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Compatible with Android 7.0+
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Category Simulation
Developer Bethesda Softworks LLC
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Download Fallout Shelter APK for free on Android. Enjoy Bethesda's new game and have a great time building and organising your own shelter!

Build your own shelter and manage its settlers in Fallout Shelter!

One of the most anticipated idle games for Android has arrived! Following the incredible success of major games like Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, which won the Game of the Year in 2015, Bethesda decided to tap into the smartphone market by releasing an 'idle' type game. This game allows players to spend countless hours enjoying the world of Fallout. The result of this initiative is Fallout Shelter, possibly one of the most popular casual games for smartphones in recent years.

This game places you before the nuclear holocaust that occurs in all the Fallout games, which usually happens many years before the start of the story in other games. The theme of Fallout is that a series of nuclear bombs have devastated the Earth's surface and only a handful of people have survived, mostly thanks to a series of shelters built by a company called Vault-Tec. Therefore, in Fallout Shelter, you will have to manage one of these shelters from the very beginning of its construction.

How does Fallout Shelter work? – Download Fallout Shelter APK for free

The dynamics of this game are relatively simple but become more complicated as you level up. Essentially, you must build an anti-nuclear shelter that has the basic facilities necessary for the survival of its inhabitants. This means you will need to construct bedrooms, common rooms, and laboratories that allow the inhabitants to conduct research on the toxicity of the outside world.

To build this shelter, you will need to gather a series of resources from the outside that will help you improve the level of your facilities and construct new ones. Moreover, you will need to provide food and drinking water to the shelter's inhabitants. And this is much more difficult than it might seem! The shelter has limited resources, so you'll need to start sending some of your inhabitants out into the world as explorers.

Infinite crates and a host of advantages at your disposal!

You will also need to manage the different personalities of the shelter's inhabitants, as they won't always agree to collaborate with each other. In this regard, you will become familiar not just with the facilities of your shelter, but also with the preferences of your different inhabitants, whom you must take care of so they can level up and specialize in different professions.

Although in the original Fallout Shelter game you have very limited resources that prevent you from progressing quickly, you now have the option to enjoy infinite crates so you don't have to worry about resources that can only be obtained with the game's currency. This way, you can play without encountering microtransactions, focusing only on progress within the game itself!

The essentials of Fallout Shelter – Fallout Shelter APK infinite crates 2022 Build an anti-nuclear shelter. The main goal of this video game is to build an anti-nuclear shelter that protects your shelter's inhabitants from explosions and radiation from the outside world. Organize your settlers. You'll need to organize your settlers to assign them different tasks and ensure that cohabitation within the shelter is as suitable as possible.

This can be more difficult than it might seem! Send out explorers. The resources you have stored in the shelter will not be enough if you don't send explorers outside to try to obtain materials and food that allow your colony to survive. Manage your resources. Sometimes you will have very scarce resources so you will have to manage them very organized to ensure they are enough to feed your population for all the years they remain in the shelter.

Download Fallout Shelter APK free and complete for Android

Get one of the best idle-type games for Android with Fallout Shelter, a game that will let you enjoy building shelters and managing resources like never before!

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