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Share the love of geolocating? Download Google Earth APK and travel the world from your room. Get all the features of Google Earth APK with the latest download.

Google Earth APK Overview

Google Earth APK is Google’s most ambitious development so far. The app has fantastic 3D graphics that allow you to visit real environments and enter 3D view and browse through the streets and surrounding buildings.

Google Map is the foundation of Google Earth APK, therefore, you can add visualization layers on top of points of interest and check them through both aerial and street view. The scope of Google Earth APK covers the entire planet, with each city, village, rural, and urban areas.

Think of it as having an eye all over the world that let’s you see any place at any time directly from the palm of your hand.

Everything to Know About Google Earth APK

When it comes to the debate of the most beautiful earth app in the play store, Google Earth APK takes the win without any competition at all. With Google Earth APK you can watch the planet by latest updated satellite imagery.

You can search any point of interest by using the smart search navigation and even zoom into your house or anywhere else! Most of the locations offer a 360o street view. Whether you are a geolocator or an enthusiastic tourist, with Google Earth APK you can visit all the places from the comfort of your home.

Just as the name suggest, Google Earth offers an extremely immersive experience of the planet, it’s almost as if you are inside a simulation but it’s the real world.

Moreover, you can play an interesting game with Google Earth APK – tap on “move to any position” and the app will roll around and land on a random location. It’s the perfect tool for explorers.

Google Earth APK comes packed with numerous exciting features. There’s always something interesting going on, so it’s a must have app for everyone!

All Features of Google Earth APK Latest Version

Let’s have a quick look at some of the highlights of Google Earth APK latest version:

  • 3D display of most of the world-famous structures and cities,
  • Search for any desired location or address,
  • Display control using your touchscreen,
  • Browse around a selected point by only dragging the screen,
  • Compass sensors,
  • Accelerometer,
  • Layered structure – you can hide/display: oceans, roads, terrain, borders etc.,

That’s not even touching the tip of the iceberg, with Google Earth APK you get the following features:

  • Smart Ad experience,
  • 100% HD Image Resolution,
  • There are Advanced Measurement Options for more advanced users,
  • Drawing feature to mark out points of interest easily,
  • GIS Import feature,
  • Easily visualize ESRI MapInfo (.tab) and Shapefiles (.shp),
  • HD+ Globe with 360o

Google Earth APK comes with the latest updates and minor bug fixes. There’s a lot more than just what’s listed here.

Perks of Google Earth APK

There are three major perks of Google Earth APK, and they are as follows:

  1. User-friendly UI – Google ensures a smooth experience for all its users, if you are using google products and services, you might already be aware of the simple UI. Similarly, Google Earth APK has a clean design and easy-to-use UI. Therefore, everyone can easily use the app. There is a search box, that can search all your desired locations and make suggestions based on keywords.
  2. Create More Maps – It’s easy to mistake Google Earth APK as an app that only offers visuals. However, Google Earth allows you to easily manage locations, add labels if none are mentioned, and more. You can even create your very own map locations alongside making corrections on any landmarks that are incorrect. To sum up, the app is highly interactive.
  3. Explore The World – Let’s put this another way. Say, you are on a budget and it is difficult to spend money on travelling at the moment. What you can do is, just login to your Google Earth APK and browse the famous locations . Jump into 360o street view and behold all the wonders. This will let you explore all the places in a more immersive way. Finally, when you are able to travel, you will know for sure where you want to go.

An additional perk of Google Earth APK is that it is 100% safe. That is to say, you do not have to make any payments, nor do you have to worry about any bugs that come with downloads. The download link for Google Earth APK we provide is 100% secure and we guarantee that it is compatible for most Android devices, even low-end phones.

How to Download Google Earth APK Android?

Now that you know all about Google Earth APK Android, the next step is to get a free download for your Android device. The setup is easy but if you are having trouble, just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to your Android settings and then security settings,
  2. Look for the “device administration” option,
  3. From there, enable the “Unknown sources” settings,
  4. Once you download the APK file, just go to the location and tap open,
  5. You’ll be prompted with an “install” option,
  6. Allow access to everything and it will take a few seconds to finish the installation.

That’s it! Enjoy yourGoogle Earth APK download and explore the world.

Final Thoughts – Google Earth APK Download

Google Earth APK download is not only the most popular but most authentic earth app out there up to date. You can easily explore the world from the safety and comfort of your home.

If you are a geolocator, explorer, tourist, or just an enthusiast who loves the planet, then this is the perfect download for you.

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