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Compatible with Android 5.0+
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Top Follow APK is an app that allows you to gain Instagram followers by using their hashtags on your posts. Explore the world of Instagram easier than ever!

Top Follow APK: Grow Your Online Presence

In today’s day and age, online presence holds a lot of importance in the practical world. Increasing this online presence can prove to be very difficult, and in some cases, can even be a bad influence on your digital footprint if gained the wrong way. This forces people to try out other third-party apps or websites to get increase their followers. Top Follow APK is another one of these third-party apps, but surprisingly you retain the followers you gain via Top Follow APK.

Unline other their-party apps that charge money for their service of sending some followers your way, Top Follow APK provides its services for free. To gain followers using Top Follow APK, you will have to earn the in-app currency and then use it to buy your Instagram followers. For users who are in desperate need of a boost in their followers, they do have the option to buy the in-app currency using real money.

How To Use Top Follow APK

  • You can find the Top Follow APK latest version download link from our website APKCima.
  • Click the Top Follow APK free download link and start the download.
  • The app is very small in size so it should be downloaded within a minute. This may however differ depending on your wifi speed and connection strength.
  • Anyhow once the download of the Top Follow APK new version installation file is complete, go into your Android device’s settings.
  • Here, in the security section, find and allow the installation from the Unknown Sources option.
  • Now head over to your Android device’s file manager and to the recently downloaded section. Scroll through and find the Top Follow APK installation file that you just downloaded using our website.
  • Run the installation file to start the installation process. Then complete the simple installation procedure and you will have the Top Follow APK app installed.
  • Launch the app and log in to your Instagram account to link Top Follow APK to your account.
  • Earn coins by completing the various tasks that Top Follow APK provides or buy coins if you are in a hurry.
  • Make sure to claim the daily bonus every day to get a few instant coins daily.
  • Once you have enough coins, go into the followers tab, and click the number of followers you want to buy with the in-game coins that you have earned.
  • Enter your account name in the target account, and your followers will be delivered within minutes!

Intuitive Features Of Top Follow APK

Top Follow APK stands out among all the other third-party apps and websites that provide a similar service. The reason for this circumstance is due to the amazing and improved features that Top Follow APK offers to its users. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

Excellent User Interface

Unlike the other third-party apps and websites that are nearly impossible to navigate when it comes to their User Interface, Top Follow APK has a very straightforward and easy-to-use User Interface which anyone can use with ease.

It does not have any fancy method to get to the actual followers' tab which other sites and apps tend to have. Users can quickly and easily navigate the app and enjoy their followers without any complicated business.

Secure and Reliable Followers

Many of the competitor apps have a risk of getting you banned or facing some sort of penalty for using their shady services. This is because the followers these apps send are just dead bots that are solely an increase in your followers amount.

The followers Top Follow APK provides are not real people by any means, but the bots that do follow you will continue watching your reels, liking your posts, etc, for quite a long time.

This way, the sudden boost in your followers is not considered suspicious by Meta’s algorithm against this. Therefore, it ensures your account will stay safe.

Outstanding Reward System

As mentioned earlier, Top Follow APK has a coin-based in-app currency system that the users will use to buy their followers. While one can just buy the coins with real money to get followers as soon as possible, the reward system is not too far behind. You can complete easy tasks and be rewarded coins upon completion. Additionally, there is a daily reward system that gives you free coins for just logging in every day.

Tips For Using Top Follow APK

Here are some tips to help you utilize Top Follow APK optimally.

Share Your Referral Code

Open Top Follow APK and go into the “More” tab on the bottom left of your screen. Here you will get 3 options. Click on the “Code” option to find your referral code. Copy the referral code and share it with your friends. Your referral code will give your friends 200 coins for free, and in return, you will get diamonds equal to 10% of the coins they spend every time. It's a win-win for everyone.

Claim Daily Bonus

As mentioned earlier, Top Follow gives users free coins for simply checking in to the app. Each day the number of coins you get increases, so make sure to check in every day.


Top Follow is easily the best option for increasing your followers. Do not bother trying any other apps or websites as their credibility is quite questionable. Many of them have also been exposed as scams! Top Follow APK is a powerful tool with a well-made User interface, its services are fast and reliable, and to top it all of, it is free of cost, AND free of ads!

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