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Compatible with Android 5.0+
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Category Entertainment
Developer Nanditodesuyo

Animasu APK is one of the best anime streaming apps on the market. It offers several quality of life features that most other streaming applications fail to provide.

Introduction To Animasu APK

Anime as a whole has had a huge spike in popularity in the past few years. Once a small niche is now one of the biggest sources of entertainment on the planet! Watching anime, however, has always been a pain that all our fellow anime lovers can share. There are either paid membership based applications or platforms. Or there are knock off free websites that offer anime streaming for free but with countless ads bombarding and ruining your anime streaming experience.

But what if there was an application that could provide free anime streaming on par with the quality of paid platforms, yet being completely free of ads? Introducing, Animasu APK latest version. It is one of the best free anime streaming applications available and is easily on par if not better than any of the paid ones.

It features an Intuitive User Interface which is so easy to navigate that any user regardless of their prior experience with technology, can utilize the app seamlessly. A huge catalog of anime consisting of countless shows from all genres and even regions such as Korea and Chinese. And most importantly, it offers all these premium features completely free of cost AND free of ads!

How To Use Animasu APK 2023

  • To use Animasu APK you will have to download the file from a trusted website, and our website ensures the safety of your device.
  • Therefore, you do not need to hesitate, simply click on the Animasu APK Download button that we have provided below.
  • When you tap on the download button, your browser will at first issue you a warning pop-up about the potential threats this file can have on your Android device.
  • But worry not! Simply tap download anyway, as this is just the Animasu APK Android installation file.
  • Once it finishes downloading, head over to your Download Manager application, and search for the file you just downloaded. It can be found in the recently downloaded files.
  • Run the installation file.
  • Your Android package installer may refuse to express installation at first, just tap settings and allow the installation from unknown sources option in the security section.
  • Once enabled, run the installation file once again, and finish installing.
  • Launch Animasu APK.
  • Once the Animasu APK opens, you will view some recommended anime and a search bar, where you can find any of your favorite anime for free without ads!
  • You can explore multiple types of animes, it also has filters where you can categorize multiple types of animes of your favorite type or whatever your mood settles with.

Useful Features In Animasu APK

Animasu APK is so renowned among anime streaming apps because of its superior features. We have given the best ones below.

Powerful Navigation Tools

The Animasu APK features a set of really powerful navigation tools. If you have an anime show that you want to watch in mind, you can use the search bar and get the perfect search result in no time. Additionally, there are countless powerful filter tools that include filtering genres, airing recency, etc.

Intuitive User Interface

Animasu APK features a really good User Interface making it really easy for users to navigate. Whether it is scrolling around and searching for a new show to watch, or if you are already watching an episode/movie and want to seek forward or backward. It also includes a Dark Mode to make it easier for users to watch at night without straining their eyes.

High Quality Ad Free Streaming

Animasu APK offers anime streaming in really high quality and has little to no buffering. Several streaming links and servers are provided. Additionally, the streaming service is completely ad free, in turn letting users enjoy their favorite anime shows in peace. The streaming is also complimented by really good and accurate subtitles. Animasu APK’s streaming services are one of its most renowned features as it is easily on par with most of the giant paid anime platforms like Crunchyroll.

Tips To Use Animasu APK

As mentioned earlier, Animasu APK has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, which in turn, makes it very easy to navigate. But still, we have given some tips below that you can utilize and use Animasu APK as best as possible.

Utilize Filters

Since Animasu APK features a powerful search bar that you can use to find exactly the anime or show you are looking for, filters become a useless feature. However, in case you do not have a specific show to watch in mind, you can use the filters to help you find a cool show that fits your mood. These filters have lots of options such as genres, showtimes, already aired or currently airing, etc.

Wishlist and Tagging

Animasu APK lets users wishlist or mark/tag any show to their watchlist. This is a really good way to keep track of all the shows you have watched, and also to list all the shows you want to watch. The good thing about Animasu APK is that there is no limit to the number of anime shows you can tag and add to your watchlist!


To conclude, Animasu APK is one of the best and well-made anime streaming applications. The features it has to offer outweigh all other similar apps. A huge catalog of anime that is sure to keep you occupied in the world of anime for hours every day! A dark mode to aid the already well made User Interface, high-quality streaming with little to no buffering and appropriate subtitles to complement it, and much more. If you are looking for a free, small, easy to use, and ad free experience then Animasu APK is exactly what you need.

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