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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 10.06 Mb
Category Tools
Developer Sangiorgi Srl
Google Play Link as.wps.wpatester

Download WPS WPA Tester Premium to determine a secured WIFI connection. With this app, you can check your WiFi hotspot security with a PIN or WPS protocol.

Description of WPS WPA Tester Premium APK Latest Version

WPS WPA Tester Premium is a great app for confirming or checking the status of a WIFI hotspot before connecting to it, and it is the paid version of the WPS WPA Tester APK. This application is effective in telling you if a wireless network connection is safe or not. WPS WPA Tester Premium APK provides top features for users to explore while using the app; it supports connections reading through WIFi PIN or MAC WPS Protocol.

The many features this app offers have attracted many users worldwide. You can use this application on any network platform, but it is mainly recommended for personal use.

Usually, in the WPS WPA Tester APK, users need to use a rooted device; however, there's no need to root devices with the WPS WPA Tester Premium APK 2024; it has updated and optimized its features so that it works on all move devices without rooting.

The WPS WPA Tester  Premium improves the original version in features and utility, and it will help users check the data streams from a linked gadget.

Also, you can carry out a speed test for the WIFI connection. WPS WPA Tester Premium has updated a lot of functions and user experience from the original version in that it increases the Security layer and control over equipment to give users warning about any suspected u safety.

This application has proved its success in many areas. For instance, with this app, you will find out the level of vulnerability your access point WIFI has. If any flaw is detected, WPS WPA Tester Premium gives you a helpful suggestion to make the Access point safer. Isn't this awesome? WPS WPA Tester Premium has unique views and scenes for users to enjoy a smooth experience.

Sangiorgi Srl developed and published this awesome application with over 100 thousand downloads on Google play. Users have to pay to access the original premium app; however, with the WPS WPA Tester Premium APK Android, you will enjoy most freemium.

Features of WPS WPA Tester Premium APK Android

We cannot underemphasize the many features WPS WPA Tester Premium offers at a small cost. Anyways, below are some outstanding features of this app;

Easy-to-use interface

This is one of the many outstanding features of WPS WPA Tester Premium. It is simple to use, and you can easily see all its numerous features. In addition to its minimalist interface, when you open the app, it does not ask for personal information. All you need to do is download the app on your device, search for a WiFi connection and explore its features.

You will know the performance of your WIFI immediately when you start using the app. This is super amazing.

WIFI passcode sharing

WPS WPA Tester Premium allows users to scan networks and press the show password feature to display a passcode and share it with others. Usually, the original version requires a rooted device for this feature to function; however, there's no need for that on the Premium APK.

Calculate access points algorithms

This application effectively calculates and tests transmission lines with the WiFi access point you connected to via MAC WPS Address. If there's any problem encountered in this process, WPS WPA Tester Premium detects and sends a notification to users to handle the problem promptly.

Also, if you're using a personal hotspot, this app lets you know anyone is using your connection, and you can block the connection.

Scans Large Scale WiFi availability

WPS WPA Tester Premium has the ability to scan a large environment WiFi. With this app, you will easily find WIFI hotspots around you and also unlock their passwords, and this has helped users to secure their WiFi connection at all times.

Fast WiFi Encryption speed

Encryption of passwords with this app happens at a fast rate. Although this depends on the type of WiFi and is always different, this app supports fast-speed WIFI password encryption. All you have to do is follow the guidelines.

High-Security Check

Remember that the main aim of this application is to determine the security of the WIFI you're connected to; therefore, WPS WPA Tester Premium guarantees users security at all times by protecting your device from thefts.


Undoubtedly, WPS WPA Tester Premium is a great app to secure a good WiFi Hotspot. Join thousands of users to download and explore this application.

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