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Shadow Fight 4 APK 1.9.10



Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 199.80 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer NEKKI
Google Play Link com.nekki.shadowfightarena

Download Shadow Fight 4 APK to enjoy epic 3D fights. Explore multiplayer arena, legendary heroes, skin, and talents. Enjoy everything max level and fight to the death.

Game Description

Shadow Fight 4 is a free-to-install video game developed by NEKKI and released in November 2020. Action is one part of life that everyone enjoys. Individuals love actions like shows, movies, and video games because they are thrilling.

The Shadow Fight 4 APK game is one of the best combat games. It is part of the Shadow Fighting series and has gotten lots of recognition from gamers. Get the game on your Android, iOS, or Windows device.

If you enjoy action games and have tried the Shadow Fight series, you would want the Shadow Fight 4 video game. Game developers have designed many fighting games, and Shadow Fight 4 APK is among the most fantastic games you would have. Get ready to feast on the action prepared for you in this series.

You will have to improve your skills if you wish to fight real players and come out victorious. One of the best aspects of this part is the number of characters waiting to be open. Powerful characters like Yukka, Fireguard, Helga, Marcus, Kibo, Ironclad, and Shang can be open as you play the game.

All these characters possess exciting qualities you do not want to miss out on. Please take advantage of their skills and abilities as you engage in combat. The shadow ability possessed by each hero is powerful, and you can use them to overcome your opponents.

Features of Shadow Fight 4 APK

Check out the fantastic features of Shadow Fight 4 APK:

Fight To Death

When humans encounter dangerous scenarios, they have the urge to fight. This is natural when they face deadly animals and hazardous humans.

However, in movies, games, and shows, humans cannot help but be attached to the screen when fights arise. Martial arts are common these days, and fans of this genre enjoy them. Shadow Fight 4 APK is a fight video game loved by every action gamer.

The game developer brought new perks to boost the experience and give players a different spark. Unlike the other games released in this series, playing against opponents in battles is possible, and you can select 3 heroes. You have the liberty to pick from the best heroes. Make your decision from Hong-Joo, Marcus, Emperor, Sarge, Jack Bulwark, Jet, Azuma, Kibo, Shang, Kate, Ling, and so on.

Note that these heroes come with unique skills and capabilities, and you can use them to your advantage when you get the game. These heroes also come with various talents; you can upgrade them whenever you like. Have fun fighting a real player and grabbing many rewards while climbing the scoreboard.

Legendary Heroes

Shadow Fight 4 APK 2022 gives players the chance to gather unique heroes with exciting qualities. Your characters would comprise epic rare and common. Get cards from the boxes you get and openyour heroes. You can also do this when you visit the shop.

Utilize the standard skills, the characters' unique abilities, and even their shadow abilities. Set up exciting rampages and storm the battlefield with your favorite hero. As you play, you will discover the long-range, medium-range, short range and melee fighters. They are all powerful, so make a choice and start living out your dream today.

Game Controls

The game comes with easy and intuitive controls that bring out your life's fun and exciting part. Shadow Fight 4 APK can be played with the optimized joystick so you can move your character in whatever direction you please.

The magic abilities and shadow power buttons are locked. Utilize the kick and punch buttons to launch an attack on your adversaries. Unleashing magical shadow powers can be done with the Shadow powers button. For more convenient gameplay, adjust the control button size to suit your preference.

Fight Pass

Getting rewards and open legendary heroes has been made easy with the Fight Pass feature of Shadow Fight 4 latest version. This feature is activated for a month. To unlock the premium items, you must complete different tasks and missions. By purchasing this pass, you have access to heroes, premium skins, and other exciting perks.

Purchase the fight pass for several consecutive months and stand a chance to get many fantastic rewards. Your character's skins and talents can also be opened with the pass.

3D Fights

This feature allows you to enjoy the game quality and gameplay in 3D. You would enjoy the game to the fullest as its fights are realistic and highly detailed. Get to Shadow Fight 4 APK level 52 max by creating your 3-man team. Each of your characters would come with unique abilities. You can conquer your enemies by using unique tactics and skills.

Create your strategy as your form your team so that you can easily defeat your enemies. Open the superpowers, and remember to employ them as you fight. Get money and other rewards when you fight your opponents, and use the money to upgrade your character for the coming races.

Final Thoughts

Shadow Fight 4 APK download is among the popular action games on mobile devices. Fight real players and open fantastic heroes. These heroes come with unique shadow abilities and powers. The game has a realistic outlook, and the controls are easy to maneuver. Create your team and get ready to make the necessary upgrades. Download the game for free and enjoy all its features.

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