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Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 436.2 MB
Category Adventure
Developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Google Play Link eu.bandainamcoent.verylittlenightmares

Very Little Nightmares APK is an atmospheric puzzle adventure game that fans of the horror genre will enjoy. The game is a prequel to the acclaimed Little Nightmares.

Very Little Nightmares APK: Once More Into The Darkness

Very Little Nightmares APK download has a brilliant horror setting, where we step into the role of a small girl wearing a yellow raincoat, which helps her stand out against the dark environment. The players must navigate the strange house she’s in and avoid being caught by the terrifying creatures lurking in the shadows.

The sound design and art style of Very Little Nightmares APK Android is a benchmark for modern horror games. The darkness surrounds the girl, creepy noises come from all around, and sometimes there is utter silence as you shimmy across a narrow gap where if you lose focus, the little girl falls into the depths; all these factors make for an immersive ambiance.

Very Little Nightmares APK free continues the formula of keeping the story vague and lets the players piece the plot together by observing the environment for clues and story nuggets. The sinister enemy encounters are intense and require you to avoid capture quickly.

Very Little Nightmares APK has excellent puzzles that will make you think about your next move to progress. You will need precision timing to ensure you don’t fall for the traps and find a way around them.

Background Story: Very Little Nightmares APK

Very Little Nightmares APK is a prequel to the first game, but you don’t need to have played it to understand the complete narrative of this game. The story unfolds in a different location called ‘The Nest’, a massive mansion situated atop the cliff right at the edge, and there’s nothing but the ocean below the small piece of land.

Our protagonist’s air balloon crashes into the attic of ‘The Nest’ where she awakens to find herself inside the dark and creepy mansion. Children are inside cages, darkness surrounds most areas, and traps are everywhere. She must find a way to escape and learn about the mystery of a mysterious girl who observes her and then flees at different stages.

How to Play Very Little Nightmares APK?

  1. Very Little Nightmares APK has a side scroller, stealth game segments combined with puzzle and platforming elements. The game’s file size isn’t big, and you can start playing after the game has been downloaded and installed on your device.
  2. The control scheme of Very Little Nightmares APK is simple, you tap and click on the environment to see what’s interactable, and the protagonist will perform the relevant actions. Very Little Nightmares APK. Most people might struggle with the main issue of tapping on tiny objects because sometimes taps do not register on them.
  3. Very Little Nightmares APK requires precision to avoid the eye-shaped cameras, similar to the ones found in the Maw in the original game. You will have to maneuver the protagonist at the right time to ensure her survival; if you spam the tap button, it could result in her death.
  4. Very Little Nightmares APK has visually horrifying enemies, and their predicaments are nightmare fuel if you accept the implications at face value. Each one has a different power or poses a different threat, requiring finesse and stealth to escape.

Exciting Features of Very Little Nightmares APK to Lookout For

Very Little Nightmares APK is a fantastic indie gem that is a marvel of creativity and a testament to the developer’s ingenuity and vision. We’ll go over some of the features that make Very Little Nightmares APK great.

Easy Controls

One of the biggest appeals of Very Little Nightmares APK is that the game’s control scheme is made entirely of a single tap mechanic, making the game fun to play. You move in a specific direction by tapping there; similarly, you can interact with the environment and solve puzzles by tapping. You pick up items by tapping over them.

Dangerous & Creepy Enemies

Very Little Nightmares APK already has a dark and bleak environment of ‘The Nest’, but the dread you see when the NPC enemies spot you are on another level. Enemies like the Craftsmen with gangly arms and legs will chase you and capture you faster than you think. The Butler has psychic powers, which he uses to crush you with heavy objects, and the Pretender is an insane tantrum-throwing brat who will vaporize you with her touch.

Brilliant Puzzles

The majority of the time that players will spend inside ‘The Nest’ will consist of puzzle solving to get to the next room. We start in the attic and work our way down to the lowest floor to escape. The puzzles start easy but get progressively difficult as we proceed to the lower levels, and with the enemies, constantly on the prowl, you have to think hard to figure out the solution.

Useful Tips for Playing Very Little Nightmares APK

Very Little Nightmares APK can feel intimidating to new players, especially in the beginning. We’ve got some helpful tips to ease yourself into the game.

Light All Lanterns

The lanterns you come across in Very Little Nightmares APK, in addition to being a literal beacon to stave off the darkness, also save your progress. If you miss out on the lanterns, you’ll be in trouble, as your death would set you back to the start of the level.

Keep Track of Missing Collectibles With Chapter Select

Very Little Nightmares APK has a very informative and precise chapter select feature that will notify you if you’ve missed out on any collectibles; you can load up the chapter to play through the specific section and pick up on anything you’ve missed out.

Final Verdict

Very Little Nightmares APK is a unique and innovative experience and a worthy successor to its predecessor game, fully living up to the hype. I highly recommend checking it out.

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