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Compatible with Android 5.1+
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Developer Nextwave Multimedia
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Experience realistic cricket on your mobile with innovative gameplay and controls, multiplayer game modes, and much more with World Cricket Championship 3 APK.

Introduction To World Cricket Championship 3 APK

In the recent years, cricket has been slowly rising up in the ranks of global popularity when it comes to sports. It has already overtaken baseball and its charts show no signs of slowing down. And like every other sport that becomes overly famous, video games based on cricket have been made.

World Cricket Championship 3 APK or WCC3 APK is one of these games and has caught the attention of countless cricket fans. The downloads are already in the millions. WCC3 APK offers the players a very realistic cricket experience all on the comfort of their Android devices. The game offers a brand new set of controls, way better than the previous games. The graphics and gameplay have also had a huge upgrade, new animations, improved visuals, enhanced sound design, all creating a very realistic experience for the player.

Players can create their dream team with a custom name and players of their choosing. Of course these players they will have to unlock or buy using the new auction feature. Several game modes like the world cup or the T20 world cup can be simulated and you can participate in them. These game modes can be bought with the in game currency. Additionally, there are offline modes you can play without spending any in game currency just for fun and even play Multiplayer game modes and compete against other players in real time!

How To Play WCC3 APK 2024

  • Wold Cricket Championship 3 APK is available for free on APKCima, our trusted website.
  • Click the WCC3 APK download link to get the installation file for the game.
  • Your browser will warn you that the file you are trying to download can be harmful since it is from an unknown source, press download anyway. This file is completely safe so you do not need to worry about your device being harmed as well.
  • Once the installation file is downloaded, open your file manager and locate the file in your recent downloads.
  • Now run the file to express installation.
  • Once you complete the procedure, you will be able to launch WCC3 APK latest version.
  • The game can be played without signing in and even offline, but it is recommended to sign in first and then start playing. This way you will get to experience the game with many privileges that otherwise would not have access to.
  • Anyhow once you sign in, choose a game mode and choose your team.
  • You get to choose your own uniform for your chosen team.
  • You get 3 different batting controls; Hit Button, Pull and Release, and Swipe Control. Choose one that fits your playstyle.
  • When bowling, you get several options of styles to bowl with. These will differ from each bowler as they have different styles. Choose one, set the speed of your throw, then use the joystick/slider on the left to aim where the ball should land.
  • You can earn rewards like gold or platinum from games that you play live.
  • You can also auto-play games by spending gold to up your ranking in the leaderboard.

Exciting Features Of WCC3 APK

WCC3 APK is rising in popularity at a very high rate, all thanks to its innovative features in the mobile gaming world and improvements from previous games. Here are some of its features.

Stunning Graphics And Animations

WCC3 APK has the best graphics any mobile cricket game has to offer as of right now. The game does not look pixelated like the previous titles. You can tone the graphics down if your Android device is lagging as the game does require high processing power for its ultra graphics setting.

But once you tone them down, your lag issues will be fixed, and the toned-down graphics are still better than most other games. There are really cool animations like intros and outros to matches, and during a match as.

Advanced Gameplay

WCC3 APK has some really in depth controls that create a high skill ceiling and rewarding experience for dedicated players. It also encourages the players to practice the game more often as there is a lot of potential for everyone to hone their skills and reach higher rankings on the multiplayer leaderboard.

Tips To Play WCC3 APK

This game can be relatively difficult for new players, here are some tips to help you improve at WCC3 APK.

Analyze Your Opponent’s Team

Before starting your match, look at each player on the enemy team and their strengths and weaknesses. Create a plan of action beforehand, so that you can play accordingly. Each player has a strength, but each strength can be countered with one factor or another. Switch up your team composition accordingly and profit from your opponent’s weakness.

Concentrate While Playing

Make sure you are never zoned out when playing. Pay close attention to the ball and to where it will go. Sometimes you will have to go for a safe shot, other times when the ball is in your current batsman’s zone, go for a big shot.

You cannot go on the “auto-pilot” mode as it is called in the gaming community. If you feel like you are not in the zone, just pause the game or use the Auto-play feature and spend a little bit of your gold. Concentration is key to improving your gameplay in WCC3 APK.


WCC3 APK offers cricket fans a way to experience cricket on their Android devices like never before. The outcome of your favorite team depends not on the players this time, but completely on you as the player. WCC3 APK’s gameplay will get you on the edge of your seat every time you play. Enjoy the most realistic cricket game available right now on your Android device for free, compete against real players, and climb the ranks to the top!

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