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Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Size 76 MB
Category Communication
Developer Alexmods

The newest version of the popular service known as WhatsApp Plus APK is all the rage. WhatsApp Plus Azul provides users with all of the vanilla features and then some.

WhatsApp Plus APK: The Best Of The WhatsApp Variant Bunch

WhatsApp Plus APK is a refined and upgraded version of the vanilla WhatsApp service, which is currently heralded as the best iteration so far. WhatsApp Plus download is jam-packed with new features that will keep you guessing what you’ll come across next.

WhatsApp Plus original contains all of the things you know and love about the vanilla WhatsApp service, plus additions that fans were waiting for. On top of everything else, the developers of WhatsApp Plus latest version have given the default color scheme a much-needed makeover.

WhatsApp Plus for Android has been designed for users to have maximum utilization. Whether through advanced security features, bypassing the limits of sharing original WhatsApp, or the freedom of customization that WhatsApp Plus 2024 offers, you can do it all and lots more.

How to Use WhatsApp Plus APK?

  1. The first thing to do if you want to use WhatsApp Plus free is to download and install it on your device. The small file size of WhatsApp Plus will ensure that it doesn’t take too long.
  2. Once WhatsApp has been successfully opened, and the relevant information regarding the account details has been entered, you’re all set. You can start checking out all the different features of WhatsApp Plus for yourself and see what's new.
  3. WhatsApp Plus can customize how your text appears in the typing space, and the recipients will also see it in the different style. The option of multiple variants of gifs is also available in WhatsApp Plus to give you more incentive to experiment.
  4. The sharing option is also given a much-needed boost in WhatsApp Plus. Simple things like images, audio and video files, or photos can be forwarded to multiple contacts in a single stretch instead of 5 at a time, like in the original WhatsApp.


Exciting Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

The features of WhatsApp Plus APK are genuine and guaranteed to elevate your experience with the App. We’ve spotlighted some of the unique features of WhatsApp Plus APK.

Improved Security Feature

WhatsApp Plus APK has taken great caution to prevent your privacy from being disturbed and introduced security measures for this very purpose. Functions like WhatsApp lock and private chat lock prevent unauthorized access to your conversations by locking them.

The locked chats and WhatsApp App can only be unlocked once the correct pin code, pattern, or fingerprint is provided. The encryption from vanilla WhatsApp is also present, and you can access user logs to see at what times WhatsApp Plus was used for fishing out culprits using it.

Larger File Sharing Capacity

Two main complaints against vanilla WhatsApp were the limits that had been placed for file sizes that could be shared through it and how WhatsApp only allowed forwarding messages to up to only 5 contacts at a time.

Both problems have been handily resolved in WhatsApp Plus APK. Where vanilla WhatsApp only allows for 15 to 16 MB size files to be shared between users, WhatsApp Plus APK allows 100 MBs, and you can forward messages to as many contacts as you want at a time.

Deep Level of Customization

WhatsApp Plus APK has a very in-depth level of customization that you’ll have a lot of fun checking out. WhatsApp Plus APK has loads of themes with varying color schemes which you can install right from the App itself without having to download it from a separate webpage.

Also, WhatsApp Plus APK allows you to change your text's font style, color, and size. The status you can set can be of a longer duration than the default length in the original WhatsApp, plus you can hide your online status, and blue tick read on messages.


Helpful Tips for Using WhatsApp Plus APK

Once you’ve got your hands on WhatsApp Plus APK, you might need a little help to get started, and for this purpose, we’ll be sharing some helpful tips.

Make Use of the Do Not Disturb Mode

If there’s a situation when your phone isn’t going to be with you, then it’s best to make use of Do Not Disturb Mode for WhatsApp APK. The main goal of ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ is to block incoming calls and messages on WhatsApp.

Send Pictures & Images Directly From The Web

Another benefit of using WhatsApp Plus APK is that you don’t have to download an image or a picture on your device before sharing it. WhatsApp Plus APK allows the direct sending of online images, which saves your time and the memory space of your device.

The Advanced Cleaner Organizes Your Chats

There is a built-in cleaner in WhatsApp Plus APK, which you can use to delete chats and keep a tidy look for your chat section. Only relevant and prioritized chats will be on the home page of WhatsApp Plus APK, which will clear your phone’s memory of the useless items stored within it.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp Plus APK is a huge upgrade in terms of the multiple benefits provided to users. There are many upsides, but not a single negative one came about as far as our personal experience WhatsApp Plus APK is concerned.

I highly recommend checking WhatsApp Plus APK, and seeing how well it performs for you, especially in providing security and the increased upper limit of file sharing. We found those two features to be of exceptional convenience that won us over to switching to WhatsApp Plus APK.

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