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Poly Bridge 2 APK 1.62



Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Size 183.7 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Dry Cactus Limited
Google Play Link com.drycactus.polybridge2

Poly Bridge 2 APK is the sequel to its award-winning predecessor. To build bridges, you get more creative freedom and imaginative tools in Poly Bridge 2 APK download.

Poly Bridge 2 APK: The Perfect Sequel To A Perfect Game

If you enjoyed the previous game by the developers Dry Cactus Limited, you are sure to have a blast playing Poly Bridge 2 APK latest version. The basic ideas of the previous game return. This time, you’re handling more complex challenges in the form of heavier and varied vehicles with different motions passing underneath and over your created bridge and adding checkpoints.

The gameplay of Poly Bridge 2 APK free while feeling familiar also adds more depth by introducing new materials to which you must figure out the right combination when using them. The bridges you create in Poly Bridge 2 APK are more fluid and motion-based depending on the material used as a base and how you shape them in their sequence.

The same mellow tunes from the first game return to Poly Bridge 2 APK and some new ones to keep things fresh. The graphics aren’t a huge leap from the first game, but the animations of different vehicles and bridge movements bring a better and more engaging experience than last time.

The workshop and community challenges are back by popular demand. With the new additions to the game, you can easily play Poly Bridge 2 APK for hours without feeling tired or fatigued. The blueprint mode will be used most of the time to plan out your bridge construction and work around the weak spots and potentially risky areas.

How to Play Poly Bridge 2 APK?

  1. Poly Bridge 2 APK isn’t heavy in its file size, it won’t take up a lot of space on your device, and the installation and downloading process will be speedy. The core gameplay of Poly Bridge 2 APK is the same as Poly Bridge APK, with the same control schemes and tap/click-based interface. The game has most of the PC shortcuts if you know them.
  2. Poly Bridge 2 APK will encourage you to think outside the box as you progress and get past the easy levels. The advanced levels will make you pause and consider the choices for bridge construction as the gaps between the two points will become significantly wider, and the vehicles will also get heavier.
  3. Poly Bridge 2 APK brings a brand of humor with every spectacular failure and many chuckle-worthy moments as you create the bridge through trial and error. The workshop mode is perfect for creating your own level and making others work to get through your challenge as you share your designs with the community. Similarly, you can take on challenge maps of other players for bragging rights if you get the highest score.
  4. The blueprint mode of Poly Bridge 2 APK is where you will pick out the materials and designs for the bridge on each level. The simple road will have to be built before you have to enforce it using different methods. Most of the time, the wooden triangle above and below the road will be enough to sustain the weight of average vehicles. At other times, you will have to introduce heavier and more durable materials and hydraulics.
  5. Poly Bridge 2 APK has the perfect blend of difficulty and fun that doesn’t let you feel agitated at your failure; rather, you feel the urge to bounce back and remove the mistakes. The rewarding feeling of accomplishment is a trait that has carried over from the first game, which gives the game its charm.

Exciting Features of Poly Bridge 2 APK to Lookout For

Poly Bridge 2 APK is jam-packed with features that will keep you playing the game. We will talk about some of the ones that deserve a shoutout.

Trial & Error Gameplay

There are no two ways about the style of gameplay of Poly Bridge 2 APK. The gameplay is meant to be simple in its execution, but you have to consider the difficulties you will face at every level. Things like getting the bridge to raise high enough for a ship to cross while a tractor is also going over it simultaneously, to having multiple helicopters and jets pass the bridge while motorbikes are also crossing, how you can overcome these challenges.

Fun Level Creation Workshop

The workshop mode of Poly Bridge 2 APK is a dream come true creative tool for level designs and experimentation. You can literally draw your own death trap of a level to challenge community players to overcome it or be the one to conquer a difficult custom level and make yourself famous.

Funny Game Physics

The physics of the Poly Bridge 2 APK are funny yet realistic too. That means if you replace the base materials from sturdy to flexible ones, the bridge will behave like it would in real life. You can have a lot of fun with the game, watch as the bridge becomes all rubbery and bouncy, and maybe not rising high enough, or even sinking if its foundation is weak.

Helpful Tips for Playing Poly Bridge 2 APK

You can’t play Poly Bridge 2 APK without proper thought put into your actions, and to that end, we’ve got some tips for you to get good at the game.

Try to Stay Within The Budget

Each level of Poly Bridge 2 APK gives you a set amount of capital to build the bridge. If you want to score high on the rankings, it’s best to finish the level without going over the budget; that’s easier said than done because of the ramped-up difficulty. Use materials that don’t cost a lot, but when it comes to the bridge support, spare no expense.

Observe Simulations

Watching how the bridge breaks in slow motion can help you figure out the weak point of your bridge, and you can quickly make adjustments to see if the problem is solved. The simulations can help you a lot but don’t over-rely on them as then you can make the game tedious on yourself; it’s more fun to find success through experimentation.

Final Verdict

Poly Bridge 2 APK is another homerun and the game still has that winning formula with enough upgrades that I highly encourage everyone to check it out for themselves.

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