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Hungry Dragon APK 5.2



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 139.42 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
Google Play Link com.ubisoft.hungrydragon

Download Hungry Dragon APK and use money and gems to open your favorite dragon character. You can also equip the dragon while winning in the game.

Description of Hungry Dragon APK

If you are familiar with the popular Hungry Shark World game, then you will understand the experience you will get when you download this game. Hungry Dragon APK is an exciting entertainment game to try out.

Hungry Dragon APK has similar gameplay to Hungry Shark World, just that you will play as a Hungry Dragon who wants to eat anything. This game is a suitable game to play at leisure or to pass time. This game is also full of adventure as you will fly around many locations.

As the game's name implies, Hungry Dragon APK opens a beautiful world for players to capture and travel around the world freely. Note that you have to satisfy the Dragon with food, and also, the more mature the Dragon gets, the more energy it requires. That is, as the Dragon grows, the more voracious it eats; therefore, you have to provide food for them constantly.

Aside from eating, the Dragon fights in different battles with many creatures. Ubisoft Entertainment developed and published this game with over 100 million downloads worldwide. The developers manipulated the Hungry Shark World gameplay only that the game environment is in the air instead of the ocean like in hungry shark world.

Remember that this game involves eating and also fighting. Therefore you have to engage yourself with earning money which might take a long time to achieve.

Download the game and join other gamers in enjoying its gameplay.


When you enter the Hungry Dragon game world, you will play as a Dragon friend named Nibbler with beautiful skin and look. Nibbler seems unusual as it feels hungry quickly, wanting to eat anything he sees. He can swallow birds, big animals, or any animal he finds attractive. You will play by helping Nibbler get all he wants.

On the screen, you will find a blue blood jar at the right corner (Upper Section) that shows what Nibbler has to eat to survive and how much longer he can survive. The game is simple; the bigger Nibbler gets, the more it lives and the more its vitality. You have to be on the lookout to feed Nibbler.

This game will end when the Dragon runs out of strength. The Dragons have 7 levels of strength arranged from lowest to the highest in this game  XS > S > M > L > XL.

In each level, the Dragon eats different creatures. For instance, at the XS level, dragons can eat fish, birds, sheep, and humans.

Enjoy this game better when you download the Hungry Dragon APK Latest Version. You can find the Hungry Dragon APK Download on our website.

Features of Hungry Dragon Game

Great User Interface

The Hungry Dragon game is easy to play and navigate. There is no complexity in controlling the Dragons in this game. Each setting option is provided at the top of the game, where you can check and carry out any action you want to.

In addition, there is no complexity in controlling the Dragons. The game has a two-way control. You either tilt your phone or use the control button. This is quite simple.

Engage In Tournaments

Developers provided this feature to make the game engaging and fun. Players are offered a Dragon warrior that has full basic armor. With the Dragon warrior, your aim is to register for tournament games, train the Dragon and fight to win by making the Dragon warrior the last creature standing.

In the tournaments, Dragons are listed in ranking order; any player whose name is found on the list receives an award which can be used to increase and enjoy more battle experience.


In the Hungry Dragon APK, players can open different powers to strengthen the Dragon. Aside from unlocking powers, players get money and gems to upgrade or open different Dragons.

Graphics and Sound

Hungry Dragon has a good sound and graphics that fit the gameplay. If you love the Hungry shark world game, you cannot go wrong with this game.


Download Hungry Dragon APK to enjoy these features and unique gameplay. Also, you will be able to play as your favorite Dragon Character.

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