new ride, but you really want to win a race or two. It has a very detailed control system and can be mastered completely. If you get the right start, the outcome of the race can be decided in a second!

How To Play Asian Drag Champion APK

  • You can play Asian Drag Champion APK on practically any Android device that has enough space.
  • We have given the Asian Drag Champion APK download button below.
  • Simply scroll down and tap the download button.
  • Your browser will ask you whether you really want to download this file since it is from a third-party source and could be harmful to your device.
  • Just tap download anyway, as the download link contains nothing but the Asian Drag Champion APK Android installation file.
  • Once the installation file is completed, go to your file manager app on your Android device and search for the file you just downloaded.
  • It can be found easily in the recently downloaded files.
  • Tap the installed file to begin its installation.
  • This file will only continue with its installation process if you have turned the “install from unknown sources” option on from the security section in the settings.
  • Anyhow, just continue on with the installation procedure and once it is complete, launch the Asian Drag Champion APK game.
  • Load in and you will see 4 options in the main menu; Battle Race challenge, wheelie training, Online battle, and friends battle.
  • Before starting, head on over to your garage and choose a bike.
  • Choose your bike and start your first race.
  • Use the on-screen controls to move and control your motorbike.
  • Make sure you do not slip and destroy your brain while yo are at it!
  • Learn your opponent’s habits and then counter them accordingly!
  • As you progress, you will earn money and will be able to afford better vehicles to win harder races.


Interesting Features in Asian Drag Champion APK

Here are some of Asian Drag Champion APK’s features that stand out from other racing games available in the market.

Solid Game Mechanics

As mentioned earlier, racing games have recently been on the rise. This has given rise to many racing games that are really poorly made. Asian Drag Champion APK however features extremely smooth mechanics both in its User Interface and its race mechanics.

Huge Catalog of Vehicles

Asian Drag Champion APK offers a lot of vehicles to choose from when heading into a race. All of them will not be unlocked right at the start, but of course, you can unlock them as you progress. Additionally, the game also features several upgrades on each vehicle that can boost the performance of your current vehicle drastically!


Tips To Play Asian Drag Champion APK

To help relatively new players get the hang of Asian Drag Champion APK as soon as possible and start actually enjoying the game, we have given some tips below.

Master Burnout Timings

Just like the real drag races you are used to watching, Asian Drag Champion APK also relies heavily on the start of the race. Whichever player gets a better burnout and gains some distance right at the start, is obviously in a huge advantage place. Therefore, this makes the start of each race; the burnout at the start, is super important, and you should focus on it more than any part of the game.

Bonus Style Points

In Asian Drag Champion APK, the winner of a race is determined from 3 main factors. Time, speed, and style points. Time and speed are things that are essential to progress to make in this game. Style points also known as wheelie points are gained by doing wheelies during a race. Learn and master wheelies to not only look cool, but also gain another reason to be crowned the winner!


Racing has become a major part of the video game community for sure. But games like Asian Drag Champion APK are the only ones that truly show you the thrill of Asian Drag racing! Win races to make money, buy new parts for your current bike, or buy a new bike to complete. Races depend heavily on the opponents so make sure to use the appropriate bike for said occasion. If you happen to be a fan of drag racing games or just a motorcycle lover, Asian Drag Champion APK is perfect for you. Enjoy a realistic 2-wheel drag race experience with a huge catalog of bikes as well as upgrades and helpful components.

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