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Compatible with Android 5.1+
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Lumber Inc APK takes strategic business planning to a whole other level! You get to grow a whole lumber empire from scratch without any real-life losses. Start now!

Idle Lumber Empire APK: Build A Lumber Empire From Your Phone

Lumber Inc APK comes under the category of idle clicker games but unlike other games that are just fun to play in your leisure time,  lumber Inc APK 2024 teaches you many important factors in running a lumber business. The knowledge gained from playing this game can also be utilized in other aspects of life. In this game, you start off as the manager of a small sawmill, which you can then grow into a huge empire! And the fact that it is virtual assures that there is no need to limit your creativity.

As you earn money in the game, you can start hiring more specialized workers and advanced machinery, the same as you would do for a real-life business. You are given goals that you are to complete in a set amount of time, and as you complete them you receive interesting rewards, this taking human psychology into account, drives you to do better, to think, and create more time-saving strategies to complete the goals efficiently and effectively, hence reducing the time each task takes.

Just like real-life businesses, consistency is key to the growth of your empire,  therefore remember to check in every day and complete your assigned goals so that you have the money you are going to need to automate your processes and surpass all other players!

How To Play  Lumber Inc APK

  • You are going to have to download the game from a safe website to prevent any viruses, and our website, APKCima offers you the safest links there are.
  • Search for the download link on our website and then click it to start downloading the Lumber Inc APK latest version.
  • The file is going to require permission from your android device to download, therefore, turn on the option for allowing downloads from unknown sources, you should find it in the settings.
  • Now that the Lumber inc APK download is complete, you just have to finish the installation procedure.
  • The file should be in the downloads section of the file manager of your device.
  • You can open the game now by clicking on the Idle Lumber Empire APK app icon on the screen.
  • The game will start with you having to chop down some trees and putting them in the sawmill.
  • The earnings you get from this will allow you to upgrade your machinery and hire skilled workers.
  • This improves your production time and will make bigger profits.
  • You will have to effectively manage your resources to keep the sawmill running, therefore buy things that you can afford.
  • You can set your profit margins by comparing the prices in the marketplace, and earn more profit from rarer lumber.
  • You can utilize your money in buying more land and establishing more sawmills for higher profits, or even invest in research for better technologies.
  • Bring out our creativity and compete with other players.
  • The game is free to play so there are no limits to how much you grow.

Exciting Features Of Idle Lumber Empire APK

Apart from the features you would see in every idle clicker game, this game offers a variety of improved and interesting features, some of which have been mentioned below.

Completely Free Of Cost

Idle Lumber Empire APK is an entirely free game, it does not cost you anything to download it, nor does it have any hidden fees. Creating an account is also completely free of cost. All you have to do is download it and start playing!

Spend Your Profits On Research

Unlink other games, lumber inc APK 2024 offers the option to research new technologies to find better methods of increasing yield and profits.

Play Offline

The game Idle Lumber Empire APK does not restrict you to online gameplay. You can continue managing your empire even if you do not have internet. In a place that lacks internet, Idle Lumber Empire APK will be your companion. You can pass your time without having to be bored.

Learn Real Life Business Strategies

You are not just playing to pass time, instead, you are learning strategies to effectively and efficiently built a business empire in real life too. You are taught the importance of automation and skilled labor, also the necessity to spend on research so that you are not left behind in the ever-changing world.

Tips To Play Idle Lumber Empire APK

The game may be a simple idle clicker, but a few tips might go a long way when it comes to this game.

Regular Equipment Upgrades

Upgrading your equipment is necessary for increased production and profits, therefore manage your finances in a manner that allows you to regularly upgrade the equipment being used. This is crucial for your lumber empire.

Compare Market Prices

Before you start selling, remember to do your research in the marketplace, and figure out what is in demand and what price will end up getting you the most sales. Plant tree species accordingly. In the case of low-demand products, decrease production to prevent any losses.

Always Have A Plan

Having a plan in place is necessary to be able to manage finances. You need to know beforehand what requires the most attention, whether you require more skilled labor, new land, or an equipment upgrade. Not having a plan will make you spend haphazardly and slow down your empire’s growth.


To sum it up, Idle Lumber Empire APK is an amazing idle clicker game, that requires no special attention to controls, instead, you will have to focus on planning and strategy to grow your lumber business bigger and stronger than all other players. Play offline for free, bring out your strategic skills, and build yourself an empire!

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