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Temple Run 2 APK 1.98.0



Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 133.44 Mb
Category Action
Developer Imangi Studios
Google Play Link com.imangi.templerun2
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Run on an endless maze and collect coins in Temple Run 2 APK. The continuation of the famous endless runner game – Get in Temple Run 2 APK.

Temple Run 2 APK Overview

Temple Run 2 APK is a result of the insane popularity gained by Temple Run – the world’s most popular endless running game. Temple Run 2 APK didn’t stay behind by reaching millions of downloads as well. For those who haven’t played Temple Run, this is an intense thriller game where you are an archaeologist who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now that the temple guardians have spotted you, you have to run through and endless maze, that’s swarming with obstacles that are quite hard to dodge.

If you stumble, the guardians will grab your limbs and toss you around. So, don’t slack off and run as far as you can while collecting as many coins as you can to set a high score.

Temple Run 2 APK Full Description

If you think you have razor sharp reflexes, then get ready to test the swiftness of your hand-eye coordination in Temple Run 2 APK. There is only one thing promised – endless fun! The game features a simple control-system that is based on swipes. You can swipe left and right to switch between lanes or take turns and swipe up and down to jump over hurdles or slide under obstacles.

There is a vast collection of environments and it is extremely difficult to explore all of them in one-go. In Temple Run 2 APK, you can play between different maps that come with their own visuals and of course, the nasty obstacles.

The story starts with you caught up in a temple and running for your life. Among your mazes, you can expect insanely large dungeons, confusing labyrinths, shaking ruins, jungles, and a lot more!

The giant monkey chasing you is the temple guardian, as soon as you stumble it catches up to you. The game doesn’t break in its flow; therefore, the levels change as you progress without a break. So, you have to stay focused and pick up the pace with the escalating difficulty of Temple Run 2 APK.

Most importantly, the version offers you. That is to say, you can enjoy the complete game for free and buy everything you love in the shop with your.

Features of Temple Run 2 APK Latest Version

Temple Run 2 APK latest version comes packing with exciting features that you won’t find elsewhere.

  • Easy and Straightforward Control-System – Temple Run 2 APK features a simple control-system. All you have to do is swipe in a direction to move. Therefore, no prior knowledge or skill is required, the game can be played by literally anyone.
  • Extensive Map Collection – This is something that was missing in Temple Run original. The developers have added exciting maps in Temple Run 2 APK, so you don’t get bored of running the same maze over and over. There are different obstacles for every map. For instance, you can even run on a space adventure with funny looking aliens or take your Indian Jones looking runner on a vine swinging adventure in a thick forest.
  • Difficulty Level Escalation – Temple Run 2 is highly addictive because you don’t notice any interruptions in the game. Unlike other games, Temple Run 2 APK has escalating difficulty levels. That is to say, the higher you score, the more difficult the game becomes and without a warning.
  • New Powerups and Boosts – Temple Run 2 APK also features exciting new powerups and boosts that let you momentarily cheat death or make some of the obstacles easy to overcome. You can even slow down some traps or even multiply your scores.
  • New Characters – Temple Run 2 APK has all the characters for you, even the limited-edition ones. Therefore, you can switch between all of them and take advantage of their exciting abilities.

There’s a lot more that Temple Run 2 APK has to offer in the latest version. The best part is that it is completely free to play. impossible to beat score.

Final Thoughts – Temple Run 2 APK Download

Temple Run 2 APK is completely free to download and precedes its reputation as an all-time popular endless runner game. Even though, the main objective is super simple – keep running. It can be quite intense as the game picks up the speed and the obstacles become more difficult in contrast to the consistently changing environments. It is hard to stay focused after a while but it is truly a thrill.

The game offers a wonderful experience with free goodies for you to unlock. In short, it is definitely worth playing if you want to try a game that is super simple to understand but exciting to play.

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