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Wildlife Park APK 1.0.37



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Size 270.6 MB
Category Simulation
Developer b-alive GmbH
Google Play Link de.balive.wildlifepark

Build your own zoo, and attract hundreds of visitors to earn money in Wildlife Park APK. Expand your zoo collection and become famous in Wildlife Park APK free.

Wildlife Park APK: A Great Zoo Construction Simulator

Wildlife Park APK download is a fantastic game where you create your own version of a zoo and bring animals to feature as attractions. You can design the map layout however you wish in Wildlife Park APK Android, but remember that if it’s inconvenient for customers, they might not return.

Wildlife Park APK Android sets itself apart from most construction simulators because you have to cater to not just the customers but also manage the animals in the zoo. Wildlife Park APK latest version will have you switching your focus between expanding your zoo by constructing different enclosures and keeping up with the maintenance of previously built ones.

Wildlife Park APK heavily emphasizes animal care, and you will have to meet the needs of the different wildlife in your zoo if you want to run your business successfully. Animals in Wildlife Park are diverse and require different methods to keep them healthy and happy, and you have to hire staff to take care of them.

Wildlife Park APK is a fun and engaging game where you’ll spend hours balancing everything and still not getting fatigued. The animal variety in Wildlife Park APK is very impressive and even more complex when you factor in how each species requires different methods for training. The game has lots of customization options for making your zoo stand out.

How to Play Wildlife Park APK?

  1. The filesize of Wildlife Park APK isn’t very big, so you won’t have to wait long for the game to finish downloading and installing on your device. Also, since the game’s files won’t occupy a huge chunk of your device’s memory, you can play the game without worrying about running out of space.
  2. Wildlife Park APK relies on a touch/tap control scheme; most actions will happen this way. Choosing a building type and then selecting the area to build it with another tap is the main gameplay mechanic, and after the construction element is done, you enter the management phase. Selecting an animal and the enclosure will open up the different actions available to you.
  3. In Wildlife Park APK, you must look for shortcomings in your zoo’s layout. If a main attraction is too far, people might get tired along the way, so consider placing benches and food stalls. Sprucing up your zoo’s look with trees and different kinds of flowers will not only look aesthetically pleasing but might attract more visitors.
  4. You can build aquariums, have different aquatic life species, and dedicate entire sections to other animals. Different maps and exciting challenges await you in Wildlife Park APK as you test your park and zoo management skills in various regions worldwide, like the tundra or Sahara.
  5. You have to cater to all age groups in your park; installing a separate fishing pond and dedicated picnic spots opens up lucrative avenues in Wildlife Park APK. You also have to train stubborn animals to behave if they’re aggressive towards customers, and by purchasing proper equipment, turn them into popular attractions.

Exciting Features of Wildlife Park APK to Lookout For

Wildlife Park APK is packed with plenty of wonderful features that you’ll enjoy discovering. We will talk about some of the more surprising ones that impressed us.

1.    Variety of Wild Animals

Animals in Wildlife Park APK are incredibly detailed and diverse. You will see the usual ones like lions and tigers, but other rarer species like leopards, panthers, and cheetahs will also appear in the game. Similarly, reptiles and birds have different variants, as well as fish. You will feel like a kid going to the zoo when you play Wildlife Park APK.

2.    No Limits For Landscaping

Wildlife Park APK constantly surprises players with how detailed and in-depth the construction element of the game is and how you can build anything you want wherever you want on the map. If there’s a spot on the map you like, your park and zoo will reach there, making you feel like a businessman.

3.    Management Staff

Wildlife Park APK has brilliantly incorporated the management side of owning a park and zoo. After all, if you’re the owner, you can’t do everything by yourself. Hiring animal care specialists is critical for ensuring the park and zoo remain functional and the place doesn’t fall apart. As you continue expanding your business, hiring vets, animal trainers, cleaning staff, and engineers goes hand in hand.

4.    Park Attractions

Wildlife Park APK offers many ways to install attractions creatively and make people flock to your park and zoo. Slides, swings, picnic spots, flowers, and music naturally invite people, as you will see a surge in customers because of these features. In the latter part of the game, you can even purchase exotic animals, and people will come to see them too.

Helpful Tips for Playing Wildlife Park APK

Wildlife Park APK is a fantastic game with many things happening simultaneously, so the game might feel overwhelming for new players. If you need help, we have a few tips to ease you into the game.

1.    Don’t Stray From One Objective For Too Long

Wildlife Park APK brings a lot of info dump on players, and the first thing to remember to make the game easy to follow is to set your mind on basic objectives. Don’t worry about what else is happening in the game, and focus on completing the original objective that you decided on. If you forget things, look at the list of objectives in the game’s HUD.

2.    Make Convenient Layouts

You can design the layout of your zoo and park however you want, but if you make things hard for people, they won’t like their experience which will reduce the number of paying customers. To avoid the problem, you can make your venue’s layout convenient for the people.

Final Thoughts

Wildlife Park APK is a fun and addictive game where you’ll spend countless hours to make the ultimate animal theme park and zoo. I highly recommend checking it out.

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