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Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Size 30.1 MB
Category Arcade
Developer lafforgue Studios
Google Play Link com.tagafterallymod.school7363
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Keep the immensely introverted Shota-Kun from getting spotted in Tag After School APK with bug free, a wildly thrilling simulation game where your decisions matter.


Tag After School APK takes you through a story-driven narrative centered around Shota-Kun, an anxious young man not too fond of people. In the game, you will take control of Shota-Kun’s high school experiences by making decisions that will determine the trajectory of his life. Developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc, Tag After School APK is an Android game with a simplistic yet engaging style of play, movement is fairly linear but it’s the interactions and events that lift the game up.

Shota Kun has never been a fan of extracurricular activities and would avoid them at all costs, but when a female friend dares him to go into an abandoned school, he has no choice but to risk it. Your awful decision puts you in harm’s way as the abandoned school is crawling with ghosts out to get you.

Movement in Tag After School APK is fairly easy as the gameplay is more focused on the interactions you will have with the interesting cast of characters you’ll meet in the game. The awe-inspiring visuals are heavily inspired by Japanese anime and feature beautiful 3D animations for movements and environments.

Point and click has never been this enjoyable with a ton of things to do and places to explore. Get the full high schooling experience as you learn to balance your relationships and social life with your school life. Download Tag After School APK right now and put Shota-Kun’s future in your hands.

How to Play Tag After School APK

Game Flow

  • Tag After School APK starts you off at school.
  • You assume the role of Shota-Kun, a young high-school student.
  • Movement is done semi-automatically with your decisions playing a key role in your movements.
  • Interact with objects and characters on-screen by tapping on them.
  • As you move through the numerous rooms and corridors you will be prompted to make decisions.
  • Your decisions will affect the next outcome with every decision producing a different outcome.
  • Avoid the dastardly ghosts that lurk in the corridors trying to harm you.
  • Some decisions will require you to think on your feet so be quick.


Exciting Features to Look Out for in Tag After School APK

  • Interactive Events

Playing Tag After School APK gives you a lot of freedom in your actions and in scenarios with you having complete power over outcomes. You always feel in control through the way the levels are designed and how you interact with the world.

  • Unique art and visual styling

One of the best aspects of the game is arguably the art direction and styling. Environments and character models faithfully capture the anime aesthetic making you feel like you’re part of an anime show as the main character.

  • Branching stories

With a decision-based game system, the opportunity for multiple outcomes comes about and that is exactly what you should expect from Tag After School APK. Every decision you make steers your future in a different direction so think carefully before making one.

  • Cast of interesting characters

An interactive experience is nothing without a strong cast and that is exactly what the game has to offer in abundance. Encounters with NPCs are always fun with NPCs have interesting storylines that you can watch unfold as you play.

  • Free Roam gameplay

The game environments in Tag After School APK are fully open for you to explore from the dormitories to the classrooms. Remember that every section has the potential of holding clues that will help you find your friend lost in the haunted school, so it's best to explore as much as you can.

  • Thrilling action

Although you won’t do much fighting in the game, you will encounter sections that will force you to collide with threats such as a woman masked in red who will occasionally appear. She will make attempts to attack you and when she does she will eventually kill you, so be sharp.


Useful tips for Features of Tag After School APK

  • Explore the game world as much as you can

On top of the game world in Tag After School APK being remarkably vast, it also holds a lot of secrets and different clues that will keep you progressing.

  • Save your progress periodically

While playing the game always remember to save your progress to prevent having to redo encounters over and over again, which may hinder the experience.

  • Make wise decisions but don’t overthink too much

The game story is entirely driven by your choices but that shouldn’t make you worry too much about making the right or wrong choice. There is no wrong choice and you can always redo sections where you messed up. The endings are varied so you can replay the game over and over with different choices.

  • Watch for your health bar

Tag After School APK sets a very eerie mood from the start so it’s good to always keep an eye out for enemies that may try to harm you as well as traps laid about.

  • Utilize your surroundings

Scattered all across the map are items and useful tools to help you survive the haunted school. Use your items thoughtfully as they are what will keep you progressing and from succumbing to enemies.


For anyone itching for a thrilling experience and a break from hard-core action games, I have to recommend you download Tag After School APK to soothe that itch once and for all. The game ticks all the boxes for casual gamers looking for an immersive experience, and will surely keep you on the edge of your seat for countless hours.

Download Tag After School [30.1 MB]
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