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Truecaller Premium APK 13.8.8



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Size 80.04 Mb
Category Communication
Developer Truecaller
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Download Truecaller Premium APK to free your mobile phone from unwanted calls and messages. Truecaller Premium APK, AKA Truecaller APK, is a packaged version.

Description of Truecaller Premium APK

Truecaller APK is a great call and contacts management application that allows users to carry out many essential features like blocking unsolicited calls, blocking spam messages.m identifying callers, and many more. Aside from that, users can use Truecaller APK as a replacement for their call and messages app.

One of the most significant importance of Truecaller is that it ensures users call security at all times once they are registered and have connected to an Internet connection. Truecaller has many impressive features. It has become the first choice for many people worldwide when they want to get information about a caller.

Truecaller provides full support to users in their communication. To effectively use this app, your mobile device must be connected to a good Internet provider, Wifi or Mobile Data, and also subscribe to the Truecaller Premium APK. Unlike the Truecaller APK, Truecaller Premium APK offers advanced features, the call reasoning facility to help inform users why someone might be calling them, and improved graphics.

On the Truecaller Premium APK, also known as Truecaller Pro APK, users will enjoy many unique features at a cost that might cost a lot.

However, we have thought of the cost of subscribing or registering to Truecaller Premium APK, and not everyone can afford it; hence we came up with Truecaller APK, where users will enjoy all Premium features for free without paying a dime.

All you have to do is download Truecaller APK 2022. The APK version has Premium and gold membership for all users. You do not have to fear getting premium truecaller service in this version.


Truecaller APK Premium will provide users with the call reasoning facility for free hence helping them know the reason someone is calling them. You can get the Truecaller APK download on our website for free. Join millions of users to download this Apk version.Truecaller developed and published Truecaller Apk with over 1 billion users worldwide. This guarantees the authenticity of this application.

The most recent version of Truecaller  APK is Truecaller Gold Premium 10.47.10 APK, with all unique features for users to enjoy and use. Also, In this version, you cannot find the Truecaller  APK Old Version features, and there is a complex configuration; hence you are assured of the premium features you will get.

Features of Truecaller Premium APK

Here are some of the unique features of Truecaller Premium APK;

Innovative User Interface For Easy Control

What is more interesting than seeing the easy and accessible Controls of an app. This is one of the distinguishing features of Truecaller APK. Users  a. Easily navigate and access all its features. In addition, users can reorganize and personalize the page to do what they want; hence they will understand the app better.

Aside from that, you can change the background style to what you want, making it typical of what you want.

Advanced Caller Identification Display

Truecaller Premium APK automatically displays the real name of any caller, helping you quickly identify the caller. This application displays essential information about the caller, including the address and location. However, note that this works well if the other caller is registered on Truecaller APK.


Enjoy Free Calls with loved ones

This is one of the key features of this app, and users will enjoy talking to their loved ones for free. This doesn't work at all times, though, but you will enjoy this feature on Truecaller Premium and APK latest Version.

Record Phone Calls

Truecaller Premium APK offers users high-performance call recording features. This recording feature recognizes the caller's voice and filters it out to use for other important things hence providing a satisfactory experience for anyone who needs this feature.

Become a Premium and Gold Truecaller Member

This is one of the most significant features Truecaller Premium APK offers its users. With the Gold membership, you quickly see details of anyone viewing your profile while viewing profiles secretly. Also, you are provided with several recording functions and chat groups to communicate with friends.

On the other hand, Gold Membership has a card on your file. This feature is supported if you use a dual sim device.

Drive Backup

Truecaller Premium APK helps users backup contacts, messages, and contacts on the Truecaller drive card. This way, there will be no loss of important contacts or messages.

Additional Features

  • Clean up resources - clear up unwanted contacts or duplicate contacts
  • Access to location maps
  • No shortcuts


All you need to know about Truecaller Premium APK has been provided here. Join millions of users to use this app and download Truecaller APK on our website.

Download Truecaller Premium [80.04 Mb]
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