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Compatible with Android 4.4+
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Category Casual
Developer Playrix
Google Play Link com.playrix.township

Like farming simulation games? Like city management games? Township APK fuses them together brilliantly. Township APK 2022 is a unique product worthy of attention.

Township APK: A Fantastic Blend Of Farming & City Simulator

Township APK latest version is a unique and attention-grabbing melding of two very popular genres of games that people love to play. Very much a casual game, Township APK Android serves as an outlet for a relaxing yet fun time for players who want a change of pace.

Township APK makes the simple concepts of farming crops, collecting resources for managing people's affairs, and animal caring into addictive gameplay mechanics. An element of exploration is involved when venturing out to collect different materials for completing orders.

The game offers no strict deadlines or an overarching plot, so we can play the game at our own pace. We will receive instructions during the game's early stages, which serve as tutorials as the different game mechanics are explained to us.

How to Play Township APK?

  1. When Township APK has been downloaded and installed onto your phone, you can boot it up and start playing immediately. The game cannot be played offline and requires an internet connection.
  2. Once the game starts, we get prompts from one of the NPCs who shows us around the town. The objectives are explained to us step by step, and if we forget something when we’re playing on our own, similar notifications will remind us to help keep track.
  3. Township APK offers a lot to do, like different NPCs who give specific orders that need fulfilling and money is rewarded for completing them. Growing crops is done organically for the town, but later on, the process can be expanded and made efficient via factories.
  4. Animals will also want your attention, as they require feeding and tending. When you advance in the game, the option for creating zoos and breeding animals also opens up.

Exciting Features to Lookout for In Township APK

Township APK is a game that is densely filled with really cool features. We will talk about some of the more unique features that make Township APK so popular.

Constructing Buildings

One of the main attractions of Township APK is the buildings, and depending on the orders you receive from the NPCs, you have to construct the specific one. From grocery stores, restaurants, housing colonies, factories, town halls, schools, and so on.

Rewards are given when a citizen’s orders have been completed, which can be used to unlock more upgrade options. The construction of monuments has also been included here, like the Statue of Liberty or Big Ben, giving the game a nice aesthetic touch.

Managing Resources

Whether you are making the town into a bustling metropolis or a lively countryside colony with farms as far as the eye can see, managing your resources well is key to accomplishing either. Also, it’s important to allocate resources wisely to make them last until you get more of them.

Township APK may seem easy to play, and for the most part, it is, but it is crucial to understand the management of resources. If you don’t think things through, you might trap yourself in a loop, and the only way out is to wait until you gain daily rewards to buy resources.

Transportation Methods

In Township APK the basic mode of transportation is done initially via three ways, on foot, small vehicles like tractors and trucks, or using a helicopter. Eventually, the game will introduce many other options like planes and trains.

To use these modes of transportation, you need to lay the appropriate groundwork and create space for them. They also require resources but compensate for it by decreasing the time it takes for the collected resources to reach you, thanks to your investment in their creation.

Animal Care

In Township APK, if you’re playing things at a farm or a city with lots of different sights to see, you will come across animals that require your care and attention. The cows, for example, will need to be fed and looked after.

In the game's later stages, a proper zoo can be built to house other animals. You can also make the animals breed and create amusement parks with dedicated animal sections.

Useful Tips for Playing Township APK

In Township APK, things are relatively straightforward, yet for new players, the game has so much going on that it can be a little confusing, and they might need some help. We’ve compiled some helpful suggestions for assisting newcomers.

Focus on Creating Transportation Network

Township APK is a game intended to be played casually, but there are times when things feel like they’ve slowed down considerably. Waiting is just the worst, so in order to speed things up, you should focus your attention on creating railway tracks for the majority of the time.

New land can be discovered quickly, and anything you harvest from there can reach you faster. You won’t have to wait as long and can focus on other tasks at hand.

Complete Orders ASAP

In Township APK you will frequently receive orders for locating specific items, constructing buildings, or harvesting a specific type of food to grow. The faster you fill out these orders, the quicker you will level up and receive gems which you can use to beautify your colonies.

Allocate Level Points Wisely

Helping out the people in Township APK will also net you extra money and rewards. Spending the earned rewards on perks which further improve your gameplay experience is recommended rather than cosmetic changes that make no difference gameplay-wise but to each their own.

Final Verdict

Township APK is a gem among mobile games with a gorgeous art style and in-depth gameplay mechanics. This isn’t meant to be rushed through but taken in as a relaxing experience worth checking out.

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