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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 107.28 Mb
Category Racing
Developer Soner Kara
Google Play Link com.skgames.trafficracer

Traffic Racer APK is a game of man with steel hearts. Driving opposite to oncoming traffic, the faster you drive, the better feeling you have. Download now!

Traffic Racer APK: Testing Your Precision & Muscle Memory

Traffic Racer APK is a game about driving opposite to oncoming traffic. The faster you drive and overcome other cars without stopping, the better you will be rewarded.

The concept of Traffic Racer APK download isn’t groundbreaking. The racing simulator with a twist has been done before, but never with the level of polish and good-looking graphics as in Traffic Racer APK Android.

There is no plot or story mode in Traffic Racer APK. However, that doesn’t mean the game itself feels lifeless because the flow of traffic and the detailed environments give a sense of realism to everything during the free-driving mode.

The idea behind the game is to drive our car around the world map in different race modes where the traffic is coming our way. The reward will depend on how well we perform and not crash our car against pedestrian vehicles or into any lamppost or building.

How to Traffic Racer APK?

  1. Traffic Racer APK free can be played immediately after downloading and installing it on your device. The game doesn’t take long to load, and before we know it, we’ll be driving around the game's map, showing off our mad skills in no time.
  2. Traffic Racer APK has a gorgeously designed 3-D environment that we explore when driving around. The environment is also quite diverse, from nighttime city streets with weather alterations like snow-cover or rain effects and even a sandy desert track.
  3. At first glance, Traffic Racer APK may seem easy to play, but the main driving component isn’t easy to master. The cars we drive around, whether the default one or the ones we unlock, all have varying speeds and grip, and each handles differently.
  4. The oncoming traffic never ends, and we must avoid getting hit to multiply our score. There is a two-way race, where we compete with others online in a race, and the one with the highest score will receive points and cash used for upgrades and aesthetics.

Exciting Features to Lookout For In Traffic Racer APK

Traffic Racer APK has quite a few fantastic additions, and new ones keep coming with regular updates. We will go through some of the ones that deserve mention.

Impressive Car Variety

The number of cars in Traffic Racer APK is astounding, and its not just their looks that are different. As mentioned, each car has different stats and handling, but not so much that the game feels frustrating; you have to have patience when trying out new cars.

There are over 40 cars to choose from, which can further be customized with different paint jobs. The incredible graphics brilliantly reflect the cars' colors, making the game a visual treat. Other than color modifications, you can also change the wheels on your cars.

Diverse Race Modes

In Traffic Racer APK there are various modes of testing your driving skills. Online competition with the leaderboards is one way where each player goes for the maximum score, and the one with the highest points wins.

Other modes include a time trial run, where you must drive fast and pick up boosts to extend the time limit and continue driving. There’s also a police chase mode, where you can’t afford to slow down, as the police are after you, but the traffic is also coming ahead; it’s a true challenge.

Easy Control Scheme & Interface

The driving games, in general, don’t have many complicated controls. The same is true for Traffic Racer APK, as the car's maneuvering is as easy as tilting the screen or tapping the acceleration display button.

The multiplying scores are displayed around the edges of the screen, and we can slow our car down with a tap on the brake button. Hitting the acceleration button will increase the pace and have our car back to maximum speed unless you get hit or ram the car into oncoming traffic.

Useful Tips for Playing Traffic Racer APK

Traffic Racer APK is not very complex, but the gameplay takes a bit to master. Driving your car through oncoming traffic isn’t something to do in real life, but you can take that chance in the game.

Here are a few tips for getting acquainted with the game mechanics of Traffic Racer APK.

Practice Timing of Brakes

Even More important than speeding, it's the brakes you need to master in Traffic Racer APK. Driving fast anyone can do easily in the game; it’s about having precise control over when to slow down and when to completely stop the car that will make you better at the game.

Use Free Ride Mode For Relaxing

The traffic in the Traffic Racer APK isn’t varied, it's scripted, which can be overcome with muscle memory over the navigation controls. However, if you want to freely play the game to see how it feels without any pressure of objectives or chases, try playing in the free ride mode.

Use Police Chase Mode For A Thrill Seeking Experience

The free ride mode is the free-roam mode and allows you to drive as fast or slow as you want without penalty. In contrast, there is a Police Chase mode that will sandwich you, as the police will be after you, and the traffic will not relent, a perfect gaming challenge for thrill seekers.

Final Thoughts

Traffic Racer APK is fun to play, and its competitive component makes people return for more. Fans of racing games will enjoy this indie gem, and I highly recommend people check it out for themselves to see how they stack up in video game driving skills.

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