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Price Free
Compatible with Android 2.3+
Size 11.5 MB
Category Arcade
Developer epsxe software s.l.
Google Play Link com.epsxe.ePSXe

sSPXe APK for Android is the complete PlayStation emulator you need. Get the ePSXe APK and choose between two modes PSX and PSOne. Play games on your Android device.

ePSXe APK Overview

ePSXe APK is a PlayStation emulator that’s been originally made for Android devices. Featuring two games – PSX and PSOne, this emulator is all that’s needed to run PlayStation games on mobile devices. ePSXe APK offers the highest compatibility alongside high performance. Moreover, a multiplayer option is included with split screen mode. The split screen mode is more practical on tablets instead of phones, given the size of the screen.

In addition, ePSXe includes an easy-to-use touchscreen pad support with hardware buttons mapping. You can attach keyboard, gamepads, or any external controls and analog sticks to enhance your gaming experience.

ePSXe APK also supports High-Definition graphics with 4x/2x software renderer. Finally, in the emulator you also have the codes and a save state system similar to that of GBA emulator. 

ePSXe APK Full Description

ePSXe APK for Android is the most downloaded emulator for PlayStation on the Android platform. It is highly regarded as the best performing application of its kind. To be more precise, ePSXe APK is an extension of the ePSXe for computers.

The best advantage of ePSXe APK is that it is highly compatible with almost all the games out there. In addition, battery consumption is minimized alongside maximized performance and accurate sound system.

Furthermore, as the user, you have complete control over configuration to set the controls that are most convenient for you. You can even attach external controllers via USB, Bluetooth, etc., The “save state” system also compensates for the memory card option. That is to say, you can always save your progress to continue at a later time.

The ePSXe APK is loaded with all the latest features you can expect from the emulator and with each update, more games are made compatible. It is a rare occurrence to find a game that is not compatible with this emulator yet.

The requirements to run ePSXe APK are simple. All you need is 2GB of RAM. This is the bare minimum that you need to run the enormous collection of games. The standalone installation comes with all the features of the app and for the games – you have to download them separately from the ROM library.

Benefits of ePSXe APK             

You can enjoy loads of useful codes in ePSXe APK. For all the PS1 games, there is an easy to turn on and off this system. Moreover, you can add Gameshark codes and break all the barriers in game.

However, it is recommended that you don’t go overboard with it as it takes the fun out of the gameplay. Under normal circumstances ePSXe has premium features but this download package has access to all the premium features without any cost. Everything is already ready for you to enjoy the game.

Another important aspect of the ePSXe APK is the ability to perform quick and easy autosaves as you play the games. You can pause and save your progress at any instant and come back to it at a later time.

Furthermore, feel free to adjust the graphics and sound settings to optimize your gaming experience. In other words, ePSXe  APK gives you absolute control over everything. Think of it as having a PlayStation within your Android device.

Amazing Features of ePSXe APK

Expect a lot from your installation of ePSXe APK. Here’s an overview of some of the highlights from ePSXe APK:

  • Smooth gaming experience on all PS1 games – ePSXe APK allows you uninterrupted gaming experience while emulating your favorite PlayStation 1 games with almost little to no effort. Soon as you download the game ROM files, you can run them on the emulator – no installation required! No complex settings, nothing, it’s all easy and user-friendly. The ePSXe APK is optimized to deliver performance. Therefore, you will never experience even the slightest lag.
  • High Compatibility – This is probably the main feature of ePSXe APK. With the latest version of the emulator, you can download all the games out there that are available for PSX and PSOne and play them on your Android. The emulator only occupies as little as 7.5 MB space on your device and is extremely lightweight. However, you will need some storage space for the games.
  • Various Menu Customizations & Multi-Disc Games Support – ePSXe APK also serves the purpose of playing games with multiple discs. For instance, you downloaded a game that has more than one disc – your ePSXe APK will list all the discs on the menu and you can pick the one you want to run. In addition, there are different options to choose from i.e., image quality, gaming mode, screen resolution, and a lot more. In short, you can fine tune every aspect of your emulator.

Apart from the three listed, there’s a lot more to expect from ePSXe APK.

Is ePSXe APK is good?

Yes, ePSXe APK is good and forever will be. This is the perfect emulator for you to quickly and easily play all your favorite PlayStation games. The interface is simple and user-friendly. Moreover, you do not require a BIOS file.

The working of ePSXe is the same as that on computer. You can play all your favorite games for  without any loss in quality or performance.

Final Thoughts – ePSXe APK Download for Android

ePSXe APK download for Android is 100% safe and all the files of the application were scanned with our anti-malware software. The download file only consists of the emulator that you need to run the games. However, it does not include any games as it is a standalone download. For the games bit, you have to download and run them separately.

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