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Compatible with Android 5.0+
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Developer PONOS Corporation
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Download The Battle Cats to enjoy strategic battles. Gather a weird cat army and take over the world. Recruit fighters and unlock their true powers in the game.

Brief Introduction of The Battle Cats APK

The Battle Cats is a free-to-install mobile game application offered by PONOD Corporation and released in September 2014. This defense video game features cute cats.

The Battle Cats APK is an easy-to-learn strategy game where cats cause disturbance in the world. You can recruit cute cats of your choice and enjoy using your intellect to conquer kingdoms and come out victorious.

The game can be downloaded on your Android or iOS device.

The Battle Cats APK Game Description

Gamers who enjoy simple games that are easy to understand will find The Battle Cats to their liking. The game is straightforward and brings the best gaming experience and entertainment. After a stressful day at work or school, you can play this game to cool off fatigue and tension.

The Battle Cats APK takes you to the animal world that has been taken over by cats. Your task in the game is to help the cats control the planet and defeat animals and animals that pose a threat. You advance in the game as you dominate and control everything.

The game features the battle between cats of different armies: your cat army and that of your opponents. Do not hesitate to fight the opponent’s cats. You can attack their army that has come from other worlds. As you do this, remember to protect and defend your army.

Winning the game means that you get some experience that can be used for upgrades. Skills and energy such as defense strength and attack will also be increased, and you can upgrade your animals. Failure to be strategic in The Battle Cats APK with all cats available to unlock will lead to defeat and loss.

The Battle Cats APK Gameplay

Since the game is straightforward, you should expect a simple control mechanism. Although you need to be strategic, you don’t need as much strategy as in other games of the same genre. It was designed in a cartoon style; hence it is cute and lovely.

In the gameplay, your base must be defended by your cat army. The cats come in various beautiful shapes. You’ll come in contact with different cats, and you should know that these cats possess unique powers. To get ahead in the game, you must make good choices. Your opponents can be animals or weird humans, so you must make excellent decisions when attacking.

Animals will appear and make a move to your base. To attack or defend, you must click on any icon displaying the cat you wish to use. When the cat appears, it will engage in a fight with enemies it encounters on the road. Your cat will continue with this combat until it faces death or defeat.

To pick a suitable cat for attacks, examine the animal approaching your base to know the extent of its strength. Your examination will lead you to choose the cat that can confront the animal. You can only pick a cat when you have enough money.

If you get to the point in The Battle Cats APK where the opponent is crowded, and there are no sufficient funds, a peculiar weapon is your only way out. This weapon gives you the power of damage for killing large amounts of enemies as you go. Collect treasures to create formidable items and make your base solid.

Features of The Battle Cats APK All Cats

Let us check out the notable features of The Battle Cats APK:

Collect Cats For Combats

In this game, you will encounter different cats that have different abilities. Their stats are unique, and prepared to fight for your benefits. Before sending out troops for battles, take a while to consider the attack and stats of each cat.

In The Battle Cat, you can also research and unlock new kinds of cats to improve your battle ranks as you deal with new adversaries in the battle.

True Power of a Cat

As you collect new kinds of cats for your troop, remember to unlock the true powers of the ones you collected before. It might take a while to unlock the powerups in The Battle Cats APK but rest assured you’ll love the results.

While ordering your armies, you can make specific improvements for better fighting skills. You can collect rare resources and invest them for the development of an upgrade system for the limitless potential of your army.

Fight in Many Terrains and Maps

The biomes diversity within The Battle Cats APK diversifies the enemies so that your army can face them head-on. This affects the selection of appropriate units for confronting the enemies and presents you with a flexible planning mode. Develop other areas of the game with materials obtained from defeating themed monsters.

Accept Support

You will get a wide range of support to help you as you play. The cat army support will come in handy when it is time to perform. As you progress in the game, your skills will evolve automatically. However, the cats can get up to three different types of skills before the battle. New skills will always appear in the game for diversification purposes.

Final Thoughts on The Battle Cats APK

This game introduces you to a new mode of experience and feelings. Engage in tactical and strategic gameplay as you control the funny-looking acts. You can expand, replace and upgrade your cats to fight battles. Take control of your cats and fight through time and space to be victorious in The Battle Cats APK download.

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