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Compatible with Android 7.0+
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Developer VTouch
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Download Spatial Touch APK and unlock a new dimension of gesture recognition for Android. Control your device from up to 2 meters away without ever touching the screen

Introduction to Spatial Touch APK

Welcome to the revolutionary world of Spatial Touch APK, an innovative application designed for Android devices that transforms the way you interact with our devices. This cutting-edge app utilizes advanced gesture recognition technology, allowing users to control their device from a distance of up to 2 meters without the need for physical touch.

Spatial Touch APK offers a unique blend of convenience and technology, enabling hands-free navigation and control over your favorite supported apps such as YouTube and Netflix. With air gestures, users can scroll, play, pause, and adjust settings without ever touching the screen, providing a seamless interaction that redefines the way to navigate smartphones and tablets.

The latest version of Spatial Touch APK comes premium unlocked, offering full access to all features without needing to touch the screen. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just looking for a more intuitive way to use your device, Spatial Touch APK is set to become an essential tool among Android users seeking a futuristic approach to device interaction.

How To Use Spatial Touch APK

Using Spatial Touch APK on your Android device is a breeze, bringing the future of gesture recognition technology right to your fingertips—without actually needing to touch the screen. Here's how to get started:

First, download Spatial Touch APK from a reliable source. Ensure you're getting the latest version to enjoy all the premium unlocked features. Once downloaded, install the app on your device, granting the necessary permissions for it to operate seamlessly.

Upon installation, Spatial Touch™ leverages its background auto-start feature, meaning there's no need for manual activation. It's ready to go whenever you launch any of the supported apps, such as YouTube or Netflix. The camera is only activated during app use, ensuring your privacy is protected as it does not store or transmit any images or videos outside of the device.

Interacting with your device using Spatial Touch APK is intuitive. Simply control your device from a distance—up to 2 meters away—using air gestures. Want to pause a video, adjust the volume, or scroll through a media app? A simple wave of your hand is all it takes. The app's sophisticated gesture recognition ensures accurate response to your commands, minimizing false gesture detections with customizable hand filters for stable performance.

Embrace this hands-free way to navigate your device, redefining the interaction between Android users and their smartphones and tablets. With Spatial Touch APK, the future of device control is literally in the air.

Exciting Features of Spatial Touch APK

Spatial Touch APK stands at the forefront of innovation for Android devices, offering a suite of features that redefine how users interact with their devices. Here's a closer look at what makes Spatial Touch not just an app, but a revolution in device interaction.

Air Gestures

At the heart of Spatial Touch APK is its air gestures functionality. With this feature, users can control their device with mere hand waves, turning actions like scrolling, pausing, or navigating through a media app into a magical experience. These gestures work up to 2 meters away, offering a truly hands-free way to interact with our devices.

Advanced Gesture Recognition

The gesture recognition technology in Spatial Touch APK is nothing short of cutting-edge. It's designed to accurately capture your hand movements, significantly reducing false gesture detections. This ensures a stable performance, whether you're adjusting playback in YouTube or Netflix or flipping through photos.

Seamless Background Auto-Start

Spatial Touch APK features a background auto-start mechanism that activates the app whenever you launch any supported apps. This seamless integration means there's no extra step required to start using Spatial Touch; it's ready when you are, providing a seamless experience without ever touching the screen.

Remote Control Capabilities

Transform your Android device into a remote control with Spatial Touch. This functionality extends your control over the device, allowing you to control your device from a distance, making it perfect for presentations, media control, or any situation where you can't be physically close to your device.

Privacy and Security

Spatial Touch APK takes your privacy seriously. Even though it uses the camera for gesture recognition, it does not store or transmit any images or videos outside of the device. The camera only activates with supported apps, ensuring your data remains secure.

Customizable Hand Filters

Personalize your Spatial Touch experience with adjustable hand filters. Whether you need more responsive gestures or want to ensure stable performance by reducing sensitivity, the app allows you to dive into the settings and tailor the gesture recognition to your liking.

Broad Compatibility

Spatial Touch APK shines in its compatibility with a wide range of Android devices and apps. This broad support ensures that a diverse group of Android users can enjoy the futuristic and intuitive way of controlling their devices, making it a must-have for anyone looking to navigate their device in a more innovative way.

Through these features, Spatial Touch APK not only enhances the functionality of Android devices but also introduces a new, more intuitive way to interact with our devices, all without needing to touch the screen.

Useful Tips For Using Spatial Touch APK

To maximize your experience with Spatial Touch APK and navigate your Android device like never before, here are some useful tips:

Download Spatial Touch APK from a trusted source to ensure you have the latest version with all premium unlocked features. Regular updates bring enhancements and new capabilities, so staying current is key.

Familiarize yourself with the range of air gestures available. Practice the gestures to control your device effectively, whether it's to scroll through a media app, adjust playback, or navigate menus. Remember, precision comes with practice.

Optimize the gesture recognition settings. If you find yourself triggering actions unintentionally, dive into the settings to adjust the hand filters. You can lower the filter for easier use or set a stronger filter for more stable performance, depending on your environment and needs.

Take advantage of the background auto-start feature for a seamless experience with supported apps. Ensure that Spatial Touch™ is configured to auto-start with your most-used apps for hands-free convenience.

Keep your device's camera clean and unobstructed. Since Spatial Touch APK uses the camera for gesture recognition, ensuring a clear view is crucial for accurate detection and to control your device from a distance effectively.

Explore the app's compatibility. Spatial Touch APK is designed to work with a broad range of Android devices and apps. Test it with different apps to discover all the ways you can benefit from air gestures.

Prioritize your privacy. Even though Spatial Touch APK does not store or transmit any images or videos outside of the device, remain mindful of your surroundings, especially when using the app in public spaces.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to mastering Spatial Touch APK, turning your Android device into a more intuitive and futuristic tool for everyday use.


In conclusion, Spatial Touch APK redefines the way Android users interact with their devices, offering a hands-free, futuristic approach to navigation and control. With its advanced gesture recognition, air gestures, and background auto-start features, this app turns every interaction into a seamless, intuitive experience without ever touching the screen. Whether you're immersed in a media app or need to control your device from a distance, Spatial Touch APK delivers unparalleled convenience and innovation. Download Spatial Touch APK today and step into the future of device interaction.

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