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Can’t wait for the next Final Fantasy game? Try Final Fantasy APK to tide yourself over. Final Fantasy APK download has the whole essence of the first mainline game.

Final Fantasy APK: The Worthy Tale Worth Revisiting

Final Fantasy APK Android is the very first game in the series, but the emphasis is on improvements designed with the newer generation of gamers in mind. The game that kicked off the roleplaying explosion in the ’90s makes a grand return with all its nostalgic elements intact.

Final Fantasy APK free is the remastered entry of the first installment. The signature brand of tactical role-playing combat, the vast open world divided into various sections, and the charming companions that help you in memorable boss fights are all interwoven brilliantly with the plot.

Final Fantasy APK also has quirks that have become synonymous with the franchise. From Chocobos, the giant yellow species of birds that players and their companions ride on, to all companion backstories and motives and the over-the-topness typically found in Japanese games.

Final Fantasy APK: Story Background

The story of Final Fantasy APK is the timeless classic of the original game. No changes have been made to the brilliant tale, except that its epic saga can be relived on the latest portable devices like smartphones.

The game’s introduction explains the role of the four elements of fire, water, earth, wind, and earth in peaceful coexistence. This serenity is disturbed by the arrival of darkness that has spread to many different parts of the world.

We then get introduced to the young heroes we will be playing as and embark on the epic adventure to rid the world of evil and banish the darkness plaguing the land. The story has twists and turns that will make our merry band of heroes journey across the world map.

How to Play Final Fantasy APK?

  1. Final Fantasy APK requires the bare minimum for running on modern devices. Just download and install, and then start the game. It hardly takes any time for the game to load.
  2. After the initial cut-scene explains the backstory, and we are free to control the characters, you learn the basic tutorial about combat. Make sure to learn and practice tactics to get good at the game.
  3. Once the tutorial stage is over, we are free to explore the world and take our time with the game. As you explore the different areas and pick up any useful items you come across.
  4. Remember that fighting enemies will lead to encountering strong ones, and if you aren’t at the right level, it's better to retreat. Return after you are stronger to beat the strong enemies.

Exciting Features to Lookout For In Final Fantasy APK

Final Fantasy APK has all of the traditional roleplaying game features that the series has pioneered in its multi-decade history. We will shed some light on the ones that excited us and filled us with nostalgia when we came across them in the game.

The Grand Soundtrack

When that familiar soothing melody of the Final Fantasy games played as the game was loading, we were instantly taken back to our childhoods. The music of the entire Final Fantasy series all have excellent scores, but the first one has that retro vibe that is just mesmerizing.

Aside from the opening, Final Fantasy APK has those legendary battle themes that play during fight segments that kick up in intensity to portray the danger our heroes are facing. The exploration theme during the free-roam exploration has a feel-good and relaxing tune to it.

Tough Enemy Fights

Final Fantasy APK has a lot of enemy variety, and each enemy requires a different tactic to defeat. The game doesn’t hold our hand, and after explaining some of the combat basics through dialogue, we have to figure things out on our own.

The enemy bosses are even more formidable than regular enemies and have more hit points than our party members combined. We can’t rush and spam enemies because of the turn-based combat element, and strategy is the surefire way to win boss fights.

Gorgeous Pixelated Art-style

Final Fantasy APK has that throwback art style that has recently seen a resurgence in the indie game scene. The color scheme is so vivid and has distinct palettes for not only the environment itself but for the character designs as well.

Each NPC has character details that show that the developers had poured a lot of effort into making the game, and this legacy is still present in the latest version. The different facial expressions in still images during dialogues are a testament to the game’s excellence.

Character-Centric Gameplay & Story

No Final Fantasy APK game would be complete without quirky side characters and each one’s side-quests or backstory reveal moments. Every central character we encounter, whether an antagonist or a companion who accompanies us on our quest, will play a role in the story.

The companion characters also represent an archetype, where each specializes in different combat styles. Mixing and matching them to synergize with our main character’s playstyle is one of the fun and more challenging aspects of Final Fantasy APK.

Useful Tips for Playing Final Fantasy APK

Speaking from experience, Final Fantasy’s vastness of scale in terms of gameplay and the epic story saga can feel intimidating. Here are a few things to remember when playing the game to help you out.

Level Up Consistently

Grinding levels is common in roleplaying games, but in Final Fantasy APK, it is extremely essential. The enemy encounters get progressively more challenging as we proceed into the game, and if we’re not careful, we risk getting our entire party killed in battle.

To avoid being overwhelmed by enemies, make a dedicated effort to level up and unlock powerful attacks. Leveling up is vital to secure the advantage in combat and have enough HP.

Choose Your Party Wisely

Another trope in Final Fantasy games is the party selection dilemma. Final Fantasy APK is no different in this regard, as we have to pick the characters who will compliment our main character’s fighting style rather than have them go off on their own.

Getting the right combination is done through trial and error. See where you might be making a mistake and switch out party members to see what works for you.

Pay Attention to Dialogue

Sometimes, you might get stuck during a quest in Final Fantasy APK. To get clues about progressing further, remember to talk to all the NPCs you come across and pay close attention to their words.

The dialogues sometimes contain clues about the solution to a quest. Just like in any roleplaying game, you must collect all the information before you can proceed ahead.

Final Thoughts

The Final Fantasy APK is a fantastic game that will hit pro gamers with a nostalgic blast from the past, and the newer generation will also enjoy playing through it. I highly recommend it to everyone, as it's worth checking out.

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