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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Size 97 MB
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Team Vanced

Youtube Blue APK is the easiest solution for watching videos without the hassle and problems of vanilla Youtube. You can’t go wrong with Youtube Blue APK download.

Youtube Blue APK: Personalize Your Youtube Experience

Youtube Blue APK latest version, is the best way to stream videos on your Android devices. You won’t have to constantly wait for the annoying ads to finish before starting or resuming your videos if you use the Youtube Blue APK update. You also have access to some other cool features with Youtube Blue APK Android, like background video playing and bypassing region locking.

Youtube Blue APK 2024 allows you to tailor your Youtube preferences so anything you don’t like to see won’t appear in your feed. You can adjust the type of suggestions you want to show up every time you browse the home page, and not only that, if you prefer to watch ads, you can control the type of ads you want to see.

Youtube Blue APK free can also be used to adjust the video quality settings and download any videos directly without the help of any other third-party App. In a nutshell, Youtube Blue APK is what users wanted from the original Youtube, but it couldn’t deliver. The developers of Youtube Blue APK saw the public demand and created their version, which undoubtedly has convinced many people to switch over to it.

Youtube Blue APK is a game changer and one of the best examples of modern-day innovation for an App that is used by almost every person who owns an Android device. The benefits of Youtube Blue APK cannot be denied even by those who don’t want to switch over; the arguments for upgrading are many, but none against it.

How to Use Youtube Blue APK?

  1. Youtube Blue APK isn’t a heavy file; you won’t have to wait long before the downloading and installation process is complete. After Youtube Blue APK is successfully on your Android device, you can start streaming videos immediately. Youtube Blue APK relies on your device’s data, so you should provide access for a smoother experience.
  2. Youtube Blue APK can be customized according to your preferences by heading into the App’s settings. The options for the exclusive features of Youtube Blue APK can be adjusted here, such as turning the ads on or off. If you want the ads to play during videos, you can set which ads appear.
  3. Youtube Blue APK also allows for changing the regional location of your device so that if a video is blocked in your local country, you can shift to a different region to watch those videos. Youtube Blue APK also supports background play which you can toggle on or off. It’s better to leave the background play on because it is a really handy feature.
  4. Youtube Blue APK makes setting the video quality preference for viewing settings and downloading easier. You can set the highest quality available on the video if your device can support the resolution output; otherwise, it’s best to leave the auto adjustment on default.

Exciting Features of Youtube Blue APK to Lookout For

Youtube Blue APK is packed with many brilliant features you will have fun using. We will take a look at some of the best ones to help you out.

In Built Ad-Blocker

The biggest attraction of Youtube Blue APK is that it allows you to stream videos without annoying ads interrupting your enjoyment with its built-in ad-blocker. The ad-blocker isn’t something that will give you trouble like others, and you will experience a much smoother experience.

Video Background Play

Youtube Blue APK allows you to do other things on your device and let the video play in the background even after exiting the App. This is very convenient for multi-tasking and if you’re texting someone but want the video to continue playing.

High-Quality Video Support

You can select the quality resolution of the videos when you use Youtube Blue APK through the App’s settings menu. Youtube Blue APK offers a range of support for the highest quality version of videos for streaming and downloading up to 4K resolution, provided your device can handle it.

Blue Background

Aesthetically speaking, the interface of Youtube Blue APK is very eye-catching. Instead of the traditional dark and white-themed look of the standard Youtube App, you have the option to switch between white and a beautiful light blue color.

Bypassing Regional Restrictions

Youtube Blue APK has a cool feature to bypass the regional locks and banned videos on the vanilla Youtube App. You can adjust the location setting of the Youtube Blue APK to a country where the banned content can be played, and you can enjoy the unblocked videos.

Helpful Tips for Using Youtube Blue APK

Youtube Blue APK is a simple App, but if you need some help getting started, don’t worry, as we have some helpful tips for you.

Don’t Mess With the Default Settings

If you’re not tech-savvy, then it’s better for you to leave the default settings as they are and not change anything. The settings of Youtube Blue APK were designed in such a way by the developers that you will likely not have to change anything anyway.

Create Playlists to Play in the Background

With the playback feature of Youtube Blue APK you can create entire playlists. These playlists are best for when you’re doing something else, like if you want something to play for you as you work out, read a book, or even chat with a friend.

Final Thoughts

Youtube Blue APK is a certified hit, and there’s no reason to stall the upgrade from the standard Youtube App. I highly recommend checking out Youtube Blue APK; its brilliant features are a testament to the vision and ingenuity of the creators of this wonderful App.

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