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Temple Run APK 1.21.1



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 54.66 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Imangi Studios
Google Play Link com.imangi.templerun
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Download the Temple Run APK and access all the premium features. The Temple Run APK gives you, so you never have to worry about paying to play!

Temple Run APK Overview

Temple Run APK is an endless running game. On its release, the game quickly gained a lot of popularity and had millions of downloads. Temple Run APK is extremely addictive as it never ends and you are in a constant struggle of trying to beat your own high scores. The game features an Indiana Jones looking runner, and your job is to make sure he collects as many coins as possible and doesn’t get caught by the temple guardians. Moreover, there are boosts and powerups available in the game that help you increase your score. There are numerous traps and obstacles at every step, you have to make sure you can escape the temple. However, that is impossible since no one has been able to escape.

Temple Run APK Full Details

Temple Run APK revolves around only one objective – escape the temple unharmed. If you are looking for an “easy-to-control” (Note that it’s easy to control, not as easy to play) game, then this is it. In Temple Run APK you start off with a stable speed but as you gain more scores by collecting coins and covering more distance. The game speeds up!

Whatever you do, make sure you do not stop. Soon as you stop, it is game over for you. As the runner, you can switch lanes by swiping left and right, and jump over or slide under obstacles by swiping up and down. It’s extremely easy to control but the difficulty keeps pumping up.

Furthermore, there are sharp twists and turns and broken pathways. Therefore, if you let your guard down, the game ends. To make things even more interesting, if you stumble, the temple guardians will catch up to you. Make sure you regain your balance and pick up the pace so they don’t catch you.

However, soon as you lose the game offers you a chance to retry from the current state at a cost. In the Temple Run APK, there is no such thing as “pay to play”, you have. In short, you can retry as many times you want and set a world record!

What to Expect from Temple Run APK Latest Version?

Temple Run APK latest version comes with all the original features you can expect from the popular endless running game:

  • Endless landscape where you can run with various obstacles,
  • Different kinds of bonuses available,
  • Character customization,
  • All of the limited-edition characters,
  • Easy and simple control-system,
  • High-quality graphics that keep you engaged,

The Temple Run APK was made to cure the “frustration” factor of the game and maximize the fun. Therefore, you can expect an intense gameplay and the thrill without any cost at all.

Final Thoughts – Temple Run APK Download

Temple Run APK features all the benefits of in-app purchases without a price. To clarify, no credit card or any sort of payment is required. Simply download the latest version of Temple Run APK from our site and experience the true thrill of Temple Run.

Temple Run APK has been a popular endless runner game since its release and the developers had no choice but to release a second version as well. Given the beautiful graphics and intense gameplay, Temple Run APK is truly worth the download. In addition, you can take advantage of shopping with this version and exceed the limits of high scores. That is, if you can handle the insane speed that comes up.

Download Temple Run [54.66 Mb]
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