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Vegas Crime Simulator APK 6.4.3



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 137.41 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Naxeex Action & RPG Games
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Saints Row 4 zaniness meets GTA 5 gameplay meets GTA Vice City atmosphere in Vegas Crime Simulator APK. The gameplay in Vegas Crime Simulator balances out perfectly.

Introduction to Vegas Crime Simulator APK

If you’ve played GTA 5 and are still craving something with a similar vibe, then Vegas Crime Simulator APK Android might be for you. You can download the game right here and get started with some real crime fighting action!

How to Play Vegas Crime Simulator APK

  1. After downloading the game, you jump into the action right away. The game doesn’t hold back the violence, and you can start offing people left and right; just be mindful of the police catching you in the act.
  2.  In Vegas Crime Simulator APK free, you play as the unnamed main character who is part of a criminal syndicate. The game nudges the players into a sandbox experience where they can free-roam and cause havoc everywhere, just like the game it took inspiration from.
  3. Whether commandeering a vehicle you fancy by shooting the driver and taking it for a joyride or robbing a store for cash; you can do all of it and so much more. With the latest updates, the new features have only doubled the fun factor with amazing things like superpowers and high-tech weaponry.

Exciting Features to Lookout For In Vegas Crime Simulator APK

The Vegas Crime Simulator APK is jam-packed with really awesome features. We’ve highlighted a bunch of them that stood out from the rest.

Gang Warfare

In Vegas Crime Simulator APK, we become a gangster who slowly rises to power. There are tons of places to explore and enemies to kill, and this is done through a feature of gang warfare.

Basically, you kill rival gangs and take over their territory, making your reputation rise within the criminal ranks. The more you take over, the more enemies you earn as well, so you have to defend your territory too.

Super Powers

As if being a protagonist wasn’t enough, Vegas Crime Simulator APK also includes superpowers. These powers completely change the way you go about the huge map by adding the ability of flight or metallic skin, which protects you from most types of damage.

There’s also the superkick power that allows you to swat away your enemies or heavy objects like flies, and it also gives you breathing room if you’re surrounded by enemies. Another power is the inclusion of landing, which negates fall damage.

Range of Sci-fi Elements and Weaponry

The choices of weapons in the Vegas Crime Simulator APK are astounding. From traditional powerful firearms like rocket launchers, and heavy machine guns, to unique ones like gravity guns, impulse rifles, and dance guns, you won’t ever feel repetitiveness.

Another way the game differentiates itself from others in the genre is the inclusion of mech suits and spaceships. Science fiction elements are also present within the game, like aliens and secret UFO spots.

A Great Quest & Reward System

Despite having a short file size, Vegas Crime Simulator APK has been programmed to contain a great system of quests. The quests are opened up as you explore the map and open up new areas, and they point you in the direction of the objectives.

The rewards for completing these quests are also an excellent feature worth mentioning. Cash rewards are mostly given, but there is a complete reputation system as well. Each faction’s points are increased or decreased depending on your actions during missions and free-roam gameplay.

Customize Clothing and Accessories for Your Character

Last but certainly not least, you should save up for those neat attires that are featured in Vegas Crime Simulator APK. There’s no shortage of options for you to choose from; whether you want to make your character dress like a don or a complete troll, it’s all up to you.

Make sure to use that reward money from missions wisely. It’s important to look cool, but remember to go for those clothes and accessories that grant you special bonuses.

Useful Tips For Winning At Vegas Crime Simulator APK

With so much to do and so many things to discover, players are bound to feel overwhelmed. Here are a bunch of tips for getting good at the Vegas Crime Simulator APK.

Focus on Completing Missions

It might be tempting to go on a rampage all around the game map, but if you want to succeed early on, it’s important to prioritize missions before anything else. The rewards you receive will ensure you have the cash reserve to purchase those expensive clothes, cars, and weapons.

Mix and Match Your Playstyle

There isn’t just one way to go about a mission. You can complete the mission the same way as the majority, which is guns blazing, or you can be tactical in your approach and plan out your mission.

The latter approach will not only help you get good at missions that require stealth but also give you serious bragging rights.

Experiment With Adding Skill Points in Different Categories.

The Vegas Crime Simulator APK also has skills for your character that you can improve by allocating points to them. The skills are quite diverse and will improve your character’s performance if you invest in their respective slots.

Skills such as weapon aiming, motor handling, physical strength, and stamina will make your character stronger and help you survive enemy attacks. Using points in the different categories will encourage you to try out different tactics which will make the gameplay feel fresh.

Final Thoughts on Vegas Crime Simulator APK

Vegas Crime Simulator APK is a treasure trove of brilliant ideas that have been put together as a love letter to its inspirations. Fans will enjoy the wacky additional features and the vanilla gameplay as well but might get put off by the graphics.

If you enjoy mindless fun with over-the-top mechanics, then I highly encourage players to test the game out. It’s definitely worth checking out

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