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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 169 MB
Category Personalization
Developer Intertech Services AG

Yandex Japan APK is a web browser application similar to well-known web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. It has fast searches and features quick responses.

Introduction To Yandex Japan APK

Surfing the internet is a necessity for most of the global population nowadays. Everyone has a different reason for browsing the internet. For some it could be for entertainment purposes, for others it could be work, education, etc. Either way, everyone needs to make use of a web browser to access the internet and the unimaginable amount of data on the network.

A web browser allows the user to filter or search up the content and information they need. Recently, a web browser known as Yandex Japan APK has been slowly rising up in popularity. Just like any other conventional web browser, Yandex Japan APK allows users to search and filter information and data they need on the internet. Unlike the big tech giants and their web browsers, Yandex Japan has no corporate bias and does its job without involving unnecessary politics in every aspect.

Yandex Japan APK has a very low response time, you can get countless search results in mere milliseconds. There are many other customization settings and quality-of-life features that makes Yandex Japan APK quite a good alternative web browser. We will look into these features with a bit more detail later on in the article.

How To Use Yandex Japan APK 2024

  • The Yandex Japan APK app can be downloaded on any Android device for free.
  • Our website provides the users with the free Yandex Japan APK Download link.
  • This link is a download promt for the Yandex Japan APK free installation file.
  • When you click the link, you will get a warning pop up by your browser, telling you that this file can be harmful for your device and will not start the download.
  • Simply press download anyway to start the download, and rest assured as this file is completely safe.
  • Wait for the file to finish downloading. The file size is quite small so the wait should not be too long.
  • Once it is complete, open your Android device’s file manager and navigate to the recently downloaded files. Locate the Yandex Japan APK Android installation file that you just downloaded and run it.
  • This will promt the installation procedure to start.
  • Your Android device will send an interruption in the form of another warning pop up denying installation due to the file coming from an unknown and 3rd party source.
  • Press settings and then check the allowance from this source option.
  • Express installation again and follow through with the procedure.
  • Launch Yandex Japan APK and log in to your Yandex account. Create a new one if you do not already have one and start browsing.
  • The browser can be utilized even without logging in, but it is always recommended to log in so that the built in cookies can track your data to improve your experience.
  • With an account, you can also sync your data and access your favorite sites with your passwords and accounts already logged in on any device.

Useful Features Of Yandex Japan APK

In this part of the article, we will take a look at some of the aforementioned features of Yandex Japan APK with a little bit of detail.


Just like any other web browser, Yandex Japan APK also makes use of cookies to monitor your searches and preferred websites, account information such as passwords, etc. But unlike the other browsers, this data is used solely for improving your experience. This information stays secure and is not at the risk of being sold or leaked in any way.

Incognito Mode

The Incognito Mode is for those users who wish to have a completely private session of internet surfing. The incognito mode keeps no track of any passwords or accounts entered into a website, no search history, etc. There are some temporary cookies still present to improve the experience, but once the incognito mode is turned off, all data will be deleted except the data that was stored prior to turning incognito mode on.

Customization Options

Switching between tabs is super easy, but it’s also exciting. Yandex Japan APK allows you to fully customize the backgrounds of each and every tab separately. You can choose one of the preset designs, or choose a photo from your gallery.

Password Protection

Yandex Japan APK allows you to save your passwords and account information. This way you will not have to manually type in the information every time you need to log in or access said site. You can of course opt out of this feature by turning it off in the setting if you find it to be unsafe.

Tips To Use Yandex Japan APK

We have given some tips below that you can observe to improve your experience with Yandex Japan APK.

Bookmark Your Favorite Sites

Yandex Japan APK allows users to bookmark sites and open them through the quick access section on the home page. To access the quick access, just create a new tab, and you should see each and every site you have bookmarked.

Utilize Instant Search Bar

As mentioned earlier, Yandex Japan APK can provide search results very quickly. But the search bar itself can give answers. For example, you can type “current weather in London”, and without having to hit search, the search bar will show the current temperature in London instantly.


Everyone agrees that web browsers like Chrome or Opera are really good. But what everyone also knows is that they keep track of all your data and create a profile which can be used for malicious purposes if leaked. Yandex Japan APK saves you from all that worry, and provides you with an equally good web browsing service for free and without any danger of having your personal information being leaked.

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